Infusionsoft Success Story – Social Media Marketing and Online Branding Success Story

Matthew O’Brien

Founder of Mint Social

Location: Scottsdale, AZ
Owner: Matthew O’Brien
Industry: Digital Marketing

Key Results:

  • Grew response rates from 20% year over year to 175% in 2013.
  • Infusionsoft gives them visibility to operate more efficiently by working on more mission critical tasks vs. getting saturated with tasks that are contingent upon the work they’re trying to complete.
  • They’re able to leverage Infusionsoft to repurpose their content into newsletters and follow up sequences.

“Infusionsoft helped us accelerate the marketing results for our clients…Our business could not run as efficiently as it does today without Infusionsoft.”

“Our inbound marketing efforts have grown our response rates from 20% year over year to now 175% from this last year. We credit much of this growth to making enhancements and fine tuning our marketing message based on the analytics we have through Infusionsoft and Google.”

The Smart Software Solution

Matthew O’Brien owns Mint Social, a social media marketing and online branding company that helps businesses understand (through implementation) why social media and online branding are critical to marketing success.

Keeping up with demand.

When Matthew started Mint Social in 2008, he was doing most of the business operations himself. Within the first year, the company was growing so fast that he was struggling to scale his highly customized social media and content marketing process. He knew he needed additional resources. He hired Steve Heideman to help implement and advance Mint Social’s social media and content marketing system. Steve had previous experience with multiple CRM systems, and helped make the decision that Infusionsoft was right for the business.

Built from the inside out.

Mint Social didn’t use Infusionsoft as a marketing tool right away. Instead, they focused on building automation sequences for internal operations, like new client implementation and ongoing content marketing needs. As a result, they were able to scale their customized marketing process. What took months to accomplish in the past was built into a four-week start-up process that helped accelerate marketing results for their clients and streamline their operations.

Then they started finding ways to get even more out of their sales and marketing automation investment. They began repurposing their blog content into newsletters to stay in touch (and top of mind) with clients and leads. They designed touch points with new and existing customers, so that the information that is most important and relevant to their interests and needs could be automated with data capture forms and email communications. They put Infusionsoft to work for them, and the payoff was huge.

Results drawn to scale.

Matthew describes the results best in his own words, “We saw an immediate impact in inbound leads and growth with our blog subscribers. Our business could not run as efficiently as it does today without Infusionsoft, and much of our growth is a result of implementing best practices in marketing through Infusionsoft.”

Mint Social has seen their email marketing open rates go from 20% to as high as 48% with Infusionsoft—well above industry averages. They’ve built content strategies that increase their visibility on search engines and social networks. They create content marketing engines that deliver marketing messages in the form of video, presentations, articles, press releases, photos, podcasts, and more. Their clients love the tools they provide for delivering measurable results along the way. They help their clients increase brand awareness, gain trust and generate more qualified online leads. Ultimately, sales and marketing automation has transformed business operations for them and their clients—they are able to better serve their clients, generate awareness, and scale their efforts in the process.