Infusionsoft Success Story – Author & Speaker Success Story

Pam Slim

Coach, Author of Escape From Cubicle Nation

Location: Mesa, AZ
Owner: Pam Slim
Employees:  1
Industry: Information Marketing

Key Results:

  • Grew revenue 40% in just a year
  • Increased list by 33%
  • Automated follow-up across blog, website and social sites

“Infusionsoft helps me not only understand my customers better, but also know what’s going on in my business. Having easy access to all of this information is really important.”

Well-designed tools make all the difference.

Speaker, author and coach Pam Slim loves small businesses so much, she spends her days helping others leave the corporate world behind to become successful entrepreneurs. With a bestselling book, popular blog and engaging social media presence, Pam’s business was doing well—a little too well. With so much new and existing business, she couldn’t effectively manage her clients’ needs or get an accurate big-picture view of her business.

Infusionsoft changed all that. Once she implemented the software and its robust automation features, Pam found she could keep in touch with her clients and still make time for her life and career development. And with all her lead and customer data in one place, she has incredible visibility into trends that will help her grow and develop her business in exciting new ways.