Content Marketing Trends 2022 Webinar
with Dr. Dave Chaffey & Imran Farooq


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  • FOUR – Live Content Marketing Strategy with Geraint Holliman, This is a virtual two-hour Masterclass, going live in the first week of March. Tickets for this are £347.

  • FIVE – Access to advanced copywriting and conversion tactics for websites and landing pages delivered by Mike Berry. This is a Virtual Masterclass going live in the first week of March. The value of this is £247.

  • SIX – New Content and Conversion Masterclass. Writing copy for articles and blogs that can lead to an action delivered by Rene Power. Another Virtual two-hour Masterclass will be available on the first week of March. This is being sold at £247.

Great content is the best sales tool in the world.
~ Marcus Sheridan

Download the slides and get the replay

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Get the replay for webinar and download the slides with Digital Marketing, Dr Dave Chaffey. This will contain advice on how to review the maturity of your content marketing activities. Learn how to develop a more strategic, integrated approach to content marketing.

Understand the differences between B2B and B2C content marketing tactics. Get practical tips to increase engagement via organic search, social media and influencer marketing

Marketing and Digital Strategy On-demand Video Course

Marketing & Digital Strategy Sample

With this module, you can take both a traditional and digital approach to strategic planning.

Learn integration of digital strategy, frameworks, models, and techniques in marketing planning – achieving competitive advantage throughout.

You will be able to recognise and apply situation analysis techniques. Assess the external and internal environments that enable effective decision-making.

You will be able to apply all stages of the marketing planning process, from auditing, to making strategic decisions, to implementing plans across traditional and digital channels.

In addition, you will learn how to manage and monitor employee resources in order to meet strategic marketing goals.


On-demand Lessons to become Brilliant Strategists
Dr. Dave Chaffey

Integrated Communication Strategy Sample

Discover how to integrate digital and traditional communications to create a plan for exploiting the opportunities of digital media and technology by watching bite-size videos.

Establish a digital communication strategy for an organisation.

Analyse the current market and digital communications capabilities of the organisation.

Develop a vision and goals for how the organisation will communicate digitally.


Writing Copy for Conversion on Blogs
with Rene Power

A staggering 7.5m blog posts are published to the web every day. The search engine reach can be extraordinary if articles are written correctly and optimised.

How well are yours performing?

If you need help in getting your content in front of more of the right people, this is the session for you.

In this all-new live masterclass from MMC Learning, you’ll learn how to create and structure your articles so customers spend more time on your website being convinced of your credentials – the pathway to building the necessary trust that leads to transaction.


Advanced Tactics for Writing Copy for Conversion on Websites
with Mike Berry

Having good website copy is crucial to attracting and motivating website visitors.

You have to make your website better than “good”. Having GREAT website copy on your website is essential to attracting and encouraging website visitors to take action.

It is the words you use and how you use them that persuade, engage, inform, and entertain website visitors, so they trust you and take advantage of your offers.


Content Marketing Strategy Masterclass
with Geraint Holliman

Discover the strategic role that content marketing plays in an organization’s digital marketing strategy by attending this Masterclass.

Learn how to create a content marketing strategy for your company.

Ensure content marketing is planned and distributed to deliver effective propositions.

Plan content pieces to be used in a content marketing campaign.

Why invest in this SUPER SIX?
The future success of your Marketing Campaigns

Content marketing is the glue that helps link many digital and traditional marketing activities from search and social media marketing to your website and events.

The quality of your content helps differentiate your brand and gain conversion, so having a coherent content strategy is becoming ever more important to future success.

Why invest in this SUPER SIX?
The future of your Marketing Skills

It doesn’t matter what your role is, you will either need to understand Content Marketing Strategy or implement the tactics.

Across all parts of the customer journey and across different channels, content, copy, and conversion are essential skills. Commit to understanding these concepts at a deeper level if you want to become a stronger all-around Marketer.

Content marketing is no longer a numbers game. It’s a game of relevance,
~ Jason Miller

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