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Viral Marketing


This tutorial explores briefly some of the types of viral marketing: tell a friend send an ePostcard send a screen saver send a game send a newsletter pyramid offer viral communities. Viral marketing accelerates word of mouth online by harnessing the network effect of the Internet. Viral marketing generates traffic via word-of-mouth i.e. encouraging visitors [.....]

Email Marketing


Email can invite traffic to your site as well as enhance relationships with customers. Like direct mail, opt-in email sends relevant personal information to carefully selected targeted audiences. It pushes tailored messages to hundreds, thousands or even millions in a very cost effective manner. WARNING! Remember, the email must be opt-in. The recipients must [.....]

Website design Objectives


Web design presents a challenge few have mastered. We have all used web sites that provide us with what we are looking for, and many more that don't, but what makes some sites more appealing than others? This tutorial explores the importance of having clearly defined and prioritised objectives when developing web sites. So [.....]

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