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No financial risk to you – if you find this course is not right for you, we will give you a 100% refund, no questions asked.

1. Unlimited access to previous Masterclass Webinars and slides

With FLOW membership, you don’t have to worry about missing any of our webinars. Enjoy unlimited time access to the recordings and slides from all of them, so you can maximize your learning potential. Get the knowledge and resources you need to become an expert in your field..

2. Access our Vault

Unlock the power of knowledge and get access to the vault with deep dives and case studies. Inspire your campaigns with creatives from some of the best minds in marketing, leadership, entrepreneurship, freelancing, and consulting.

3. Serving professional learner needs

As a leading accredited study centre for CIM and CMI, MMC is highly sensitive to the needs of busy marketing and management professionals who have chosen to undertake a qualification while they work. With a dedicated team, MMC offers a personal, rapid and accessible support service to help with any queries about your career development.

4. Micro-learning – Become a Brilliant Strategist
Get the skills you need to succeed with our micro-learning lessons. FLOW membership level helps you become a brilliant Marketer and Strategist, no matter your experience level. With access to some of the knowledge resources & powerful learning assets we have built over the last 20 years, you’ll be ready for success in no time.

5. World class technology online

MMC’s products and services are built with a passion for delivering innovative, flexible learning and that extends beyond content itself, to the effective use of technology created MMC’s own team of developers.  MMC works with a number of trainers and organisations to create e-learning, webinars and a library of recorded content, all of which is available across a range of devices, supporting your learning at any time, any where.

6. Learning content beyond the theory

MMC Learners benefit from a huge range of online resources.  MMC’s experience in developing adaptable, flexible content in partnership with a number of conferences and institutions across the UK means it is able to offer worldclass content to support and enhance your studies.  Whether you’re looking for insights from a thought leader, help writing your assignment or practical tips for your SEO strategy, your dedicated course manager can point you in the right direction.

7. Promotion of transferable skills

 As with any qualification, while you’re specialising in a subject area, you’re also gaining a wide range of transferable skills which will be useful in a range of industries and different roles – making you adaptable to different business environments.  MMC’s programmes promote collaborative learning, communication, critical thinking, research, effective application of your knoweldge in the work place, improved decision making and time management.

8. Proven results

 The results speak for themselves – MMC has been commended by both CIM and CMI for outstanding pass rates and the MSc, supported since 2007 by the same management team, enjoys a completion rate of over 80%, with a 100% pass rate (20% of whom achieve a distinction).

9. Long term success

MMC learners go on to secure promotions, new positions, win new contracts or start their own businesses as a result of the programmes they undertake.  To learn more about the future potential, drop us a line to connect with a graduate to hear about their experiences.

What are you going to get?

Here is a quick overview of what is in the SUPER SIX. Scroll down to see more details.

  • ONE – Take part in 5 new masterclasses in 2023. See details below. (worth £650).

  • TWO – Get access to Digital Strategy Bitesize On-Demand lessons. Access straight away when you purchase. The value of this is £750.

  • THREE – Achieve success with Campaign Planning – Bitesize On-demand lesson. Available to access straight away after purchase and is worth £480.

  • FOUR – Learn how to develop a customer-centric and conversion strategy. This course sells for £750. Access on-demand.

  • FIVE – Study Customer Journey and Relationship Management modules. The value of this is £650. Access on-demand.

  • SIX – Gain leadership expertise with Management & Leadership lessons. Access learning modules after purchase. This is being sold at £500.

You’re either invisible or remarkable, make a choice.
~ Seth Godin

Unlock limitless learning.

Take your learning to the next level with unlimited access to our Practical Masterclass Webinars. Get access to recordings, slides and more – all designed to help you become a better marketer, leader, entrepreneur, freelancer or consultant.

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Example of upcoming Masterclasses – more to be added.

You will get unlimited access to the playbacks and slides in this package. Here are some topics that are sure to shake things up!

  • How to speak with authority by changing your voice. The 4B model for speaking like a TV presenter. Presented by Nicola Dodd, Corporate trainer and drama coach (15+ years experience).

  • Stephanie Sturgess, Executive Coach (20+ years experience), presents Developing Emotional Intelligence to Higher Levels.

  • Andrew Ramwell, Business Mentor & Thought Leader (22+ years experience), reviews the principles of success.

  • An executive leader with over 30 years experience, Malcolm Johnston, developed a 4M Leadership model.

  • Dr. Dave Chaffey, Marketing Guru and UK Author (26+ years experience), will deliver Digital Trends 2023.

Dr. Dave Chaffey

Stephanie Sturgess

Nicola Dodd

Andrew Ramwell

Malcolm Johnston

Access powerful learning assets and knowledge resources.

With FLOW membership level, Marketers, Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Freelancers & Consultants can access some of the most powerful learning assets we have built over the last 20 years.

Integrated Communication Strategy Sample

There are a number of factors that contribute to becoming a brilliant strategist. Among the UK’s leading authors, Dr. Dave Chaffey, and the country’s leading CIM tutors provide recorded lessons that can be accessed online at any time.

For those responsible for strategy, or who have ambitions to become leaders in the future, these are highly valuable resources.

A deep dive into the creation of a digital communications strategy for an organisation will be given by Dave. Examine the organisation’s digital communication capabilities and market position. Establish digital communication goals and a vision for the organisation.

Those responsible for marketing strategy or in marketing management positions will find these lessons to be highly useful.

Become a brilliant Marketer and Strategist.

Take your marketing knowledge to the next level with our micro-learning lessons. Get access to the powerful learning assets we’ve built over the last 20 years and become an expert in marketing and strategy.

Marketing & Digital Strategy Sample

Veronica Swindale and Stephen Humphrey, world-leading CIM tutors, will guide you through the process of planning campaigns.

During this module, you will learn how to plan and implement campaigns that deliver real results for your organisation. As part of this course, you will learn about the campaign planning process, as well as how to analyze the current position of an organisation.

As you learn how to set campaign objectives, implement a campaign, and measure and evaluate its success, you will be able to keep up with the fast-changing world of marketing.

An excellent introduction for new marketers and entrepreneurs, as well as a very good refresher for Marketing and Digital managers.

Unlock powerful insights to fuel your campaigns.

Get inspired and motivated with the FLOW membership level. Unlock our vault of deep dives and case studies that provide insight and inspiration for your campaigns. Access resources from some of the brightest minds in marketing, leadership, entrepreneurship, freelancing, and consulting.

Learn how an intelligent conversion optimisation strategy can spearhead digital transformation projects and provide an agile digital strategy that evolves with the market.

Dive into how the move from tactical to strategic conversion optimisation can help businesses become truly customer-centric, embracing a growth-mindset, and becoming a customer-led business.

Learn the skills you need to take your career to the next level.

Get access to powerful learning assets and knowledge resources and become a better leader, marketer, entrepreneur, freelancer or consultant with FLOW membership.

This course examines the key features of different customer retention strategies and shows learners how to plan a custom relationship management program.

Discover different ways to retain customers. Customer relationship management best practices will be applied as a result of the learning.

Topics include – Digital customer insights, customer lifecycle & journey mapping, digital customer experience challenges, marketing automation, ways to measure customer loyalty, customer retention using digital & social channels, and how to plan a customer contact strategy.

Delivered by Andrew Campbell, Martech Director. Marketing enthusiast with a passion for delivering technology-led marketing solutions that add value to consumers and deliver competitive advantage (and profits) to brands. Over 25 years experience in leveraging technology to deliver marketing goals.

Unlock creative inspiration.

Unlock the power of creative inspiration with deep dives and case studies from the FLOW vault. Learn from some of the best minds in marketing, leadership, entrepreneurship, freelancing and consulting to bring your campaigns to life.

In-depth learning is delivered by Stephanie Leigh-rose and Malcolm Johnston. In this series of interactive video sessions, you will learn about different leadership styles and how to apply them. In either their personal or professional lives, everyone has leadership responsibilities.

By knowing yourself, you will become more confident and successful in the future.

With this on-demand lesson series, you will gain a deeper understanding of strategic leadership within an organisational context. Explore the complexities of the role and the theoretical perspectives, approaches, behaviours and skills which can enhance their professional practice.

A focus on the ability to respond creatively to complex organisational challenges and understand how to set and deliver sustainable strategic goals.

Who are we (MMC)?

Why choose MMC as your learning partner?

With over two decades of experience, MMC Learning has educated thousands of Marketers, improved Marketing practices in thousands of organisations, and elevated Marketing practices both in the UK and internationally.

During that time, MMC pioneered the first Digital Marketing qualification in partnership with the Chartered Institute of Marketing in 2002 and has continually innovated to improve learning.

MMC, a joint venture at Manchester Metropolitan University, specialises in Marketing, Digital Marketing, Management, and Leadership qualifications accredited by the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Digital Marketing Institute, and Chartered Management Institute.

As the first learning centre in the world to bring these qualifications together and create an extensive video library with subject matter experts, MMC wants to help build the next generation of Leaders and Marketers.

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