Infusionsoft Success Story – Youth Sports Photography Success Story

Tyler Smith

CEO & Founder of Select Photo-Graphics

Location: Kansas City, MO
Owner: Tyler Smith
Employees:  5
Industry: Youth Sports Photography

Key Results:

  • Grew revenue 21% in the first year (with 2 fewer employees)
  • Increased leads from 200 to 19,576 (with the same ad spend)
  • Spent 15 more vacation days with family (smiles increased exponentially)

“With Infusionsoft, we spend more quality time with our families than ever before.”

Father/Son Team Find a Way to Balance Work and Life.

Tyler Smith started Select Photo-Graphics as a way to combine two things he loves—sports and photography. As a 16-year-old entrepreneur, this idea was a way to pay his way through college. Now, 15 years later, it’s a thriving business that serves young athletes and their parents throughout the Midwest.

Tyler was eventually joined by his father, Don, and together they worked long and hard to find the best way to serve their customers. The only problem? Spending 80+ hours a week serving customers left little time for family—something the 16-year-old Tyler didn’t have to think about much. But with a beautiful wife and precious young son at home, something had to change.

Searching for a Solution

Tyler and Don were spending most of their time chasing down coaches in the hopes of scheduling a photo day. They would send hundreds of batch emails and leave countless phone messages just to glean a few willing leads. On the day of the actual photo shoot, much time was spent collecting checks and paper order forms, and a big chunk of the time after was spent fulfilling orders and keeping customers happy.

Growing the business would mean spending even more time away from home. Tyler finally realized that “you’ve got to find a better, simpler way so you can make more money and do less work in the process.” That’s when Select Photo-Graphics found Infusionsoft.

Old School Ideas Meet New Technology

Don had been preaching the need for a superior customer experience since he came on board. It was his “old-school” way of doing business and creating loyal fans. And with Infusionsoft, they could finally give that type of experience to their customers.

Instead of sending out those mass emails and leaving messages for coaches, Tyler and Don created an automated sequence to allow coaches to schedule a photo shoot on their own. And since coaches are notoriously slow to schedule, Infusionsoft would automatically send out some gentle reminders.

Parents (the main purchasing customers for Select Photo-Graphics) could now have a superior customer experience as well. Tyler and Don use Infusionsoft’s online order forms to allow parents to order prints from the comfort of their home. As Tyler puts it, this allows them to “sip coffee and chat with friends on photo day rather than dusting off their checkbooks.” Customers are happier and sales are through the roof since implementing the new system.

Time for What’s Really Important

When Tyler goes home to his family at the end of his [much shorter] day, he doesn’t have to worry about the business. Orders are being fulfilled, customers are getting the royal treatment, and new leads are coming in—automatically. Before Infusionsoft, he was working his life away with little to show for it. Now, he’s running a successful business andcreating memories with his young family.

Family. That’s where Tyler’s heart is. And now, because of the automation power of Infusionsoft, the rest of him is there, too.