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Planning & Strategy

The Customer



This tutorial shows how eCRM draws on the basic principles of CRM, relationship marketing and database marketing. By the end of it you will also know how to: a) list the CRM stages and b) keep the relationship alive. Relationship [.....]



Growth and Importance of Services Sales of services in both consumer and organisational markets are expanding. At home and overseas services are also being exported; in fact they are the fastest growing part of international trade. Why? Freedom. Freeing up [.....]

The Marketing Mix

Marketing Mix


It is a framework which helps to structure the approach to each market. The mix is a bundle of variables which are offered to the customer. These include the product or service itself (its advantages); its availability (the place [.....]


Email Marketing


Email can invite traffic to your site as well as enhance relationships with customers. Like direct mail, opt-in email sends relevant personal information to carefully selected targeted audiences. It pushes tailored messages to hundreds, thousands or even millions in [.....]

Viral Marketing


This tutorial explores briefly some of the types of viral marketing: tell a friend send an ePostcard send a screen saver send a game send a newsletter pyramid offer viral communities. Viral marketing accelerates word of mouth online by harnessing [.....]

Other Topics

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