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Fractal Friday Digital Marketing Round Up #3

Fractal Friday Digital Marketing Round Up #3

Friday inspiration and essential content from the world of MMC Learning.

Which link is most relevant to you?

FROM MMC: Getting creative with strategy

We’re serialising a live Q&A with strategy expert Mike Baxter on the blog.

Part 4: Getting creative with strategy and understanding the key elements

In a new transcripted video blog, we’re covering

  • Why strategy is a creative exercise
  • The House of Strategy model
  • The differences between mission and vision
  • Where to go for inspiration on setting strategy.

Check it out now and let us know what you think.

Head to the bottom of the post to access the first three posts.

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From the web: The four things every high performing landing page needs

In a near lethal digital marketing double-act, Hubspot marketing manager writes this simple but devasting effective piece on optimisation for Think with Google.

There is an extra copywriting tip in the copy. Did you spot it?

FROM MMC: Standing out as a marketing consultant

In our latest post discussing different career drivers, we’re looking at the steps you can take to stand out as a marketing consultant, marketing trainer or marketing coach.