Infusionsoft Success Story – Athletic Apparel Success Story

Gonz Medina

Founder of Blue Chip Athletic

Location: Kansas City, MO
Owner: Gonz Medina
Employees:  28
Industry: Athletic apparel

Key Results:

  • Grew annual sales by 50% and 46% the past two years
  • Increased customer base from 6k to 22k
  • Reduced work hours from 70 per week to 45

“Infusionsoft allows us to provide far better service, measure and track data, and generate more leads and referrals.”

Wrestling apparel company finds the right fit.

Gonz Medina and Jason Heslop started Blue Chip Athletic in 2001 with no marketing budget, website or customers. But they did have a screen printing machine, a business plan, and a passion for providing affordable, quality apparel to the Missouri high school wrestling teams they coached.

Ten years later, with millions of custom and officially-licensed NCAA Wrestling garments sold online, Gonz and Jason faced a new set of challenges: disorganized customer data, fragmented communications, scattered sales and marketing reports and long working hours.

Grappling with sales tracking.

Initially, their sales funnel was undefined. With multiple reps using paper-based or email folders to track leads, they had no way to measure sales performance or the effectiveness of marketing efforts overall. Email broadcasts from a legacy system were sending every email version to every customer. There was no segmentation between retail or custom orders, and no useful intelligence on open rates, responses, purchasing patterns or other behavior. At times, it looked like the company was on the wrong side of a two-point takedown.

A reversal puts Blue Chip back on top.

After viewing a live demo from a friend, CIO Andy Michaels was so convinced about Infusionsoft that he paid for the user license out of his own pocket. He saw the potential for a two-for-one lift. Turbocharging retail sales with smarter lead capture and follow-up tools, and bringing clarity and structure to the customer sales funnel more easily. Bingo.

Andy and his team used Infusionsoft to apply best practices across the company. They introduced automated follow-up messages. Utilized a survey to raise customer satisfaction. Formalized lead pursuit to boost custom orders. And they made Infusionsoft their primary repository for customer data, resulting in more intelligent data mining and reporting.

Winning more matches.

Since putting Infusionsoft into action in 2010, the company has grown from 6,000 to 22,000 customers. From 2010 to 2011, sales revenue increased more than 50%, and grew another 46% the next year. Infusionsoft enabled Blue Chip Athletic to generate more leads and referrals, organize and understand data, empower sales reps and garner rave reviews from repeat customers.

Reducing their weekly working hours from 70 to 45 also gave Gonz more time for Cross Fit training. Now with 28 employees, the company’s next step is a natural. Finding new headquarters with enough space for a gym.