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– Diploma in Digital Marketing
– Certificate and Diploma in Professional Marketing
– MSc in Digital Marketing

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Whether you need practical skills or strategic insight, MMC Learning offer a number of qualifications to help you develop mastery of your subject and demonstrate commitment to continued career development.

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1. Diploma in Digital Marketing

Diploma in Digital Marketing (online learning)

Duration: from 6 to 12 months
Start date: 25th April

A good starting point to get practical insights into the key digital media channels such as search, social media, email, mobile, online PR, advertising and affiliate marketing.

Diploma in Digital Marketing Exempt (online learning)

Duration: from 6 to 9 months
Start date: 25th November

If you have a previous CIM qualification or a degree with a Marketing emphasis – you may be exempt from one unit. Get in touch with us to confirm your eligibility for an exemption.

2. MSc in Digital Marketing

MSc in Digital Marketing (blended learning)

Duration: 2.5 years, part-time with 16 days face to face in Manchester per yr.
Start date: 30th September 2016

For senior managers and directors looking to get equipped with the skills to take on or strengthen a strategic leadership position as well as being recognised as an authority in their specialist area.

3. Certificate & Diploma in Professional Marketing

Certificate in Professional Marketing (online learning)

Duration: from 9 to 12 months
Start date: 25th April

A perfect place to start the journey to your first marketing qualification or bring together your marketing experience into a tangible qualification.

Diploma in Professional Marketing (online learning)

Duration: from 9 to 12 months
Start date: 25th April

Do you currently have operational responsibility for marketing and aspire to take on a senior management role? You’ll learn how to plan, implement and measure marketing activities.

Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) Courses

Is this CIM Qualification for you? Where are you right now?

  • Maybe you are just starting your career in marketing and there is a long journey ahead to gain the knowledge you need to do a great job.
  • Perhaps you already have some marketing experience but you really need to progress to the next level to succeed in a more strategic management role.
  • Maybe you have had some great marketing success but don’t have the credibility to back it up infront of your clients and employers.
  • Maybe you are working in a narrow industry or working on product that does not excite you and you don’t have the space to exercise your creative energy.
  • Perhaps you don’t have the Digital Marketing knowledge and insights so getting left behind.
  • Perhaps you are overwhealmed with your Marketing responsibility and need to invest some time in yourself to upskill and become smarter.

Where could you be in the future?

  • Imagine if you had the knowledge, tools and templates to perform at the top in your day to day marketing role.
  • Imagine if you had a solid foundation in marketing to become an influencer in your business.
  • Imagine if you had an industry recognised qualification that would give you a head start when going for new opportunties.
  • Imagine if you had the knowledge and skills that could give you the ability to work in multiple industries and in different roles that suit you.
  • Imagine if you had the practical insights on how to launch successful digital marketing campaigns.
  • Imagine how you would feel if you invested in yourself, educated yourself to grow to become a smarter Marketer, a more confident Marketer.

A Chartered Institute of Marketing qualification will help get you there quickly.

Accredited by the world’s largest institute of Marketing Professionals

This qualification is accredited by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) who is the leading international professional marketing body with some 41,000 members worldwide. First established in 1911, it has for over a century, defined the marketing professional standards that operate in the UK and is the global champion of best marketing practice.

Chartered Institute of Marketing Qualifications

What are the costs and funding options for a CIM Qualification?

There are two parts to the cost:

Are you funding the qualification by yourself? Contact us below to explore the funding options available.

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What our students say

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