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How marketing qualifications can set you up to work for yourself as a marketing consultant, marketing trainer or marketing coach

In this series of new blog posts from MMC Learning, we’re exploring the main desires that drive career development in the marketing profession.

In this post, we’re looking at how marketing qualifications help scores of professionals enter self-employment and make a respectable living as professional marketing consultants, trainers and coaches.

The global uncertainty caused by the coronavirus pandemic made many marketers realise that an employed career for life may not be most attractive career strategy.

And the technological developments that have been magnified during that period have demonstrated that there is a huge opportunity for those able to take advantage to forge their own career in their niche.

Historically, taking the leap into self-employment has always been seen as risky, but with most of the developed world working at home for an extended period, any remaining stigma has been removed.

Smart businesses are recognising the value in outsourcing to experienced professionals in critical areas when needed, rather than employing at high cost.

Whether you’re already working for yourself or looking to go self-employed in the marketing field, we’ve considered six ways adding a professional marketing qualification to your CV, like one of the many CIM courses delivered by accredited study centre MMC Learning, will support and improve your self-employment prospects.