MSc (Masters) in Digital Marketing

Accredited by Manchester Metropolitan University,
this is the world’s first Masters in Digital Marketing.


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Is there a Masters in Digital Marketing?

Yes, there is a Masters in Digital Marketing! This is a university-level 7, Masters degree in Digital Marketing.

MSc in Digital Marketing or MA in Digital Marketing are the official names. Many universities across the world offer this program with face-to-face lesson or through 100% online study options.

Generally, they take between one and three years to complete. Various assessment styles exist, some based on exams/tests and others on written assessment and reports.

See below to find out more about our version of the MSc (Masters) in Digital Marketing delivered by MMC Learning and accredited by the Manchester Metropolitan University.

Who is our MSc in Digital Marketing for?

As an executive-level program, our MSc in Digital Marketing is designed for Business Leaders and working Marketing Professionals.

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How is the MSc in Digital Marketing delivered?

The program is delivered entirely online through live lessons from industry leaders, subject matter specialists and leading UK academics. This allows you to fit learning around your work and personal schedules.

  • The Digital Marketing Master’s degree program is 100% online and attended by professional students from around the world.

  • Live online classes with university tutors and industry experts.

  • Take part in weekly online discussions – submit your research and activities for review by your tutor and group.

  • Get access to a library of on-demand high-quality videos shot in a discussion-style format.

  • Take advantage of a comprehensive library of resources and wider financial benefits with your official university ID.

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What is the duration and time commitment for the MSc in Digital Marketing?

  • It is common for MSc in Digital Marketing students to have heavy work commitments and schedules while juggling their family obligations. As a result, the course is delivered over a period of 24 months, with an additional 6 months devoted to a real-life Digital Marketing project.

  • You will need to allocate 6-8 hours per week, including live lessons and independent study during term time. This is spread across the week to make it easy to manage your time with personal and work commitments.

  • The assessments are work-based, so you are studying and applying at the same time, making this a more effective use of your time.

  • Live lessons can be replayed at your convenience.

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What does the MSc in Digital Marketing cost?

  • This MSc in Digital Marketing is delivered across THREE stages. Study fees are from £3,987 to £12,947 depending on how many stages you study for.

  • Each stage is equivalent to a level 7 qualification; Postgraduate Certificate in Digital Communications, Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing and MSc in Digital Marketing.

  • Are you paying for the qualification yourself (with no employer support)?

    There are several options available to help you; Learning credit vouchers, postgraduate loans and payment plans. Register to find out more.

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Where are you now?
What challenges can the MSc in Digital Marketing solve?

  • Maybe you lack the necessary depth of knowledge on some of the more advanced Digital Marketing tools and channels?

  • Are you lacking a formal, higher-level qualification on your CV? Maybe you have the experience but still missing that one personal accomplishment?

  • Could it be that you have stopped learning, stopped growing and become static in your current Marketing/Management role?

Where could you be in the future?

Your Future with a Masters, MSc in Digital Marketing
  • Can you imagine yourself standing out beyond the average marketer with an official Master’s level qualification from a UK university?

  • Would you be satisfied if you knew the subject of Digital Marketing & Strategy to an exceptionally high level of detail and depth, and were able to interpret digital trends/tools to your competitive advantage?

  • Despite the uncertain times ahead, would you feel more at ease if you had more opportunities with different paths you could choose from going forward?

  • What if you could find a community of Senior Marketers to share your journey with? Imagine finding a powerful network to share your journey with?

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Can you earn more with an MSc in Digital Marketing?

Your Future with a Masters, MSc in Digital Marketing
  • Graduates have reported significant increases in income and stability in income going forward.

  • There have been graduates who have progressed to Director-level jobs after graduation.

  • Graduates have gone on to become very good consultants and freelancers.

  • Some graduates have set up their own successful businesses.

  • Graduates have gone on to become trainers, speakers, and authors.

You’re either invisible or remarkable, make a choice.

What are the subject units covered?

This unit will help you to develop critical thinking, and other advanced study skills, including analysis and referencing, to successfully operate at Masters level.

This unit integrates digital & traditional communications to create a plan in order to exploit the opportunities of digital media and technology.

This unit will outline the key features of different channels and show students how to plan for their use in customer acquisition.

This unit outlines how an intelligent conversion optimisation strategy will spearhead digital transformation projects and provide an agile digital strategy that evolves with the marketplace.

It will also outline what businesses need to change within their organisation to become truly customer-centric, transitioning to being a customer-led business that embraces a growth-mindset – driven by the move from tactical to strategic conversion optimisation.

This unit provides an insight into the process behind the design of innovative new products and the business processes behind them. It focuses on understanding audiences, developing appropriate solutions to their needs, and creating holistic business ideas to support them.

This unit explores the practice of content marketing and its strategic role in an organisation’s digital marketing.

This unit will outline the key aspects of strategic analytics and evaluation, and allow learners to develop approaches to measuring campaign performance.

This unit will outline the key features of different approaches to customer retention and show students how to plan for custom relationship management.

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Who is the MSc in Digital Marketing accredited by?

When you decide to invest your time and money in a higher Masters level qualification, you should choose one that is official and delivered by a reputable organisation.

Accredited and academically supported by Manchester Metropolitan University, the MSc is strengthened by the university’s established reputation for excellence in digital education, strong links with industry, and a unique teaching faculty firmly rooted in commercial practice and thought leadership in their specialist fields.

Who is teaching on the MSc in Digital Marketing?

The team behind the MSc in Digital Marketing is composed of industry experts and leading UK academics.

The list includes world-renowned author Dr. Dave Chaffey.

He is the author of five bestselling books on digital marketing including Digital Marketing Excellence and Digital Marketing: Strategy, Implementation, and Practice. He was named one of 50 marketing ‘gurus’ worldwide by the Chartered Institute of Marketing in 2004.

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Our MSc in Digital Marketing is from a Triple Accredited Business School
– International Benchmark of Excellence and Endorsed by IDM


Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business

The Business School is accredited by The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. This means we are internationally recognised for meeting global standards of excellence in business and management education.

BSIS Business School Impact System

Business School Impact System (BSIS)

The BSIS scheme is designed to determine the extent and nature of a Business School’s Impact upon its local environment. BSIS has given us the tools to capture the enormous added value and impact that Manchester Metropolitan’s Business School brings to businesses and communities.


EFMD Quality Improvement System

Our Business School holds the EQUIS accreditation – a leading international system of quality assessment, improvement and accreditation of higher education institutions in management and business administration. By attending an EQUIS accredited institution, students can be confident they are part of a high quality institution.


Institute of Data and Marketing

This course is accredited by The Institute of Data and Marketing (IDM). The IDM has over 30 years’ experience helping marketers reach the next level in their career by offering a portfolio of qualifications and training courses, all informed by industry and underpinned by core principles and best practice. Students taking an IDM accredited course are eligible to sit a 2-hour online exam to achieve the IDM Certificate in Digital and Data-Driven Marketing.

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