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What is a Chartered Management Institute Level 5 Qualification equivalent to?

Chartered Management Institute Level 5 courses are equivalent to a Higher National Diploma or Foundation Degree level Qualification. They are geared towards mid-level managers, designed to build their leadership and management skills.

What do course levels actually mean?

Many study centres offer various levels of courses for upskilling managers. But what do the levels actually mean in terms of the academic level you will be studying at? And with various awarding bodies such as CMI and ILM offering management qualifications at different levels how can you know what course is equivalent to another? Here’s what you need to know about the different levels of management qualifications available so you can decide which higher education qualification will match your needs.

How do I know what Level course is right for me?

A Chartered Management Institute Qualification at any level is a prestigious management qualification which can help you stand out from the crowd when applying for entry-level jobs, promotions, or new roles.

However, like many Qualifications, CMI qualifications can be studied at different levels and which level is right for you will depend on you