Infusionsoft Success Story – Youth Soccer Club Success Story

Christian Isquierdo

Founder of LeftFoot Coaching Academy

Location: Minneapolis, MN
Owner: Christian Isquierdo
Employees:  16
Industry: Youth soccer training and fitness

Key Results:

  • Increased annual revenue from $40,000 to $625,000
  • Takes 35 vacation days per year
  • Decreased workweek from 90 hours to 60 hours
  • Grew list from 60 leads to 2,407

“I owe a lot of my success to mastering Infusionsoft and subtle changes and sequences that make big differences in our programming. I get to spend a lot more time with my kids, and my wife is now joining me at LeftFoot.”

Soccer training club wins big on and off the field

Christian Isquierdo started LeftFoot Coaching Academy as way to merge personal training, fitness and soccer into an awesome experience for children ages 8 to 22. Today, LeftFoot Coaching Academy does everything from camps and private sessions to short and long-term training. It’s a dream come true for Christian.

New Processes, New Results.

When Christian started the business, he didn’t have a system in place to convert trial members to long-term paying customers. In fact, they only converted about $400 in trial sales during January of 2012.

Christian started using Infusionsoft to implement a paid trial-to-membership process for his new customers. The new trial process converted leads in his sales pipeline so effectively that he even began creating and implementing campaign sequences and pipeline stages in other aspects of his business—with more amazing results.

Since implementation, they’ve done over $50K in trials, and another $100K in new member registrations. They just broke $1.2 million in sales—two months after their third year anniversary of being in business!

Getting the most from Infusionsoft.

Christian uses contact management, marketing automation, sales automation, e-commerce and CustomerHub to segment contacts, build campaigns, score leads, set up payment plans and so much more. He has streamlined the service delivery process through a complex weave of opportunity stages and goals, tags, internal forms and processes that they call Trial to Membership. Now, LeftFoot Coaching Academy is processing as many as 50 trials per month with just two staff members, and converting upwards of 80% of all trials.

While conversion rates have soared, Christian likes to say retaining a customer for a minimum of two years is what really demonstrates success. And with a 75% renewal rate and less than 3% churn, the time they spend screening out bad customers is well worth it.

With Infusionsoft, he’s taken LeftFoot Coaching Academy and his team from $40K in revenue in 2010 to $625K in 2013. Running a successful business allows him to continue his dream of coaching kids and changing lives.