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What are the Positive Benefits of Creating a Content Marketing Strategy on an Organisation’s Marketing?

Marketing is about growth. And content marketing is about creating customer focused assets and material that help guide their decision making and ultimately encourage them to choose you.

There are also a wide range of benefits that creating a consistent content marketing strategy has on the effectiveness of an organisation’s marketing.

Here’s five to start with. What else would you add?

1. Content marketing strategy boosts your visibility on the web and your organic search traffic.

Businesses that are searched out, or get found, attract more traffic and give themselves the best chance to convert.

Effective content creation is critical to achieving success organically (without advertising). The best website content involves answering the questions your target searchers are punching into search. Google will reward you with better rankings in its results pages as a result.

Content marketing helps you build third party credibility and all-important backlinks and with a solid keyword strategy embedded in every piece of content you produce, helps improve your appearance on page one.

2. Content marketing strategy builds trust through consistency and expertise sharing.

Google is well known for ranking content based on the EAT acronym. EAT stands for Expertise, Authority, Trust and the beauty of adopting a content marketing strategy is that it can pinpoint all three.

Shopify is a brand that has done well in space, optimising content effectively around “ecommerce”. Any kind of search is likely to deliver Shopify in the first results page.

Like many technology brands, Shopify has effectively harnessed content marketing to present its’ platform as “beginner friendly” through targeted evergreen content that addresses customer challenges.

Consistently bringing helpful advice through content can lead to other opportunities for your spokespeople – whether it is online or event presentations, podcasts, panels, ebooks, books and muc