The CIM Digital Diploma in Professional Marketing

Are you working in a Marketing role?
Do you need to develop your Digital Marketing skills?

  • Commit to investing in yourself and learn as much as you can about Digital Marketing before it is too late.

  • Reduce the chances of your role coming to a standstill and falling behind on the new wave of Digital Marketing tools.

  • Position yourself to take on new opportunities, work with the people and brands that inspire you.

This Diploma in Digital Marketing is for Marketers, Consultants and Digital Specialists who want to develop Digital Marketing knowledge and skills to an advanced level.

How long does the Diploma in Digital Marketing take to complete?

Individual awards take around 3 months and the whole qualification can take from 9 to 12 months depending on how much time you dedicate to studying each week. You should plan to spend around 4-6 hours per week and further time to prepare for your assessment.

There is some flexibility built into your schedule so you can study around urgent work priorities, holidays and important family events.

How is the Diploma in Digital Marketing assessed?

You are required to pass 3 modules to gain the Diploma in Digital Marketing.  Modules are assessed by three written assignments.

We have a team of experienced tutors who will provide the essential support and guidance you need through live/recorded webinars, draft feedback and one-to-one support.

Accredited by the world’s largest institute of Marketing Professionals

This qualification is accredited by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) who is the leading international professional marketing body with some 41,000 members worldwide. First established in 1911, it has for over a century, defined the marketing professional standards that operate in the UK and is the global champion of best marketing practice.

What are the topics covered on the course?

How is the qualification delivered?

The Diploma in Digital Marketing is delivered through online learning (100% distance learning through an advanced learning portal built by MMC).

The online learning package will give you:

  • Access to hundreds of video learning lessons & quick knowledge PDF downloads
  • Expert tutor support – watch webinars helping you to understand the assignment brief
  • Expert tutor feedback – submit your outline plan and draft work for each assessment for feedback to make sure you are going in the right direction
  • One-to-one support – we have a dedicated team supporting our qualifications so you will get quick responses to your questions throughout the course
  • Bonus: Access Smart Insights premium learning content – PDF best practice guides, video lessons from UK’s leading author in Digital Marketing, Dave Chaffey
  • Bonus: Access over 200 video seminars from keynote industry leaders giving you real world insights providing you with latest thinking to plan for the future
  • Bonus: Practical insights webinars, masterclasses & templates delivered by practioners-consultants going hands on, very useful if you are involved in launching marketing campaigns

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What is the cost of the Diploma in Digital Marketing?

There are two parts to the investment required for the Diploma in Digital Marketing:

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