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If you don’t have a smart, structured plan, you are planning to fail

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3 important goals this course will help you to achieve

  • Become a brilliant strategist to help you make better decisions.

  • Put your knowledge into practice within days. Create a real plan that you can put into action that will have an impact in years to come.

  • Acquire a deeper level of planning knowledge so you can have the skills and right language to lead your team and advise senior management/business owners.

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After spending almost two decades educating Marketers, we are taking everything we know and investing it in building specialist learning resources and coaching tools to help ambitious Marketers & Entrepreneurs.

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‘Today I signed in to my account to start exploring your content and here is my first feedbacks. To start with this is different from what I expected. I am mostly used to monologue training videos. Yours is more engaging, I like it. Production quality is very high, also very important.’

Senem Çakır

Senior Internal Communications & Transformation Specialist

‘I found the calls really insightful and it has been great to get a much deeper understanding, not only of Ad Words, but of PPC and the various associated Digital Marketing methods available in driving action based on the businesses objectives.’

Antonio Navarro

Marketing Effectiveness Manager

What’s covered in the modules?

This first module is an excellent series of introductory lessons to get you into some key Marketing and Digital strategy concepts.

Understand the relationship between market orientation, environmental analysis and sustainable competitive advantage.
Get a better understanding of the macro and microenvironment and the different analysis techniques.

This next module is very important because research, data and insights can make a big impact on deciding which direction to take your organisation. Learn how to gather relevant information from internal and external sources and carry out market research that will allow you to make informed strategic decisions.

Learn how to analyse customer behaviour with reference to digital behaviours, identities and personas. Explore the different models of strategic thinking as well as the risks and barriers associated with Marketing planning.

This module is great to help you get some clarity on developing Marketing objectives & strategy to deliver your overall organisational objectives.

It covers key elements to set SMART goals, mission/vision statements, frameworks and tools for developing the strategy. Develop customer personas and get a good understanding of the synergy between online and offline strategy.

This module goes deeper, into the detail. Connect your strategy to the Marketing mix – Product, Price, Place, Promotion and other key functions of Marketing.

Think about some key elements – branding, digital strategy, profit, sales projections, relationships/one-to-one Marketing and market intelligence. In this module, you will learn to propose tactical recommendations that align with strategic decisions.

The focus of this module is to create a detailed action plan which is realistic and ready for implementation.

It will also explore topics such as the resources required for implementation, outsourcing and agencies, critical success factors, contingency planning, social and ethical implications.

This module has been designed for you to learn the key components to ensure the right control mechanisms are in place. This is important to measure and monitor the implemented Marketing strategy. You will learn how to create a continuous improvement plan.

Some key topics include KPIs, dashboards, finance and operational measures and channel performance. For continuous improvement it is important look at issue related to cost, productivity, market responsiveness, profit, customer, employee satisfaction and strategic drift.

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