Infusionsoft Success Story – Pest Control Success Story

Damien Sanchez

Owner & CEO of Mosquito Squad

Location: Washington, DC
Owner: Damien Sanchez
Employees:  40
Industry: Pest Control

Key Results:

  • Grew sales from $1m to $1.7m
  • Increased customers by 59%
  • Doubled vacation to 40 days per year

“Infusionsoft is now the backbone of our operations.”

Mosquito exterminator generates a buzz.

When Damien Sanchez isn’t fighting fires, he’s fighting mosquitos. A full time Firefighter for the past 17 years, he’s also the owner of the largest Mosquito Squad franchise in the country, plus two lighting fixture companies. Together with his wife Michelle, Damien is also raising four children.

Before Infusionsoft, Mosquito Squad had been using paper forms and filing cabinets to organize CRM. What’s more, his standalone email program wasn’t scalable to his needs or integrated with other points of customer contact. Leads were lost, follow up was haphazard, and hours were wasted trying to reach and sell customers over the phone.

With opportunities being lost and his time at a premium, Damien needed to streamline sales and marketing at each of his three companies with one system that could do it all. He found it with Infusionsoft.

Finding a better way.

“When I saw Infusionsoft, I was only looking for an email program,” Damien said. “But when I saw some of the CRM, capabilities, tasks and completion scenarios, and follow-up sequences, I realized I could utilize it to manage my employees and their workloads.”

After sending two employees for Infusionsoft Certified Consultant training, Damien and his team put the software to work. The results on business operations were dramatic. Back office efficiency improved tenfold, and Damien found that employees could be managed more effectively. Based on task completion with Infusionsoft, his staff can see if someone is behind and shift resources accordingly.

New hires also get up to speed quickly, becoming proficient in one task and building on it. “Infusionsoft is now the backbone of our operations,” Damien said. Mosquito Squad now uses the software to renew customers, process orders, use analytics, track leads, communicate and make office hiring decisions.

Return on investment.

Before using Infusionsoft, Mosquito Squad realized $1 million in gross sales. After just 7 months with the software, sales grew to $1.7 million. While increasing sales 70%, they added just two more office staff over the previous year. He also expanded his customer base from 2,200 to 3,500 during that same period. With those powerful results, Damien began to savor the ultimate return on investment—more time with his growing family.

Keeping the “why” top of mind.

Damien and his wife have four children under the age of 6, and spending more time with them means everything. Three or four weeklong vacations in Florida are now a reality. “And I’m not concerned that the business is going to stop functioning because I’m not there,” he added.

A strong work ethic serves Damien well in daily life. But in passing along his values to four young kids, he sees a bigger picture. “I hope they think there’s more to life than just making money. There’s a service aspect. There’s a family relationship aspect. There’s the business aspect. Whether it’s helping others, or helping employees, life’s more than making money,” he said. “Why I do the things that I do is just as important as the results.”