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The Diploma in Digital Strategy & Planning provides you with the skills, know-how, strategy, and techniques to transform your business. Topics include digital marketing, analytics, marketing automation, and budget and strategy formulation.

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What is this Digital Marketing Strategy and Planning qualification about?

Course Overview

Certified Digital Marketing Specialist – Digital Strategy & Planning

The NINE modules of interactive learning cover every aspect of the Digital Marketing Strategy. The program will provide you with a deep understanding of Digital Strategy, as well as well as gaining the world’s most recognised Digital Marketing certification.

The purpose of of this specialisation is to help you drive Digital Marketing in your business and career instead of just playing it.

Taking this Diploma in Digital Strategy & Planning online course will give you the skills, know-how, strategy, and techniques to be the change you want to see in the world. Topics covered include digital communications, analytics, marketing automation, budgeting, and strategy formulation.

What are the topics covered in this Digital Marketing Diploma?

Program learning outcomes and content


With our tools and thinking, you can become a leading player on the digital stage. Develop a powerful and dynamic digital strategy. Transform it into real-world, business-changing action.

The modules form the foundation of your knowledge, your vision, and your position as a leading Certified Digital Marketing Specialist – Digital Strategy & Planning.


Module Info & Overview

We bring science to thought. We have created the 3i Framework which is designed to help you select the best digital strategy for your organisation and make it happen. The 3i is smart and rigorous. It’s transformative. And you shall be impressed. This module introduces this nifty piece of brainwork. Later modules expand on it.

  • The fundamental concepts underpinning the DMI 3i Methodology
  • ​The how-to’s of business strategy development
  • ​Key components in an effective digital strategy
  • Strategic management, a long-sighted look at lasting, growing success

Traditional Communications

Module Info & Overview

Let us pause for a moment to appreciate the great, world-changing tradition of our discipline. Classics never go out of style. The value proposition has held its value through the decades. Know thy audience (research) is still the challenge of a marketeer’s lifetime. The classic marketing mix, the customer journey, communications and creative planning, media strategy and amplifying brand performance are here to stay too. However, along came digital. And it changed everything. How we read, shop, watch movies, date, cook. Our behavior and lifestyles have been warped around the wonderous possibilities granted to us by tech. Decision-making is not the same. This is what we talk about when we talk about disruption. And it’s thrilling. In this model, we explore how the marketing classics still anchor any campaign – yet the contemporary digital campaign is a far more fantastical vessel. We look deep into how our tech is changing the consumer experience, and how we must respond.

Optimizing SEO

Module Info & Overview

We are living through extraordinary times. The opportunities are as big, sprawling and diverse as the World Wide Web. The challenge too is bigger. Markets are sophisticated and fragmented. Now, more than ever, thy most know thy consumer (and thy digital channels). Here we look at: the fundamentals of digital communications planning improving ROI understanding your audience. Where can they be found? How to engage them? Budgeting for your digital strategy and effective resources reviewing, measuring, and analyzing your digital strategy.

Paid Search Fundamentals

Module Info & Overview

Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and so on. They multiply and they proliferate. Yet in this great distraction and fragmentation, there is also great opportunity. This module covers: inbound and outbound strategies, cross media planning, the digital channel mix, and mobile marketing social media marketing. Content marketing that is relevant, timely and riveting the what, how and why of search engine marketing email marketing, affiliate marketing, and marketing automation display and video advertising best practice. Because we have eyes to see.

Marketing Automation

Module Info & Overview

Automation doesn’t beat inspiration but it sure makes a marketeer’s life easier and more exciting. Here is superpower, working quieting and perfectly under your orders, night and day. See how smart businesses are sharpening their edge with CRM software for better sales enablement, lead nurturing and way more. Key concepts in marketing automation Automation for generating, managing and nurturing leads Communications – automated, yet still true and relevant Automation data to analyse and report on leads.

Budget & Resourcing

Module Info & Overview

Money makes marketing go round. But value is where its at. This model goes deep on how to hit max ROI for any given budget. Then some consideration for that other precious resource, human talent. Explore: Key factors to consider when planning a marketing budget Setting that marketing budget How to monitor and optimize a budget during campaign execution The human element. Recruit, train and keep top people.

Big Data & Analytics

Module Info & Overview

Anything with ‘big’ in the title has got be fascinating, right? If a shade evil? Not so. Let’s change evil to effective because what we have here is a vault of compelling human behavior. All of humanity is in the data. What is deep and dark, frivolous, light, banal and extraordinary. The secrets of the human heart and existence. And this is great. But the challenge is to turn this vault of humanity into meaning – commercial meaning. But fear not, we’ve got some ideas and practices around that, and they shall be effective. The Big Data & Analytics module will provide you with a broad understanding of Big Data, Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence. You will learn the fundamental frameworks and understand how cutting-edge analytics tools are being used to help businesses succeed wildly.

Digital Leadership

Module Info & Overview

As stated above, we are living in extraordinary times, which call for extraordinary leaders. That means you. You shall lead the transition from the remnants of traditional marketing and into the brave, new digital marketing world which you are helping to invent. And you shall lead with razor-sharp thought and strategy. You shall take your brand and your organisation to places yet undreamed of.

Strategy Formulation & Plan

Module Info & Overview

By now, you’ll have come a long way. You are (almost) ready to go forth, carve out new and unexplored neural pathways and digital markets. You are standing on the very edge of the leading-edge, and you are just about ready to spread those new digital super-wings and soar. But first, the ultimate strategy module; the ultimate in strategy.


You can become qualified within 8-10 weeks

There are approximately 30 hours of course content in this course. You have up to 24 weeks to complete the course, during which you can access your course content wherever and whenever you like. The average completion time is 8-10 weeks.


ONE Exam (3 hours)

There are three sections in the exam. To pass the exam, candidates must achieve a minimum score of 60%. The price includes the first exam fee. There will be a fee associated with subsequent re-sits due to failed attempts, which will be approximately £75 or the equivalent in the local currency payable directly to Pearson Vue.

World Class Certification

The global standard in Digital Marketing training

DMI graduates work for some of the world’s top companies, helping them keep their skills and careers relevant. 81% of DMI members have been promoted upon completion of one of our courses and 53% have got a salary increase.

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Who is this Search Marketing Diploma for?

Is this Search Marketing Diploma for you?
Become the SMARTEST Digital Marketer in the room

  • Marketing professionals who want to lead the development and implementation of marketing strategies.

  • Those in marketing management looking to raise the bar when managing teams, agencies, and resources.

  • Inspired career changers who want to make an impact on their future employers with a highly valuable CV.

  • Entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to build a Digital Marketing strategy that can increase revenue, market reach, and gain a competitive advantage.

  • Freelancers and consultants who want to expand their knowledge and client services to grow revenue.

  • A sharp and experienced player in the digital sales and marketing game who is not content with being a mere participant. You want to be the one driving the game. Change is what you want.

  • For Sales professionals, Marketing Managers, Team leaders, Business Consultants and Developers. Professionals who’ve taken their vision as far as they can go without specialised skills – and plan to fix that.

  • Those who understand the importance of specialisation will be able to gain a real, sharp, and tangible competitive edge.

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Become a Certified Digital Strategy & Planning Professional

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Experience the power of studying this DMI qualification with MMC

What do you get with MMC?

You can earn this qualification in several ways through different study centres, MMC being one that offers the most comprehensive package in the world.

With over 20 years of educating Marketers, MMC is uniquely positioned to help you achieve your goals.

The following are some important features of choosing MMC as your study centre which are NOT available at most of the other centres and self-paced delivery methods.

  • Take part in live masterclasses with industry experts, leading authors, and subject matter experts that will give you fresh insights to stay ahead of your competitors.

  • You will be able to access an extensive bank of video lessons covering different topics to help you perform in your day-to-day role alongside your study for your qualification. Videos are professional, engaging, not pre-recorded, poor quality webinars like many others.

  • Learn how to get promoted, improve your CV, and make a successful career transition from our coaches and mentors.

  • Power up your CV further with pathways to our qualifications accredited by the Chartered Institute of Marketing and the Chartered Management Institute.

Globally Recognized Certification




of DMI graduates say the course helped them get a promotion.


say certification was a reason for their salary increase


got a new role in digital marketing or changed their career path

DMI members and graduates work for some of the biggest companies globally

What Digital Marketing Qualifications can you study with MMC Learning?

There are FOUR Digital Marketing Institute qualifications available through MMC, the Certified Digital Marketing (Professional Diploma) and THREE Specialist pathways. For more information, click on the links below or scroll down to download all the course brochures and guides.

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