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Fractal Friday Digital Marketing Round Up #3

Fractal Friday Digital Marketing Round Up #4

Friday inspiration and essential content from the world of MMC Learning.

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From MMC: How understanding what drives you can lead to a more rewarding life and lifestyle

In our latest post exploring the main desires that drive career and life development, particularly in the marketing profession, we look to specific human desires and how critical needs affect all the decisions we make.

From the web: Solving the challenge of marketing ROI

Exceptional post from the highly influential b2b marketer Michael Brenner looking at how to tangibly improve marketing ROI.

Warning: It does involve some maths and requires you to work with colleagues to produce meaningful data to make better decisions on.

Are you up for the challenge? Check it out here.

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From MMC: Implementing KPI driven strategy

We’re serialising a live Q&A with strategy expert Mike Baxter on the blog and this is the FINAL part.

Part 5: Breaking down strategy KPIs to ensure strategy is effective and works

In this 15 minute transcripted video, Mike discusses with Rene

  • Key performance indicators for strategy
  • The three things KPIs should cover
  • Strategy models
  • Takeaways from the whole 5-part strategy series
  • Free resources available from

Check it out now and let us know what you think.

Head to the bottom of the post to access the first four posts if you want to read them all in order.

From the web: Hiring your next SEO

If you’re in the market for SEO support – whether permanent, on contract, or maybe even as an agency resource – this article from Moz is going to provide lots of pointers on what to look for in a hire.

(Pro tip: If you’re looking for a role, use this article to prepare for interview!)

And finally…who wants some popcorn?

New technology start up Popcorn is looking to shake up video communication in the workplace with its innovative short-form video app. Could be a good one to jump on early; if you’re on iPhone, it’s free from the App Store.

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