Book recommendations for Copywriting – improve your knowledge and skills from the leaders in this field.

Asking Chris Kent, what books he recommends on Copywriting

Well, obviously I’m going to say there’s a chapter in my book about copywriting, so that’s one place to start, but there are many, many other copywriters out there. Many of my teachers are published stuff readily on the internet.

Drayton Bird is one of my go-to resources. He is probably one of the most prolific copywriters to have lived, he used to work for David Ogilvy many years ago. He has got an awful lot to say on copywriting cause it’s been his life’s work.

He knows about advertising inside out. Got a lot of good things to say, and he’s got a website I subscribe to is called I think it’s “Ask Drayton” and his name is Brayton Bird, an English guy.

David Ogilvy is another good place to start. He’s only written a couple of books. One was Ogilvy on advertising another on B2B advertising, that would definitely be a good resource.

The other one I think is called confessions of an advertising man, which explains his journey. He was very big on copy and he understood the power of copy and there are some really, really good examples of how to develop copy and ads that work and why they worked.

That was all done before the days of the internet!

Anything from Ted Nicholas, who was one of my early copywriting mentors, and then Dan Kennedy, anything he writes is worth reading.

Gary Halbert is another great copywriter who has a huge impact on the copywriting industry. He’s now passed away, but his two sons are also excellent copywriters and run copywriting classes and Facebook groups and all the rest of it.

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