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Digital Marketing Planning

Hello, I’m Mike Berry, and we’re now considering digital planning and we start with situation analysis. Let’s begin at the beginning, which is putting our plan together. So clearly we’re going to need an understanding of the market. We’re going to have a good idea of what we’re trying to do, and some idea at this point of the stages that are required in order to get there. So that’s the beginning and we ask ourselves, how will we know if we’ve been successful? What will success look like? Also, how are we going to fine tune the programme? And particularly importantly, what are we going to test? Because we know we won’t get a 100% right first time.

So let’s start with this situation analysis. The sort of things we need to get our heads around would be customer characteristics, the behaviour of our buyers, which could be B to B or B to C, who are our competitors, and what are they offering? How does that threaten us? How does their positioning compare with ours? Also, our position in the market, the challenges that we