MSc (Masters)
in Digital Marketing

For Senior Marketers & Digital Specialists who want to transform themselves in the next 12 months, become more credible & relevant for many years to come, become a brilliant Strategist who can navigate any company and avoid becoming redundant.

October 2020 Start Date (Live enrolment period opens)

Classes start Jan 2021

Our Masters, MSc in Digital Marketing, accredited by the Manchester Met. University Business School is one of the world’s first, Masters level qualifications in Digital Marketing. It is delivered with a unique combination of Industry Experts, Authors and a very experienced Academic team. Hundreds of graduates from this programme have gone on to do amazing things and we encourage you to connect to them, find out more about their journey to success.

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Where are you now?

  • Maybe you are getting left behind on the latest Digital Marketing concepts?

  • Maybe you have lots of experience but don’t have a higher level qualification to back it up?

  • Perhaps your Marketing / Digital knowledge is too specialist limiting your future options?

  • Maybe you have reached a barrier stopping you from getting to a higher level?

  • Maybe you are at a point where you need a new direction, a new opportunity to go after?

  • Perhaps you have stopped growing, stopped learning and feel dead inside?

Become the Marketer Employers want to hire with a MSc, Masters in Digital Marketing

Where could you be in the future?

Your Future with a Masters, MSc in Digital Marketing
  • What if you were on top of all the latest Digital developments and knew exactly how to leverage the tools?

  • Imagine if you were an excellent Digital strategist who could lead and direct organisations?

  • How would you feel if you had 3 times more future opportunities and different paths you could choose to go down?

  • Imagine if you had an official UK University accredited Masters level qualification, the ultimate credibility to stand out beyond the average Marketer?

  • How would you feel if you knew your subject to a high level of detail and depth?

  • What would it mean if you could connect with other Senior Marketers, a powerful network, a new family to share your journey ahead?

Masters, MSc in Digital Marketing – Key information points

How is it delivered?

The MSc in Digital Marketing is delivered 100% online, with students located in 30 different countries. Learn from anywhere and build the learning around your busy work and personal life.

  • Access a bank of high quality videos, shot in a unique engaging discussion style
  • Attend live webinars, delivered by industry leaders and University tutors
  • Present your research and activity online back to the group and tutor
  • Engage in live discussions
  • Full support from university tutors via the online chat stream

Access to a comprehensive library of resources.

  • The university online library gives access to databases and business resources worth tens of thousands of pounds such as Mintel,, Harvard Business Review and thousands of industry and academic journals.
  • MMC Learning’s online library gives access to a world-leading resource used by over 35,000 marketers: Audio/video lectures, over 40 Digital Marketing e-books, Digital Marketing planning templates, paid event videos and live webinars.

How long does it take?

The MSc in Digital Marketing is designed for busy working professionals and people who want to become Masters in their field. With this in mind, delivery is spread over 24 months with further time focused on a real world Digital Marketing & dissertation project.

The MSc is broken up into 3 stages, each stage is equivalent to a Masters level qualification (Postgraduate Certificate and Postgraduate Diploma). This gives some addtional flexibility as you can commit to a shorter time frame, take a break, gain an official qualification before deciding to progress further.

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Stage One – Postgraduate Certificate in Digital Communications

  • Unit 1 – Digital Masters Level Learning
  • Unit 2 – Strategy for Integrated Communications
  • Unit 3 – Acquisition for Organic & Paid Channels
  • Unit 4 – Conversion Strategy

Stage Two – Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing

  • Unit 5 – Digital Value Proposition Design
  • Unit 6 – Content Marketing Strategy
  • Unit 7 – Retention and Relationships
  • Unit 8 – Analytics and Evaluation

Stage Three – MSc in Digital Marketing

  • Project Part ONE – Advanced Digital Marketing Dissertation Research Proposal
  • Project Part TWO – Digital Marketing Dissertation

Official Masters level University Accreditation

Accredited and academically supported by Manchester Metropolitan University. The MSc in Digital Marketing is strengthened by the university’s established reputation for excellence in digital education, strong links with industry, and a unique teaching faculty, firmly rooted in commercial practice and thought leadership in their specialist fields.

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Meet the tutor and management team behind the MSc in Digital Marketing

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What is the cost and investment required to study the MSc in Digital Marketing with us?

Stage ONE – £4,487
Stage TWO – £4,487
Stage THREE – £2,473

How have previous students got a return on the above investment?

  • Getting promoted within their current company
  • Applying for higher level positions in other organisations
  • Becoming a freelancer / consultant
  • Securing new business and new clients
  • Significant savings through finding more cost effective ways of implementing Digital campaigns
  • Finding a completely new career direction

Are you paying for the qualification yourself?

We understand that this could be a big investment for some of you so we have developed ways to make it more affordable.

  • long-term, Postgraduate loans
  • Payment plans
  • Learning credit vouchers
  • Scholarships

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“A year from now, you will be wishing you had started today”

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Video Screen shots from the Online Masters in Digital Marketing
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