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Dave Chaffey on Aligning Content with Customer Journey, Personalisation and Measuring Content Marketing

This outtake focused on content marketing trends 2022 is taken from a live webinar earlier in 2022 recorded exclusively with Dave Chaffey, the UK’s leading digital marketing expert and tutor on MMC Learning’s MSc in Digital Marketing.

In this video Dave talks about aligning content with customer journey, personalisation and measuring content marketing.

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Dave Chaffey:

So let’s look more now at the content itself and how we can structure that. It’s nice to see people sharing ideas in the chat of platforms as well, so good way of sort of sparking those ideas.

Aligning Content with Customer Journey

So really when we are looking at our content strategy, what we need to do is to make sure it’s aligned with the customer journey and the customer needs, as they learn more, become more familiar with the brand. And that’s where this idea of top, middle and bottom of funnel content can be helpful to just review what you’re offering against competitors.

So often in a workshop, what I’ll do is we’ll have a… Back in the day of whiteboards, we’d say. “Let’s put on here all the content we are currently using.”

And so the top of funnel content is on the left here, so that’s to develop awareness and reach.

Then on the right, you’ve got the bottom of funnel content, which is to persuade people to buy, alongside any sales interaction.

And then in the middle here, we’ve got the middle of funnel content. So what you can also do here is you can see the extent you or competitors are using, more emotional content, such as video and quizzes at the top, against more rational content, such as your PDFs and guides at the bottom.
So if you haven’t done this, really nice group activity within a business. And of course, you can look at what competitors are doing and overlay that as well.

Another tool you might want to do, if you’re just presenting this as part of your content strategy, is to just list your use of different types of content through the funnel.

So this is more of a B2B example, could be B2C. But to what extent I use in case studies video testimonials, like we’ve just seen, are using some of these more interactive tools to encourage conversion.

A nice consumer example of this travel company again, rather than getting someone just to download a brochure, they’re getting someone to take a quiz. It’s a very visual quiz where they’re really understanding about the audience and then they’re making recommendations on the type of courses, in this case, which would be good.

So they are following up with a download once someone’s finished the quiz. That’s I2I if you want to Google that, take a look at the approach that they’ve used.

And I did work with this company a long time ago and they did find… They’re still using this technique, and it does work better than someone who engages with th