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Who are the people and brands on the Global Industry Advisory Council who are endorsing the Digital Marketing Institute’s Qualifications?

What is the Global Industry Advisory Council?

When searching for the best possible qualification to help you move forward in your marketing career, it’s important to choose a course with an accreditor that has authority in the industry and proves this with validation from other respected marketing organisations.

After all, every accreditor is going to tell you their qualifications are the best, but you shouldn’t just take their word for it. The best accreditors of digital marketing courses will be able to prove that they are well-known and endorsed by key players in the marketing industry.

Worldwide industry validation and authority cannot come from just one or two individuals or brands, the top marketing accreditors will be able to prove that they have connections and influence throughout the marketing sector and are respected across multiple marketing brands.

The Digital Marketing Institute takes gaining recognition and respect from top marketing companies to a new level and rather than simply making connections they have formed a group of the worlds best marketing gurus in order to maintain the very best digital marketing knowledge and up to date thinking for their courses.

DMI meet with representatives from top global brands to help shape their qualifications in terms of content and delivery.

Known as the Global Industry Advisory Council, these ‘champions’ of marketing meet twice a year and pool their unique insights to help DMI create a syllabus that is a true blend of the most up to date technology and digital marketing thinking.

Best Practice:

Together these individuals and brands set a global benchmark for standards for the digital marketing industry and digital marketing training and provide the DMI with valuable feedback that allows them to design the most up to date and effective training courses.

At the centre of the Global Industry Advisory Council’s work is the identification of trends, both current and future, contributing to best practice advice and insights for professionals and the industry as a whole. This provides an idea of what the most effective educational framework would be to support the development and promotion of individual marketers and businesses and the industry as a whole.

The global advisory ‘champions’ are moving the digital marketing industry forward and bringing marketers themselves into the conversation.

GIAC Mission Statement:

“Drawing from the knowledge and experience of some of the most influential marketers, our courses and content reflect the latest developments and trends in the industry, ensuring the personal and professional growth of our students.”


The Global Industry Advisory Council is made up of representatives from the biggest and best global leadership companies and organizations that are at the forefront of business and consumer leadership, engagement and innovation in platforms, brands, agencies and influencer domains.

There are many members from top technology brands who are digital trend spotters and on the trail of newest & latest digital marketing ideas.

Some of the advisory council’s key member organisations include:

  • Google
  • IBM
  • Camelot
  • Airmeet
  • American Marketing Association
  • Microsoft
  • Hubspot
  • Meta
  • Linkedin
  • Kantar
  • NP Digital
  • Direct Line Group
  • Korn Ferry

More brands means more senior professionals and more industries represented plus more professional insights to help review, improve and validate DMI qualifications.

All members agree to the Global Industry Advisory Council’s Governance terms which are published and annually reviewed under confidential terms of engagement.

What’s more all GIAC members have the latest razor-sharp insights and can spot transformative opportunities a mile off!

In this way, through the GIAC, DMI has expanded its reach and scope across the globe.