How Much does it Cost to get a DMI (Digital Marketing Institute) Qualification on your CV?

Why are some digital marketing qualifications more expensive?

It can sometimes be frustrating to see inconsistency in the pricing of digital marketing qualifications, our first instinct can sometimes be to go with the cheapest option. We might wonder why if one company can offer a qualification at a lower price, other companies charge more. It can be hard to navigate the confusing jargon of marketing training and figure out if you’re really getting your money’s worth. But cheapest isn’t always the best bargain and there are many important factors to consider that might legitimately drive prices up or down on qualifications.

What makes some DMI digital marketing diplomas more expensive? The experience of the teaching staff is more extensive with tutors who have academic and industry experience.

Some of the more expensive course providers might be so because they have hired the most experienced tutors.

Top course providers may not only have relationships with the top academic tutors in their field, but they may even have secured teaching from industry experts working in marketing, who can provide learners with real-life insights on the skills employers and businesses value most.

No one can provide you with unique insight into how you can apply what you have learned in the real world of work better than an all-star cast of tutors.


  • How many years of teaching experience do the tutors have?
  • Are they well known and respected in their field?
  • Will your teachers have both real experience working in the industry and relevant academic tutoring experience?

Why are some digital marketing diplomas more expensive? A recognised official professional accreditation is provided on graduation.

When choosing a study center, keep in mind that some study centers will be accredited by powerful organizations. For example DMI is a leading international awarding body for digital marketing qualifications and an advocate of best practices in marketing and their accreditation is likely an indicator of a respected study centre.

Courses backed by a well-known and industry recognised accreditor will probably be more expensive. This is because some of the fees will need to go to the accreditor to pay for your assessments and your membership. Study centres are actually thinking of you when getting accreditation as membership to a powerful accreditor will often provide you access to a wealth of extra resources like e-books and webinars. Being able to put a qualification from a well-respected accreditor like DMI on your CV will also elevate your employability and career prospects instantly.


  • Is this course accredited?
  • Who by?
  • How long for?

Why are some digital marketing qualifications more expensive than others? The quality of learning is to a higher standard.

You will likely pay more on courses that offer the most current, up to date content that will teach you the relevant skills to make a difference in your field, since the provider has probably conducted extensive market research and consulted with industry experts and employers to develop better content that will be of great benefit to students and their future employers.

It will understandably cost study centres more to produce the best learning materials such as professionally shot videos or extensive audio-content like podcasts.

Why not check the course materials to see if they’re up to scratch and to your liking beforehand? Most centres will have a course brochure you can download from the website which will have all the ins and outs of the qualification and some might even offer a free trial of some of their learning resources.

Ask yourself:

  • Do I like the look/ feel of these learning resources?
  • Are they going to be a good fit for me and my learning style?
  • Will I enjoy myself working through this content?

Why are some DMI courses more expensive? The Quality of personal support is better (faster and more effective).

As a general rule, more expensive study centres will be the ones that provide you with far more assistance.

It can be a massive benefit for students to find a study centre that will talk to you to understand your needs and goals and make sure you’re studying at the right level and their product is right for you before they sign you up. 

The more expensive course providers often are so because they also recognise the need for continuous tailored support, and the help won’t stop once you have signed up to one of their courses. Some courses offer personal onboarding meetings or phone calls so that you’re properly inducted into the course, as well as dedicated support staff who can respond to your questions within 24 hours. You might receive one on one sessions with your tutors too. 

However, facilitating a robust support system for every individual student doesn’t have any benefit for the study centre themselves, in fact, it costs them time and resources, so it does drive up price. It’s actually a mark of a good study centre if they are willing to put in the effort to provide you with the support you need for a slight increase to the fees. Remember that this added support may balance out the cost.

Ask yourself:

  • Will this course provider support me throughout my studies?
  • How will they support me?
  • Will they respond quickly to any issues quickly?

Why are some digital marketing diplomas more expensive? The resources provided are better.

A course that is more expensive may be so because the institution cares about the learning of its students and offers extensive extra resources, such as e-books or marketing templates you can use in your organization or industry updates and networking opportunities.

If you’re going to pay for a qualification, check what’s included in the core learning package, but also look at what extras come with it as these may be of value to you as well.

Ask yourself: 

  • Do I get more, if I pay more for this course?
  • What extra resources and benefits are being included?

Why are some digital marketing qualification providers charging more? They have more years of experience providing learning courses.

Learning providers who have vastly more experience and have delivered courses for many years are often more reliable than those who are newer to the market and are still perfecting their methods. Due to their popularity and prestigious reputation, well-known and respected courses can be more expensive due to their increased demand.

Nevertheless, these courses usually have a proven record with thousands of students gaining highly respected qualifications after completing their training which justifies their prices. These kinds of courses will also usually have very high pass rates and generate excellent student feedback.

A business transaction might be used to illustrate this; when you hire someone to do a job, you often pay more for a specialist since they will do it better.

Choosing a course is similar, there are plenty of learning providers offering hundreds of courses in numerous subject areas, but this probably means that they aren’t going to offer the best quality specialist training- specialised providers will pick one or two topics or courses and focus on specialist, quality delivery.


  • How long has this learning provider been around?
  • Does this learning provider have a track record of helping students?
  • Has this learning centre formed highly professional standards over many years?

Why are some digital marketing qualification providers more expensive? They have a proven track record of giving learners a good return on their education investment.

If you choose to take a training course from a well-known and well-respected institute with connections in your field and that can help you get a job through their support systems and reputation, you may be paying more, but you’ll likely get the boost you need to get a job if you do. It’s easy to see how you’d probably be getting a far better return on your investment by paying a little extra and going with them.

The best courses are likely to be able to demonstrate how past students’ careers have been improved and progressed after studying with them. Additionally, their pass rates will be very high and they will receive excellent feedback from students.


  • Will I get expert careers advice?
  • Will this course help me in achieving my goals?
  • Is the learning worth my investment?
  • What have past students got to say about them?

Why are some digital marketing qualifications less expensive than others?

Why are some digital marketing qualifications less expensive? The teaching staff have less experience and the knowledge level of the tutors is therefore lower.

One big factor that can impact the price of a qualification is the quality of tutors. Some tutors on top courses may also serve as examiners for other cohorts of students as well as other awarding bodies, giving them a much broader view of what learners need to learn and demonstrate to pass.

Although less expensive courses will still try to source the best teaching possible for their price, they may not hire the best academic tutors and industry experts.

Why are some digital marketing diplomas cheaper? The course accreditation is from a lesser known organisation.

Accredited study centers and courses are generally more expensive than non-accredited study centers.

A accredited study center will have to charge more to cover the assessment and membership fees they will be paying to the accreditor for each student.

Centres who are not accredited can therefore be significantly cheaper, but you’ll miss out on the numerous benefits of a powerful accreditation on your CV.

Why are some digital marketing courses less expensive? There is only a basic quality of learning materials provided.

Learning providers deliver courses differently and have different content, so it’s important to understand that course syllabuses will vary.

How a course provider delivers it, as well as how well the learning materials are presented, can affect the cost of the course; many cheaper companies are so because they have chosen learning materials that are cheaper to produce, such as recorded webinars or PowerPoint slides with voiceovers.

Why are some online digital marketing courses cheaper? The quality of personal Support is limited and responses can take a few weeks in some cases.

While you are taking your course, most providers will provide you with basic support (for example, a virtual learning environment that has a chat function that lets you ask questions to other students and group calls that discuss assignments). Some companies, however, offer more thorough support tailored to your needs.

In general, cheaper learning providers are more interested in getting you enrolled on the course than offering you support during it, as, simply put, better, more individualized support does cost more.

If you go with a cheaper option, you might have to wait 3+ days for someone to respond to your questions or concerns, which may be fine with you. However, some learning providers, will have a dedicated team to address student queries and make sure any issues are addressed promptly. It can be worth the little extra for the peace of mind.

Why are some digital marketing courses less expensive? They don’t offer the same quality of extra resources.

In terms of extra benefits, courses do tend to provide more the more you pay.

Cheaper providers might not have the money to provide additional resources such as videos or extra learning content.

Most courses will throw in some interesting extras, but it can sometimes be worth paying a little more for a better standard of extra resources.

Why are some digital marketing qualification providers cheaper? They don’t have years of experience in delivering focused Management qualifications and instead have been focused on generic course provision.

Obviously, a newer learning provider will not have the track record that comes with decades of experience and an investment in and improvement of their courses.

It’s not uncommon for new providers to be cheaper because they want to attract as many new learners as possible to get them started. Sometimes this can bring benefits to learners, the might teach new and innovative content they’ve discovered having entered the market in the present and not been around too long to see the bigger picture. However,

with specialized experienced providers who have been there and done it all you’re likely to get better quality learning. They might charge a bit more, but rather than just giving you knowledge and a piece of paper, a course provider with experience and knowledge in your field can help you achieve your goals and think longer term.

Why are some qualification providers cheaper? Return on investment in the course maybe lower in future years.

Choosing a learning provider is essentially a business transaction. If you want to boost your skillset or improve your employability to secure a promotion or find a new job, you proabably already know what you want from a course and what your CV needs.

It’s not always the most important factor, since much of the work in finding and securing jobs and career opportunities is up to you anyway, but cheaper courses are less likely to provide you with the extra networking opportunities, career opportunities, or advice you might need to secure a job when you leave.

In terms of choosing a course provider, it makes sense to go with one that has a high employment rate and a history of getting people jobs, but these tend to be more expensive.

When you’re determined to succeed in your career, choosing a cheaper program won’t necessarily hinder you. However, it may not help it either, as you may not feel as though you’re making as much progress in terms of opportunities, leading you to feel demotivated.

What drives the price up for digital marketing qualifications and courses?

It’s also important to remember that External Market factors can play a large part in increasing or decreasing the cost of digital marketing qualifications.

Developments and changes in technology

Digital Marketing is a continuously changing field. Technology seems to increase and improve at an exponential rate.

For example it doesn’t take an expert to realise that the impact of smartphones over the last decade has been unprecedented, with a majority of consumers now accessing websites through mobile and receiving their marketing messages through social media platforms.

In a trend that looks set to continue the influence that traditional Direct letters, print advertising and TV have on consumers has greatly diminished and they’re also very expensive and time-consuming as marketing methods.

While these fundamental methods and principles of marketing that have been around since the early 20th century will always have their place, digital advancements and continuously evolving technologies have meant that traditional techniques alone are no longer enough to employ an effective marketing strategy for a business. Digital techniques have become unavoidable for businesses if they want to succeed.

For businesses, ensuring they employ marketers with digital skills has also become a necessity in order to maximize Return On Investment for the company.

The DMI’s report found that on average, 60% of a traditional marketer’s time was now actually being spent on digital marketing methods, which suggests an increasing demand for marketers specifically trained in digital marketing methods.

However it seems organisations and individuals have had difficulty developing and sourcing the right skills.

The results of Target Internet’s marketing skills benchmark revealed that digital marketing skills have actually decreased since their last report, “despite technology continuing to evolve and levels of data increasing at a staggering rate”. Social Media had fallen back 2%, Content Marketing 4% and Analytics & Data a whopping 6%.

Since the world is now becoming more and more virtual and more and more of our lives are conducted online, this is a worrying trend.

It’s therefore perhaps not surprising that online courses in digital marketing which allow people to increase their skillsets and knowledge in vital digital areas have become extremely popular, driving up prices

Employer needs

One obvious factor which can drive up the price of Digital Marketing qualifications is the needs of employers or market demand. I.e. the number of job vacancies.

According to DMI’s report there is an definite need for skilled digital marketing professionals, and the target internet skills benchmark showed a huge demand for skilled marketers, with fewer individuals have the required skill sets and knowledge that businesses are looking for.

 We’ve already established that in today’s marketing world, digital is key. According to Ask Careers, as traditional marketing has become more and more obsolete with the development of more effective, affordable digital marketing methods, the demand for skilled digital marketers is increasing rapidly. In fact, according to Marketing Hiring Trends, demand for digital marketing executives is exceeding supply with 44% of businesses wanting to hire more marketers.

This is a trend that looks set to continue judging by the decline in digital skills revealed by Target Internet’s skills benchmark and recent research by the DMI showing there are currently 6,717 digital marketing job openings in the UK with 2,566 in London alone.

As previously noted, marketers versed in traditional methods are seemingly struggling to find the right training to develop new digital skills, and employers are struggling to find candidates with consistent, comprehensive skill sets.

This demand can drive prices up for the best digital marketing training as more marketers see an opportunity and seek to get qualified in the hope of improving their employment prospects.

Stagnation in skillsets 

According to the Target Internet benchmark report, worryingly, digital marketing skills look to have declined or stagnated significantly since their last report, despite technology

continuing to evolve and data production increasing at a staggering rate. When you consider that the world is shifting significantly towards use of virtual and digital channels in all areas, this decline isn’t what you would expect and raises some questions.

According to the DMI’s report, some of this decline in skills and apparent stagnation of digital prowess in Marketers is down to a lack of effective training. Many traditional marketers seemed to be struggling to increase their skillset and digital marketing knowledge having studied on courses not dedicated specifically to digital marketing which didn’t have enough in-depth teaching about digital techniques. Marketers may have been left with inconsistent abilities due to a lack of reliable skills courses.

Target Internet’s marketing skills benchmark, took this analysis one step further, says that the decrease or stagnation of overall digital marketing talent strongly supported the idea that ‘one-off’ training was no longer going to cut it. The rapid pace of digital advancement means that marketers in the modern day can’t continue to rely on their current training and experience they need to constantly grow and Skills need to be regularly reviewed to keep them up to date.

Therefore both individuals and businesses need to invest in digital marketing training in order to make sure they don’t fall behind and they remain valuable assets in the current climate. There has been a growing recognition amongst individuals and employers that maintaining learning is important.

All of this however, might place increased demand on digital marketing training providers and increase the cost of learning courses as more individuals and teams seek to develop their skillset.

Increased competition

Since digital marketing is a growing job market which lots of savvy digitally skilled people are interested in breaking in to and making their mark, it does mean that competition for the top digital marketing jobs has become more intense. As organizations still cannot afford to hire too many workers, they look to invest in digital marketers who have the best and most relevant skills training to support the company’s digital campaigns.

Despite demand it can now be difficult to find opportunities in Digital marketing, particularly with the most respected and well-known organisations without an extra qualification on your CV.

To make the most of their valuable skills and maximize their career success, a digital marketer needs to demonstrate that they are going to be a vital asset to a business and becoming a qualified digital marketer is an excellent way to do this, proving to employers that you’ve got the dedication and are willing to go the extra mile since you’ve given up your free time to pursue excellence in your field.

Developing your digital skills through training can be vital if you want to gain a competitive advantage and stand out in the crowd.

With so many digital marketers wanting great quality flexible training solutions, this can drive up price.

How much does it cost to do a DMI qualification?

Originally priced at £2139, MMC Learning is currently giving learners 30% off all our brilliant DMI courses, meaning you’ll pay just £1497 to open up a world of opportunity at your fingertips.

The Professional Diploma consists of approximately 30 hours of course content while all other DMI courses consist of around 25 hours. Average completion time is between 8-10 weeks meaning you could get qualified in as little as two months and flash that badge of honour to your dream employer!

What do you get for the fees for a DMI qualification?

Your payment will cover:

– Course fees payable to MMC Learning, including; 

  • Expert tuition from industry tutors and digital marketing experts at MMC Learning with years of experience in the field. 
  • Guidance from our dedicated support team who will be with you through every step of your journey to answer your queries and ensure you get the best possible learning experience.
  • A comprehensive package of learning materials and support
  • Access to a world class programme of study providing flexible learning as you can access your course content wherever and whenever you want.

– Assessment and membership fees payable to DMI;

  • The Assessment for the diploma in Digital marketing is one three hour exam, while the rest of the DMI courses are assessed by a two hour exam. The exams are administered by DMI’s computer-based testing partner, Pearson Vue, via its global network of test centres. While the examination fee is included in the price, you’ll need to achieve a minimum of 60% to pass the exam and any re-sits will incur an extra cost of approximately €60 or your local currency equivalent which is payable directly to Pearson Vue when you book your repeat attempt.
  • When you sign up for a DMI course you also become a DMI Member enjoy access to:

-Premium Articles


-Community Forum


– Case Studies & Toolkits

What payment options are there for the DMI Certificates and Diplomas?

At MMC learning, there’s nothing we love more than to see each and every marketer reach their full potential. We want every professional with the passion and drive to be successful in gaining their Digital Marketing qualification. Part of our service and the ethos of our enterprise is to offer funding & support options wherever we can so cost is not a barrier to your success. 

If you will be personally funding the qualification and you’re worried about costs, please talk to a member of our team about payment options.

We provide a range of payment options to suit everyones needs. The fees for DMI qualifications can either be paid in full or spread over manageable installments. For example, your £1497 can be paid over 4 monthly installments of £374.25.

If you still feel that price might be an issue for you, we offer the option to go self-paced on your course. We’ll provide you with all the same course content and materials meaning you’ll get all the same perks and benefits of a DMI course and membership, but without our specialist guidance and tuition which can inevitably drive up cost. This can be a great option if you feel you have the experience and dedication to complete the course through self study, as this option is currently priced at £1060, and you can apply for payment plans and pay in three installments of £353.33 per month.

We’re also offering a 14 day money back guarantee on all our DMI courses. We think our DMI courses are the best of the best, but we understand that everyone learns differently, if you find the course is not for you, just let us know, we’ll do our best to resolve any issues but if you decide on a new path, we’ll refund you within 14 days of purchase no questions asked.

Need help making a decision on your course? You can also download our handy course brochures which will tell you everything you need to know to help make an informed decision on your future. You can also sample DMI course content for free to see if it feels right for you.

What benefits do the course fees include?

Our DMI courses are created to give learners the latest in leading thought and marketing practice. From the moment you sign up for a course with us you’ll get access to unparalleled benefits and all the further resources you could want, including e-books, podcasts, lessons and much more to your career.

What do you get with MMC on DMI Courses? – Cutting edge learning content.

With the powerful partnership between MMC Learning and DMI you’ll get the hottest course content around. Using the latest up to date courseware via DMI’s innovative learning experience platform MyDMI, you’ll study via award winning resources of exclusive and practical digital marketing news, content, webinars, tools, templates and courses. This thriving platform is a rich resource of constantly updated digital marketing content. Not only that, you’ll also have access to MMC’s extensive content library full of practical resources to help at every stage of your learning journey and career with thousands of resources designed to advance your digital marketing knowledge. You’ll have everything you need to Stay ahead of the curve with handy tips and tools to help you succeed in digital marketing today. 

What do you get with MMC? – Instructors with industry experience.

All our specialist DMI instructors are carefully selected to be the best of the best. When you embark on a DMI course with us, you get teaching from industry specialists and top academic tutors in the field who are dedicated, knowledgeable and best of all, have up to date digital industry experience having worked out there in the real world. We’re committed to providing you with an unparalleled learning experience built around you including Live Webinars & Q&A Sessions. 

What do you get with MMC on DMI courses? – Globally recognised certification.

When you complete a DMI course, you’ll gain an internationally recognized Qulification highly respected by employers. A globally recognized certification or diploma in a specialism of digital marketing can be the perfect step to move you and your career forward. With the latest Digital marketing knowledge at your fingertips and the qualification on your CV to prove it that will be recognised by the top companies around the world, there’s no limit to where your career could take you. 

What do you get with MMC? – One-to-one support.

Both DMI and MMC Learning have a dedicated team of professionals on hand to help you through every aspect of your learning process. All the way from initial application to onboarding and right the way through your course, they’ll be on hand to answer all your queries quickly and efficiently and ensure that you are never alone during your learning journey and get the best possible study experience. No problem is too big or too small, whatever your needs, they’ve got you covered!

What do you get with MMC and DMI? – A vibrant connected community.

When you sign up to a DMI course, you’ll get access to an international community of some of the world’s top marketers, by becoming a member of the DMI Network. Joining well known alumni who are already top players in the digital game, you’ll have the chance to connect with and get advice and insights from over 200,000 global members around the world, opening up a weath of career and networking opportunities.  

What do you get with MMC and DMI? – Continuous professional development.

At MMC Learning we pride ourselves on giving you everything you need for continuous professional development to help keep you in the game at every stage in your career by staying up to date with your learning and the latest industry practises. 

DMI courses offer Countless ways to keep your learning adventure going with many opportunities for further learning. There’s the test your skills diagnostic benchmark so you can test your skills against your professional competition and see what you need to improve on to stay at the top of your game. You’ll also get access to plenty of up to date digital marketing templates and tools which you can use to aid you throughout your career as well as the DMI Network helping you keep in touch and up to date. With DMI, you don’t just do a course, you start to build a career. 

What do you get with a DMI course from MMC Learning? – DMI Power Membership

When you sign up for a DMI digital marketing course you automatically become not just a DMI member, but a DMI Power Member! Power membership gives you a free subscription to DMI’s premium resource library including exclusive toolkits and the latest premium Content to help you stay at the top of your game, plus much more!

What do you get as a Power Member?

  • Premium Content

With power membership you’ll have access to countless resources, with hundreds of pieces of content including articles, case studies, podcasts, e-books, and real tools you can use at work. With premium content you will stay up to date with the latest in digital marketing templates and toolkits. 

  • Exclusive Courses 

Power members also get access to free short courses and bitesize modules exclusive to DMI Power Members including courses in CX Essentials, Graphic Design Essentials, Analytics and more.

  • Community

DMI membership includes access to the DMI community forum where you can talk and interact with your peers ans work together on projects as well as connect with our Global DMI Network member community.

  • Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

Once you complete your DMI qualification and become a certified Digital Marketer as a DMI power member, you can use your membership resources to earn and record your CPD points which will keep your certification up to date and show employers you are taking the initiative to continue your learning.

  • Webinars

DMI Power members can unlock exclusive webinars containing fascinating exclusive interviews with experts. You’ll have the chance to meet & learn from the top industry leaders each month through DMI’s popular live interactive webinar series. This will give you the opportunity to ask those burning questions, get answers and connect with peers.    

  • Course Discounts

As a power member DMI will also give you discounts on further DMI products you might want to make use of. You’ll receive premium discounts on all DMI courses throughout your Power Membership, allowing you to continue to learn and develop your skills at a bargain price!

How can MMC help you get a return on investing in a DMI qualification?

On completion of your DMI course you’ll be a certified digital marketing specialist.

The Digital Marketing Institute is the world’s leading awarding body for Digital Marketing qualifications. Since their foundation in 2009 they’ve set a global benchmark in digital marketing training and their certification is highly sought after by employers around the world.

Having educated marketers in over 135 countries, their comprehensive digital marketing qualifications are recognized globally, meaning you can take your training with you and be respected by employers the world over, no matter where your career may take you. 

DMI certified marketers go on to work for some of the world’s biggest brands including Google, Meta, Hubspot, Coca cola, Twitter and IBM.

DMI already has around 200,000 members worldwide who have used DMI to keep their careers and skills relevant. According to a DMI survey of graduates, 81% of learners were promoted upon completion of a DMI course with 68% of graduates saying they felt the course directly helped them get their promotion. 53% of learners said they got a salary increase and 62% said they felt certification was the main reason for their salary increase. 38% said they’d since got a new role in digital marketing or managed to change their career path.

When you undertake a DMI qualification through MMC Learning you can rest assured that you’ll be getting the very best accreditation and training to progress in your career. We’ll give you all the skills and know-how you need to achieve and thrive in the digital marketing world.

According to and, as of the 21st April 2021 there were an estimated the average UK Senior Marketers Salary totals around £50,400 per year. 

Arguably, there’s never been a better time to get qualified and get ahead in the varied and vibrant industry that is digital marketing. Undertaking a DMI course with us can help you to stay relevant and seize new opportunities discovering new frontiers on your journey to success!

Want to know more about the DMI courses available at MMC Learning?

Check out our further reading detailing course content, teaching, benefits and much more!

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