Seven ways to significantly improve your Content Marketing skills

In this post, we’ve updated an earlier four point post on how to improve content marketing skills, strategy, writing and creation with more tips. Make sure to check out our other content marketing posts (see footer of post) and our on-demand content marketing training.

We’ve seen a huge rise in content marketing to become one of the most important aspects of the modern marketer role.

Whether it is the written word, video, audio or experiential, the concept of content transcends almost all marketing specialisms (brand, digital, PR and creative) in a way like no other.

It’s becoming especially critical to marketing roles at all levels to understand the theory behind creating content, linking it to marketing strategy and business goals and being able to craft intelligent, entertaining and persuasive content that takes prospects on a journey to wanting to work with your business.

It can be both deceptively easy if you believe the rising tide of gurus peddling their own approaches to content marketing yet overwhelming at the same time.

And it’s very different if you’re marketing B2C, B2B, public sector or charity propositions whether you think it is or it isn’t. Audience always determines tone, platform and optimum delivery of message.

But there are ways to systematically improve what you’re doing. And the best part of it is – practice inherently helps you improve.

Use this checklist of seven key ways to improve your own content marketing skills to evaluate your own content marketing efforts and to make a plan to improve this year.

Skills needed to be an effective Content Marketing professional

These seven steps and the included tips and tools will certainly help you to plan and prepare content that will have more meaning for your intended audience.
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