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Knowledge is useless without effective application

Do you want to build your personal confidence to a higher level?

For Senior Marketers, Digital Specialists & Digital Entrepreneurs who want to transform themselves to be able to deliver and navigate through the uncertain times ahead.

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The Coaching Pathway Options

“Within five years, if you’re in the same business you are in now, you’re going to be out of business.”
― Philip Kotler

The PM Coaching & Mastermind programme connects Professional Marketers & Entrepreneurs, who have a good understanding of Digital Marketing channels, to highly experienced Marketing & Digital Specialists.

Having one of our Coaches or Masterminds looking over your shoulder during the implementation phase will minimise, costly mistakes, save time and ensure your chances of success are significantly increased.

“I found the calls really insightful and it has been great to get a much deeper understanding, not only of Ad Words, but of PPC and the various associated Digital Marketing methods available in driving action based on the businesses objectives”

Antonio Navarro, Co-operative Bank

Where are you now?

  • Perhaps you are trying to build up your Digital Marketing skills but finding it overwhelming.

  • Maybe you are lacking the confidence to launch or run your own Digital campaigns.

  • Perhaps you are worrying that what you are doing is not right and it may not be generating improved results.

  • Maybe you have the knowledge but are struggling to apply it to your business or industry.

  • Maybe it is just taking too long to get your projects off the ground.

“If you’re not learning from the Masters, you’re not reaching your potential”
― Jim Rohn

Where could you be?

  • Imagine if you had the practical insights on how to launch successful Digital/Marketing campaigns.

  • Imagine if you were more confident in using Digital Marketing channels and using the vast array of power features available to you.

  • What would it mean to you, if you or your team were more empowered and not dependant on external help.

  • Picture yourself launching great campaigns that demonstrate a clear ROI for your business.


Our PM Coaching & Mastermind Programme will help you reach your goals quickly

  • Designed to work with your current skill level and to help you move up faster.

  • Customised to meet your short-term Marketing objectives.

  • It is all about putting the knowledge into practice so you can see some real-world results.

  • Discover what really works and throw out the rubbish that is generating poor results and wasting your time.

  • Get access and learn from Masterminds who have generated millions in revenue.

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Presenter Imran Farooq

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