Best Search, Content and Copywriting resources – recommendations from Dr Dave Chaffey, Content Director & Leading Author.

The challenge facing every Marketer right now is the overload of learning sources, all talking about different aspects of Digital Marketing. In this short four minute particle, Dr Dave Chaffey gives insight into the useful resources he uses to stay up to date with Search, Content and Copywriting.

Resources in this podcast above include The Content Institute, Grow, Search Engine Land, Moz, Search Engine Journal & Smart Insights and Copywriters: Robert Bly & Nick Osborne.

Find all links in the Mind Map below to access these resources.

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Search Content & Copywriting

Imran: Hello, my marketing friends in this particle, we have Dr Dave Chaffey, a leading digital marketing book, author, founder, and content director of Smart Insights. The challenge any business owner or marketer has right now is there’s way too much information and resources all talking about different aspects of digital marketing.

So this particle today really looks at the top resources that Dave would recommend specifically around search content and copywriting. So three quite big areas of digital marketing. So let’s have a look at these and they’ve been drafted out on this mind map here.

You can also download the mind map and the links within the mind map are clickable. So feel free to download and you’ll have direct access to the links. So let’s go through some of these recommended resources with Dave.

On search marketing

Dave: There aren’t any good recent books on search. Around five years ago, there was a good good series of new books that came out.

But now I think it’s the case that you go to the specialist search marketing sites. So they’re, they’re easy to remember because they start with search.

So there’s Search Engine Land which is part of a broader set of sites such as marketing land. What Search Engine Land is very good at is highlighting the most recent changes for Google.

So this year, for example, there’s a lot of changes in mobile search that businesses need to conform to otherwise they’re going to miss out on, on attracting visitors on smartphone.

Search Engine Journal, I would say is another good, a good, a good source of information on the changes.

On digital marketing

In terms of the fundamentals, that’s what we would cover on Smart Insights, the best practises, which really don’t change that that much from, from year to year at a top level.

But apart from ourselves, I would say Moz was a good, a good source. They have some beginner’s guides to search marketing that you can step through effectively as a core. So I think Smart Insights would be a good starting point there.

On content and copywriting

With content marketing, that’s that’s quite straightforward because there’s the Content Marketing Institute. That site, that publisher was set up by Joe Pulizzi, who was really, he was the guy who raised the profile of content marketing and the evangelists for it. So it’s become the popular technique it is today. So Content Marketing Institute, as well as blogs on the latest developments, they’ve got good structured advice on how to learn the fundamentals of content marketing as, as well.

Another one is I love that name. So using content marketing to grow a business a guy called Mark Schaefer, sat that up. So that’s, that’s a good source as well.

In terms of copywriting, I would say that’s more individual copywriting experts who who’ve offered advice on that. And I think that I said there’s guys like Robert Bly or Nick Osborne and their advice is evergreen because it’s really of the persuasive techniques of understanding an audience and the shrinkers and how you can have the right hooks to engage audience that, that, that, that hasn’t really happened.

I will change much through time because having persuasive headlines, whether they’re in an email subject to Google ad words, ad, or even in a printer article, the the, the, the similar techniques status stay the same there. So check out some of those guys for copywriting as well.

Imran: Okay, good. So there’s some great resources there for you to have a look up, follow the links and different organisations and people to follow. So hope you found that useful. This is Imran signing out.

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