Infusionsoft Success Story – Vending Franchise Success Story

Sean Kelly & Andy Mackensen

H.U.M.A.N. Healthy Vending

Location: Culver City, CA
Owner: Sean Kelly & Andy Mackensen
Employees:  175
Industry: Fitness/Franchise

Key Results:

  • Grew prospect list 60,000%
  • Reduced work week by 37%
  • Increased lead conversion over 100%

“Infusionsoft allows me to market to thousands of people automatically. If I had to do that manually, I wouldn’t have a business.”

Vending franchise sees a healthy lift in profits.

Helping Unite Mankind And Nutrition—that’s the mission that launched H.U.M.A.N. Healthy Vending, the world’s leading franchisor of socially responsible, healthy vending machine businesses. What started as a school research project is now a $10 million business.

For the first few years, Sean, Andy and their salespeople were spending up to 10 hours a day on the phone educating prospects, leaving very little time for marketing or other business essentials. Leads that needed additional nurturing were often forgotten. And everything from lead management to email follow-up to contact records was done manually.

Once Sean and Andy replaced their simplistic tools with Infusionsoft’s automation, business skyrocketed. Leads coming in are automatically distributed to the sales team based on lead quality or placed in segmented email nurturing sequences. With an efficient sales and marketing system in place, the sales team is closing deals faster and Sean and Andy are free to focus on expanding their mission worldwide.