MMC Launch the DMI Pro Qualification accredited by the Digital Marketing Institute

When it comes to embarking on a new career or new chapter in your current career, undertaking a qualification can be hugely beneficial. The world of digital marketing is no exception.

At MMC Learning we know the power of education in opening new opportunities to professionals, having educated over thousands of marketers over the last 20 years on our top quality online learning courses.

Over the years we’ve partnered with some of the most renowned awarding bodies and institutions including the Chartered Institute of Marketing and Manchester Metropolitan University to deliver high-end learning for our students.

We’re excited to be able to announce our latest partnership with the Digital Marketing Institute, the world’s leading awarding body for Digital Marketing Qualifications.

DMI have a proven track record in building the skills of digital marketing professionals to help them achieve.

We’re thrilled to be able to offer FOUR DMI courses including the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing.

Why study the DMI Certified Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing?

This is one of the world’s most recognised Digital Marketing diplomas – this will help you boost your career and stay relevant. Upon completing the course, you’ll be a certified digital marketer.

With continuously updated content, you’ll learn the most cutting-edge digital marketing skills valued by employers, including how to utilise Google Ads, how to run effective social media marketing campaigns, and how to ace Search Engine Optimisation.

You’ll be armed with the knowledge and insights to thrive in this fast-paced industry and become a skilled digital marketer.

The digital marketing diploma will help you:

  • Understand the key concepts of digital marketing, how it has changed customer behaviour and how this applies in real life to your organisation.
  • Achieve your goals by understanding how to devise, implement and measure your digital campaigns and make sure they engage and convert potential clients.
  • Understand the importance of digital marketing strategies to your business and know how to use SEO, social media marketing, paid search, content marketing, and strategic email marketing to drive customer engagement.

What modules will I study on the DMI Pro?

Introduction to Digital Marketing

This module will lay the groundwork for your study by taking you through the fundamentals such as how to reach customers, How traditional and digital marketing can work together and the difference between inbound and outbound marketing.

You’ll study:

  • Principles of Digital Marketing
  • Digital Research
  • Developing Objectives
  • Cultural Research
  • Connecting with the Customer 

Content Marketing

This module reveals how to create content that engages customers via the right channels and understanding how to implement this in your business by tracking and measuring your performance.

You’ll cover:

  • Content Marketing Concepts and Strategy
  • Developing a Content Marketing Plan
  • Publishing and Distributing Content
  • Using Content Research to Find Opportunities
  • Creating and Curating Content
  • Metrics and Performance
  • Establishing Content Intent

Social Media Marketing

This module will help you bring your brand’s story to life by targeting the right platforms. You’ll learn how to grow and engage a community around your business by clearly defining your audience and giving them the content to build their interest.

You’ll learn about:

  • Key Social Platforms for Digital Marketing
  • Growing and Engaging an Audience
  • Developing Data-Driven Audience and Campaign Insights
  • Setting up a Social Media Experience for a Business
  • Creating and Optimising Social Media Campaigns 

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

It’s all about getting that top spot on Google after all! In this module, you’ll learn to utilise keywords, develop your understanding of the content users want, and optimise your rankings to convert visitors to customers.

You’ll focus on:

  • SEO Fundamentals
  • Keywords and SEO Content Plan
  • Measuring SEO Performance
  • Aligning SEO and Business Objectives
  • Optimising Organic Search Ranking

Paid Search using Google Ads

This module focuses on developing your Pay-Per Click skills using Google Ads, and building an effective strategy for your business. You’ll study how to optimise campaigns, track your conversions, and measure your ROI.

You’ll look at:

  • Fundamentals of Paid Search
  • Search Campaign Management
  • Paid Search Campaign Measurement
  • Paid Search Campaign Creation with Google Ads

Display and Video Advertising

You’ll learn how to set up and manage a successful business YouTube channel including getting creative with visual formats and how to target, test and develop your use of Google Display Network.

This module covers:

  • Fundamentals of Display and Video Advertising
  • Google Display Network and Video Ad Formats
  • Creating and Managing a YouTube Channel
  • Creating Display and Video Campaigns
  • Targeting Display and Video Campaigns
  • Measurement and Optimisation
  • Reporting on Display Campaign

Email Marketing

Even today email is still one of your most powerful tools. This module teaches you how to manage and segment your data, test headlines and maximise open rates and ROI.

We’ll cover:

  • Email Marketing Fundamentals
  • Email Design
  • Testing and Optimising an Email Campaign
  • Tools and Strategy
  • Creating an Effective Email Campaign
  • Marketing Automation
  • data management regulations

Website Optimisation

This module will give you the skills to create a winning website. A simple, well-designed, optimised WordPress site can still look great and work wonders for your business.

You’ll brush up on:

  • Web Design and Website Optimisation
  • Design Principles and Website Copy
  • Publishing a Basic Website
  • User-Centered Design and Website Optimisation
  • Website Metrics and Developing Insight

Analytics with Google Analytics

Your data is your superpower! You’ll discover what your customer wants and begin to understand how they use your website and monitor conversions.

We’ll delve in to:

  • Web Analytics Fundamentals
  • Creating and Configuring a Google Analytics Account
  • Monitoring Campaigns with Google Analytics Reports
  • Setting Goals with Google Analytics
  • Analysing and Recording Google Analytics Data
  • Using Google Analytics 4

Digital Marketing Strategy

As well as understanding digital marketing, you need solid objectives of how to use it for your business. This module will help you build a digital marketing strategy, and make it actionable with budget, channel, media plans, and KPIs.

You’ll be taught:

  • Digital Strategy Fundamentals
  • Setting Strategy Objectives and KPIs
  • Digital Strategy Research
  • Developing a Creative Strategy
  • Executing a Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Communicating a Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Forecasting performance

Why study a DMI Qualification?

DMI are the global authority on Digital Marketing training with 20000 members worldwide and having trained over 30000 digital marketers across 115 countries.

DMI are constantly updating their courses to keep up with industry changes and provide the most cutting-edge training for students, valued by employers the world over. 

Their qualifications are created and delivered through collaboration with digital marketing experts to ensure students learn the most vital skills to progress in their careers.