Fractal Friday Digital Marketing Round Up #1

Something new from MMC Learning.

Welcome to our Fractal Friday Digital Marketing Round Up #1.

Yes, it’s another newsletter, but hopefully one you’ll come to look forward to receiving.

Because we’ll be sharing essential updates and useful content from the world of digital marketing as well as the latest content from the MMC Learning team.

Let us know what you think.

FROM MMC: Talking strategy with Mike Baxter

We’re serialising a live Q&A with strategy expert Mike Baxter on the blog. If you missed the first two parts, catch up here.

Part 1: Making strategy meaningful to everyone in your organisation

In a new transcripted video blog, we’re covering

  • Positioning the importance of strategy when done correctly
  • Helping people in leadership positions to understand it
  • Helping people responsible to map it out and make it meaningful to whole companies of people.

Check it out now and let us know what you think.

Part 2: Defining strategy and why the importance of implementing it consistently

In our latest video blog, we’re talking about

  • Defines what good strategy actually is
  • Why clear strategy needs to be implemented consistently with examples of where it’s been done badly
  • How to make it more consistent in implementation.

From the web: Three ways Anheuser-Busch is transforming how it measures video

Competition is fierce in the consumer packaging space, making robust measurement essential. Learn how the makers of Budweiser are measuring video effectiveness.

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FROM MMC: 5 ways to expand your digital marketing knowledge and confidence – MMC Blog

Keen to expand your digital marketing knowledge and all-round marketing confidence?

It’s a short read that, deceptively, has 20 tips within it to help you get fired up about digital marketing.

Which tip is the one you’re most likely to try out?

FROM THE WEB: Inside Google Marketing: Their approach to inclusive media planning and buying

Learn from Google’s Media Lab team about their approach planning, buying, implementing and evaluating media campaigns on behalf of Google brands.

Marketing coaching

Do you want to build your personal confidence and perform at a higher level?

Check out our coaching pathway for senior marketers, digital specialists & digital entrepreneurs who want to transform themselves to be able to deliver and navigate through the uncertain times ahead.

FROM MMC: 6 ways to dramatically improve your marketing career prospects

Getting your big break in marketing is an important step.

But moving into a management role – where you’re suddenly responsible for other people and their performance – is perhaps even bigger.

How do you convince people that you’re ready?

This blog post looks at a number of ways marketers can improve their chances of being promoted.

And finally…

Need some inspiration for your 404 redirects? Hubspot created a blog post with the best 40 examples they could find. Which one is your favourite?