Chartered Institute of Marketing – Diagnostic Test

The diagnostics test has been created as a tool, which helps to benchmark your current knowledge and show which level of CIM course is suitable for you.

We advise that you set aside 50 minutes to try the test, once you have completed please take a screenshot of the results page (with your recommendation) and email it to the qualifications team for advice on your next steps.


Follow the steps below to complete the test, we look forward to hearing from you.

Step 1: Open Diagnostic Test

To access the diagnostics you will need to click the “Start CIM diagnostics test” button, at the bottom of this page

CIM Diagnostic Test

Step 2: Login to Diagnostics Test

You will then be required to enter the following details in the fields below which will be recorded within the database and will record the final result.

Name = Your Name
Group = MMC Learning

CIM Diagnostic Test

Step 3: Start Diagnostics Test

Once you have entered the above details and selected enter, you will gain access to the diagnostic tool. Select the PMS Diagnostic link and your diagnostic will start.

CIM Diagnostic Test

Step 4: Share final results

Once you have completed the diagnostic test, take a screenshot of the result page and email it to, one of our course directors will be in touch to advise you on the next steps.

Additional Navigation Advice

To navigate around the diagnostic there are various ways to move around the screen. These include:

CIM Diagnostic Test

We have also included accessibility access for students that may have problems with viewing information on the screen. These are:

CIM Diagnostic Test

Start Test

Click the button below to start the test