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What is this Search Marketing qualification about?

Course Overview

Professional Diploma in Search Marketing – SEO & Google Ads

Did you know that search marketing is currently one of the most in-demand roles? And that growth isn’t going to stop anytime soon. Develop true Search Marketing expertise for where search is now and where it’s going.

Taught directly by Neil Patel and DMI’s experts, you’ll gain knowledge from people who actually use these tactics in the field.

What are the topics covered in this Digital Marketing Diploma?

Program learning outcomes and content


Develop the skills to work in search right now. Learn about search engine optimization, paid search, and digital display advertising, along with the latest platforms including Google Ads, Microsoft Ads (Bing Ads), and Google Analytics 4.

Study using a dynamic mix of interactive lessons, videos, and downloadable tools, along with live sessions on the latest trends and channels. You’ll be awarded with a DMI search marketing certification that’s recognized globally, along with a completion badge from Neil Patel.

Introduction to Search Marketing

Module Info & Overview

Being found in the right place at the right time may look effortless but it’s an art. You’re going to need lots of key concepts, tools and tricks. Explore how the core search elements work together to drive targeted traffic that converts into sales.

  • Search Marketing
  • SEO & Paid Search principles
  • Demand generation
  • Analytics & reporting
  • Data visualization

SEO Setup and Content

Module Info & Overview

The search engine can feel all seeing, all knowing but it can be won over. SEO is the way to come out on top. Understanding the algorithms and ranking factors puts you in the driver’s seat.

But that’s not all. What does it take to really engage people? Content that speaks to them. Find out what your audiences are looking for, create the content they care about, and then serve it to them where they are. The key to a big, visionary content strategy that works.

  • Setting SEO objectives
  • Keyword research
  • Creating content
  • On-page optimization
  • Content scheduling

Optimizing SEO

Module Info & Overview

Everyone wants to get their website in front of more people. The right people. That’s where search engine optimization comes in. There’s a lot to get a handle on with SEO, all working together to make your content more visible. Pick the quick wins, gather momentum, or optimize for a better return-on-investment.

  • SEO for eCommerce
  • Backlinking for authority
  • Local & international optimization
  • Off-page optimization
  • Technical SEO fixes

Paid Search Fundamentals

Module Info & Overview

So you know how to grow those organic searches and it’s going well. But you want to succeed faster. Cut right to the chase with paid search. Learn the fundamentals of PPC advertising and how it can work to promote your business.

  • Ads & landing pages
  • Keywords
  • Creating a paid search campaign

Paid Search Campaigns

Module Info & Overview

Now that you know the basics, it’s time to start running your campaigns. Use PPC advertising to boost your visibility. Discover how to measure and optimize your campaigns to get the best out of every single click.

  • Managing the campaign budget
  • Optimizing campaigns
  • Reporting on paid search

Demand Generation

Module Info & Overview

Capture interest wherever people are in their journey. Whether they’re a first time visitor, just getting to know you or coming back again and again. Demand generation gives you the tactics to drive awareness and long term engagement. Sure, it takes time but it’s worth the payoff.

  • Demand generation campaigns
  • Outbound channels & ad formats
  • Campaign targeting & bidding
  • Optimizing your campaign
  • Involving display & video advertising

Search Analytics

Module Info & Overview

Search analytics can feel a bit like having a superpower. There’s so much you can know about what your target market is doing, what they want, how they speak. All of this data is at your fingertips, you just need to know how to use it. So let’s dive in.

Plus with the shift to Google Analytics 4 daunting many businesses, we’ll get you set for success on the new interface.

  • Analytics fundamentals
  • Monitoring campaigns
  • Introduction to GA4
  • Configuring Google Analytics
  • Conversion rate optimization

Data & Data Visualization

Module Info & Overview

Data gives us so many new insights and opportunities to work with. But we’re always looking for ways to make data more engaging, especially in a digital world where we have so much of it. Tell the story of what you’ve discovered with data visualization. It helps to communicate more effectively and bring everyone along for the journey.

  • Turning data into actions
  • Ways of visualizing data
  • Forecasting search performance
  • Excel for visualization

Search Strategy – Research & Planning

Module Info & Overview

So you have tools, techniques, and practiced skills. You’ve learned all of the stepping stones behind making search work hard. Now is your chance to get an action plan together. A strategic, focused plan that really delivers. One backed up by research and structured by set objectives.

  • Planning a search strategy
  • Research for search campaigns
  • Setting objectives for search

Search Strategy 2 – Execution & Optimization

Module Info & Overview

It’s time to put everything you’ve learned into practice with a high-performing search marketing strategy. You have the skills, you’ve done the research, your action plan is prepared. Let’s execute the strategy and make it a reality. Exciting, isn’t it?

  • Omnichannel search approach
  • Adapting to change
  • Evaluating search strategies
  • Long term performance


You can become qualified within 8-10 weeks

There are approximately 30 hours of course content in this course. You have up to 24 weeks to complete the course, during which you can access your course content wherever and whenever you like. The average completion time is 8-10 weeks.


ONE Exam (3 hours)

There are three sections in the exam. To pass the exam, candidates must achieve a minimum score of 60%. The price includes the first exam fee. There will be a fee associated with subsequent re-sits due to failed attempts, which will be approximately £75 or the equivalent in the local currency payable directly to Pearson Vue.

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Who is this Search Marketing Diploma for?

Is this Search Marketing Diploma for you?
Become the SMARTEST Digital Marketer in the room

  • For those in traditional Marketing careers who are looking to update their skill set and confidence in launching Search campaigns.

  • Marketing professionals in management or senior management positions who need to know about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and managing search campaigns / agency or team members.

  • Those who have just graduated and want to get started right away in Digital Marketing.

  • Entrepreneurs and small business owners who are passionate about using Search Marketing channels to increase the reach for their ideas and products.

  • For anyone who is looking to build and launch a Search Marketing campaign for their company in the near future.

  • Inspired career changers – who want deep dive into this topic.

  • Freelancers and consultants who want to expand their knowledge and client services to grow revenue.

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With over 20 years of educating Marketers, MMC is uniquely positioned to help you achieve your goals.

The following are some important features of choosing MMC as your study centre which are NOT available at most of the other centres and self-paced delivery methods.

  • Take part in live masterclasses with industry experts, leading authors, and subject matter experts that will give you fresh insights to stay ahead of your competitors.

  • You will be able to access an extensive bank of video lessons covering different topics to help you perform in your day-to-day role alongside your study for your qualification. Videos are professional, engaging, not pre-recorded, poor quality webinars like many others.

  • Learn how to get promoted, improve your CV, and make a successful career transition from our coaches and mentors.

  • Power up your CV further with pathways to our qualifications accredited by the Chartered Institute of Marketing and the Chartered Management Institute.

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