Gauge the effectiveness of your website and make smarter decisions using Analytics – Watch this podcast by Dave Chaffey, Lead Digital Strategist

This video podcast takes you into Dave’s Analytics tips, including how to calculate the Volume, Quality, Value and Cost of the visitors to your website.

Why not use some of these tips TODAY to help you master Google Analytics?

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Tips on Analytics Mind Map

Most people use Google analytics, most businesses. So improving your skills in that area is key. One of the techniques we look at on the course is what I call VQVC which stands for; volume, quality, value and cost of the visitors you’re driving to a website, because very often businesses just tend to look at the volumes. So they might know how many visitors they’ve got to the website, they know where they come from, they know the pages they’re landing on and perhaps the customer journeys, but they don’t really know the quality of those visitors. So do they convert, are they actually interested in the products or services and what value is generating? So the key to that within Google or any other type of analytics is setting up your goals correctly and using event tracking, perhaps using the Google tag manager.

So you can identify those more valuable audiences and actually put a number on it because once you’ve set up that sort of customization, you can, will Google helps you work back through the customer journey by both on the site and beyond. So you can see which content is most effective in driving leads and sales. And you can see which media is most effective in driving leads and sales as well. So until you’ve got those goals set up and your customised analytics, you’re already flying blind. And that’s why it’s so important to to start at that point in terms of a practical tool you can use Google only have set this up in the last year or two actually, but they’ve got a demo account for various Google merchandise. So it’s of a real site set up and configured as you should. So if you look at the Google demo account, you can then compare it to the approach you’ve got, and perhaps see where you’re missing out, which techniques you should be using.