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How much does a CMI Level 5 diploma cost?

The cost of a Chartered Management Institute Level 5 Qualification differs greatly based on the what type of Level 5 qualification you choose to undertake and the study centre providing it.

Some options may cost as little as $100, while others will run you close to £3000.

Good study centres will generally charge:

  • Between £1,050 and £2500 for A CMI Level 5 Diploma
  • Between £655 and £1,700 for a CMI Level 5 Certificate
  • Between £410 and £725 for a CMI Level 5 Award

Awards, Certificates and Diplomas are just different forms a qualification can take. Awards are shorter qualifications usually consisting of one specific module or topic, which usually take 1-2 months, Certificates are slightly more in depth usually taking around 4-6 months and diplomas are the longest most in-depth qualifications usually taking 12-18 months.

The fees for MMC’s CMI Level 5 Award starts from £647, Certificate from £1,497 and the Diploma from £2,247.

Is a CMI level 5 Qualification worth the cost?

With the ever-changing landscape of management, demand for highly regarded CMI level 5 qualifications is on the rise amongst employers as it shows you have the necessary skills to succeed and places you one step ahead of competitors.

A CMI Level 5 Diploma or above can also help you achieve Chartered Manager status, highly respected and sought after by employers.

The Chartered Management Institute is one of the largest and most reputable bodies in the industry, so you’ll have plenty of options in terms of study centres if you’re looking to study a CMI qualification and chances are with lots of choice you’ll find the best one for you.

However, before applying to any program, it’s important to do some research to see the costs of the course and what you get for your money.

It’s always worth checking what’s included in the price, so you know whether or not you’re getting a good deal from a study centre and also whether the learning materials and teaching included on a particular course is right for you. After all, you don’t want to spend your savings on something that isn’t the right option for you. It may be that this isn’t the best point in your career journey to shell out.

Don’t forget, a level 5 qualification might not be the right level of study for you. CMI Level 5 qualifications are Best for Mid-level managers who already have experience in management and want to focus on developing more advanced strategic management skills.

might not be suitable if you’re looking to break into the management profession from scratch and have limited experience or you might be suited to a higher level such as level 6 or 7 CMI qualifications if you have a wealth of experience.