How Long is a Digital Marketing Course in the UK?

The length of a digital marketing course in the UK can vary greatly depending on the type of qualification you decide to study for, the awarding body of the qualification and the Learning Provider you decide to study for your qualification with.

It’s worth remembering that Qualifications can come in the form of awards, which are typically shorter lasting 1-2 months. Certificates which usually take around 6-12 months and Diplomas which can take 6-18 months to complete.

There are also bitesized courses which are often even shorter in length and can be a great solution if you’re looking to learn a specific skill quickly.

Course length can also vary depending on whether you are studying part or full-time and how the course is delivered as different awarding bodies and learning centres will have designed different courses which may cover slightly different topics and in different ways.

For example, you can achieve a Diploma in Digital Marketing from the Digital Marketing institute in as little as 8-10 weeks!

Can I study digital marketing at home?

The simple answer is, yes you can! There are many study centres which offer distance learning courses in Digital Marketing and this can be a great option for professionals already working in the marketing industry or looking to make a career change.

There are many benefits of studying for a digital marketing qualification online:

  • Distance learning courses are often more convenient as they allow you to study from any location and at a time that’s convenient for you.  This makes them ideal if you’re a working professional as you can study around existing work and social commitments. 
  • Online learning courses are often quicker, requiring only a few hours a week to study. For example DMI qualifications can be achieved by dedicating as little as 4-6 hours a week to study. 
  • Online learning courses are often more self-directed. If you’re already an experienced digital marketer looking to brush up on your skills it can be nice to undertake a course that is predominantly self-taught, as everyone has different levels of digital marketing experience and so might prefer to move through the content at their own pace and take different things from it. DMI courses give you access to all your learning content as soon as you sign up meaning you can work through it at your own pace. You’ll have up to 24 weeks to complete your course.
  • Distance courses are often cheaper. As they don’t require as many overhead costs such as classroom space and physical resources, online learning courses can often be a much more affordable option. Your employer may even be impressed by your initiative and willing to pay for your training if you explain that you wish to embark on a part-time flexible training course in digital marketing.
  • Online Digital Marketing courses may also give you access to extra resources and benefits. For example DMI courses include DMI membership, giving you access to countless resources such as videos, e-books, webinars, digital marketing templates and more as well as links to a powerful network of alumni and the DMI jobs board posting exclusive opportunities.

Is digital marketing hard to study?

Digital marketing can be a difficult subject to study, as with all industry fields both digital marketing qualifications and jobs might throw-up some challenging tasks and depending on your level of experience and how easily certain skills come to you. However, the fundamentals aren’t too difficult to grasp. After all, we’ve probably all sent an email or posted on social media, it’s often about developing the skills that are already there.

A career in digital marketing requires both hard skills (which can be learned relatively easily) and a longer list of career attributes that might take years to master. However, the basics of becoming a Digital Marketer shouldn’t be too challenging to master, at least when it comes to entering the field and beginning your career.

How long does it take to become a digital marketer?

A digital marketing course might take as little as two months, and a good course could get you into a digital marketing job and on the career ladder straight out of graduation. However, it often takes more than just getting qualified to become a truely proficient digital marketer. As with most professions, it can take years of experience in the industry to fully consolidate the wide range of skills and knowledge required to be a top player in the field. However, all great digital marketers have to start somewhere and a respected qualification in digital marketing, usually taking little more than 6 months, can be the boost you need to set you apart from the competition and get you an entry level job or more senior position.

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