1. Established Position & Partners

With over 20 years of experience, MMC Learning has established itself as a leader in professional education and development. We work closely with renowned institutes like the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Digital Marketing Institute, and Chartered Management Institute to deliver a vast range of accredited marketing, digital marketing, and management qualifications. These programs support professionals at every stage of their careers.

Our unique approach lies at the intersection of academic rigor, industry expertise, and real-world applicability. We combine authoritative course content from accredited institutes with access to expert tutors and an interactive online platform built by MMC. This blended learning experience allows working professionals to earn certifications and advance their careers without career disruption.

Our candidates appreciate the flexibility to study at their own pace, yet still receive high-touch support. They also gain access to a diverse network of peers and mentors during their program. Above all, our graduates are equipped with in-demand skills and credentials to make an immediate impact in their roles.

2. Groundbreaking Learning at the Core

At the core of MMC Learning is a commitment to pioneering groundbreaking developments in professional education. MMC have a long track record of innovation, beginning in 2001 when MMC collaborated with the Chartered Institute of Marketing to create the world’s first online marketing qualification.

This spirit of innovation continues to guide MMC. Staying on the cutting edge of learning technology, constantly finding new ways to enhance skills through advanced platforms. For example, MMC were one of the first to combine authoritative video lessons, downloadable resources, virtual simulations, and live tutoring within a singular online program.

MMC experts continually update course content to align with the latest marketing and management best practices. MMC also work closely with industry partners to ensure our certifications match real-world demands. This forward-thinking, evidence-based approach allows us to equip professionals with skills that translate directly into career success.

The dedication to innovation has allowed MMC to help over 30,000 candidates from all backgrounds advanc