MMC Launch the DMI Certificate in Social Media Marketing

If you’re looking to progress in your career, undertaking a qualification can be an excellent way to open up opportunities.

The marketing industry has some of the best training around for those looking to break into the business or find a new role.

MMC Learning has been at the forefront of digital marketing education since 1996. We created the first ever qualification in digital marketing in the 2000’s and have pioneered online learning techniques with our high-quality distance courses.

Creating the best learning experience for students takes a village, and we’ve never shied away from collaboration, partnering with top organisations like the Chartered Institute of Marketing and Chartered Management Institute to deliver world class teaching.

We’re thrilled to reveal our latest partnership with the Digital Marketing Institute.

A leading awarding body of Digital marketing qualifications, DMI has helped thousands of digital marketers gain the specialist knowledge they need to thrive. Whether you want to specialise in digital strategy or become an expert in social media, DMI will get you where you want to be.

We’ll be working with them to offer four fantastic new courses including the Professional Certificate in Social Media Marketing.

Why study the Certificate in Social Media Marketing?

Study for the DMI Professional certificate in Social Media and you’ll become a certified social media marketer.

The course is designed to help you develop valuable expertise in Social Media platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, YouTube and Instagram. Across 10 modules taught via interactive content, you’ll gain relevant knowledge of social media strategy, research and content.

You’ll develop an understanding of the latest platforms including Tik-Tok, Twitch and WeChat, leaving your course as a skilled social media marketer, with a social strategy to apply to your organisation.

What modules will I study?

  • Social Research

They say knowledge is power. Every day your potential customers are generating data, but it’s meaningless without the right tools to interpret it. This module will give you the techniques to know your audience so you have insight into who your audience is, what they want, need and ‘like’.

  • Social Content

People can’t get enough social media content, but there’s so much available! Rapidly dwindling attention spans necessitate better content.

With planning and targeted scheduling, getting the right content to the right people stops being a shot in the dark!

This module covers various content formats across platforms, the power of scheduling content and how strategies can bring it all together. Using cutting-edge tools you can create content that captures audience’s attention and makes your channels stand out. 

  • Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest

These platforms are giants of the social media world but each have unique features, analytics, and quirks.

This module deepens your understanding of how these platforms work, and how to make your brand stand out, covering:

  • Building an active, engaged and captive community across each channel.
  • Creating compelling and clever ads that target your audience at the right time.
  • Using analytics to understand what your audience is doing. Then tweaking your content to resonate in all the right ways.
  • Mastering the key features of each channel to advertise, strategize and optimize.
  • Managing each platform so you get the best reach and results.
  • Reaching billions of social loving people every day! 

  • Twitter

Twitter forges its own path in the social media world; focusing on right now, it allows audiences to see and comment on events in almost real-time.

Twitter typically appeals to younger, wealthier audiences.

This module shows you:

  • What a successful Twitter account looks and acts like.
  • How to use Twitter Ads Manager to advertise effectively.
  • The right Twitter Ad format for your campaign.
  • Using Twitter Analytics to react and connect better.
  • How to create more Tweet-friendly content – snappy, shareable and short.
  • When to post for maximum impact and engagement.

  • Linkedin

Linkedin is all about professionalism, offering unique networking opportunities. This module will teach you how to use features such as company pages to create a presence for your business.

You’ll gain an understanding of the unique advertising features such as Text ads, Sponsored ads, Sponsored InMails, Display ads, and Dynamic ads. 

Linkedin is notoriously tricky to master but with this module you’ll soon be strategising like a CEO and measuring the effectiveness of your campaigns. 

  • YouTube & Social Video

A picture speaks a thousand words – so a video should inspire a few thousand too! 

This module gives you all the tech and basic know-how to make video happen, including how to set up and manage a YouTube channel and build strategies. 

You’ll learn how video fits with the rest of your marketing strategy, how to build your online audience and use advertising and analytics for visual campaigns, as well as:

  • Creating a dynamic YouTube channel.
  • Getting creative with social video strategies that engage and convert.
  • Learning how video sits within the rest of your social media mix.
  • Building and developing your online audience in a way that benefits your brand.

  • Social Apps

When it comes to creating a buzz online, social apps are the place to be. Designed for fun, engaging, and ‘out of the box’ content, younger audiences in particular flock to these spaces.

On this module you’ll discover how to use TikTok, Snapchat, WeChat, WhatsApp, and Twitch, look at features and understand how to manage content to make the most of posts.

You’ll also develop an understanding of how to advertise on apps that suit your brand and look at what campaigns worked and why.

  • Social Commerce and Affiliate Marketing

Social media can also be used to sell products online. An astute marketer will combine social media with e-commerce.

In this module you’ll explore how to create a successful online shop using the latest tools as well as optimize paid commerce activity.

This module will also cover how to use social media to explore affiliate marketing- earning commission by promoting another company’s products.

You’ll also look at utilising influencers by collaborating with or reaching out to influencers and promoting your brand by getting into their social feed.

  • Social Customer Service

Social media is collective yet also personal which leaves scope for personal interaction. Social customer service is an opportunity for your business to stand out.

This module looks at how to break down your audience so you can serve them better and which platforms are best to provide service on.

The module focuses on making customers happy and building an online community. You’ll create a social customer service strategy, learn how to manage social customer service and measure and analyze customer service performance.

  • Social Strategy

After developing the followers and know-how, this module will help you tie it all together with cutting-edge social strategies and see how your social media fits with the rest of your marketing.

You’ll plan a social media strategy that works for you, setting objectives and social KPIs so you can track how you’re getting there. You’ll study your Social media and content production budgets and put money in things that work, not things that don’t.

Why study a DMI Qualification?

Since its foundation in 2009, DMI has set the industry standard for digital marketing training and become the world’s leading awarding body for digital marketing qualifications. 

They work with the top brands globally to develop their courses ensuring students get world class, specialist teaching and up to date knowledge.

By learning from industry experts, with DMI you’ll develop relevant digital skills and get the know-how, experience and insights to succeed.

When you enroll on one of DMI’s digital marketing courses, you become a member and gain access to countless resources and insights.

DMI has educated thousands of alumni who’ve got ahead