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Key Information Points

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  • CIM Certificate in Professional Digital Marketing
  • CIM Certificate in Professional Marketing
  • CIM Diploma in Professional Digital Marketing
  • CIM Diploma in Professional Marketing
  • CIM Marketing Leadership Programme
  • CIM Specialist Award in AI Marketing
  • CIM Specialist Award in Content Strategy
  • CIM Specialist Award in Ecommerce
  • CIM Specialist Award in Social Media Management
  • Dual CIM & DMI Qualification in Search Marketing
  • Accreditation CIM Level 4
  • Duration 6-12 Months
  • Price £1787Excludes CIM Fees
  • Study Mode Learn Online
This qualification can take from 6 to 12 months depending on how much time you dedicate to studying each week. You should plan to spend around 4 hours per week + further time to prepare for your assessment.

There is some flexibility built into your schedule so you can study around urgent work priorities, holidays and important family events.
The course is delivered 100% online through distance learning.

MMC Learning have put together a comprehensive package to help you to succeed in both gaining a qualification and accessing knowledge/templates that will help you in your day-to-day role.

What is included

  • Access hundreds of high-quality video learning lessons and download quick reading, knowledge PDF documents.

  • Course books and relevant supporting texts to download

  • Access to live webinars with tutors providing assessment guidance

  • Expert tutor support – assignment briefing webinars & submit your draft work for each module for direct feedback

  • One-to-one support – dedicated team with quick responses supporting you on your learning journey

  • CIM membership – Membership to the Chartered Institute of Marketing which includes the benefits of being part of an official leading professional body in Marketing and Digital Marketing.

There are two parts to the cost:

  • MMC Learning fees - course and tuition fees payable to MMC Learning, which provides you with a comprehensive package of study materials and support. The total amount is £1787.

  • CIM fees – membership and assessment fees payable to the Chartered Institute of Marketing. £65 for the CIM membership and £195 for module 1 and £150 for module 2 and 3.

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