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Integrated Marketing Strategy

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Integrated Marketing Strategy For your Integrated Marketing Strategy to be effective, start with the audit. In conducting the marketing organisation audit the McKinsey 7-S model is extremely useful - it provides a framework for analysing seven important aspects of any organisation: structure, systems, strategy, shared values, staffing, skills and style. The three following elements are particularly important in a marketing organisation context: ...

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Integrated Marketing Plan

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How To Create an Integrated Marketing Plan Integrated Marketing Plan Campaign objectives Marketing communications objectives form part of an organisational hierarchy of objectives - marketing objectives cascade down from the organisational objectives, and communication objectives cascade down from marketing objectives. All objectives should be ‘SMART’ - Specific, Measurable, Achievable/Actionable, Relevant and Time-bound. Typical marketing comm ...

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What is Marketing Communications?

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Marketing Communications For Marketers, you must understand the importance of effective internal and external communications in building sustainable relationships and delivering customer value. Recognise the importance of communications planning in delivering marketing solutions, and of how product and brand management can enable organisations to deliver customer value. There are different components of the marketing communications mix that are ...

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Marketing Communications Strategy

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How To Write A Marketing Communications Strategy To gain strategic advantage in your Marketing Communication Strategy, an organisation has to formulate and implement a value-creating strategy - that is, a comprehensive set of decisions and commitments on the direction to take in order to fully achieve its aims and goals. This process begins with a marketing audit, which has five components: The marketing environment audit. The marketing strateg ...

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Integrated Marketing Communications Plan

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What Is an Integrated Marketing Communications Plan? Consumers today have moved on in different ways from those of even 10 years ago, as a result of big changes: The financial collapse of 2008 and subsequent recession in Europe has changed the behaviour of consumers, who are still struggling to recover. They are more cautious about spending and other financial matters, are scaling back their horizons, see foreign holidays as less attractive and ...

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Sales Channel Support – Purpose

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The sales channel support process involves: Sales representatives who meet with prospects Retail staff at retailers Agents – partners or alliances who sell on behalf of the company Wholesalers and distributors who also sell on behalf of the company. Here are the ‘7P’ stages of Sales Channel Support: 1. Prospecting – identifying potential customers 2. Preparation – customer and competitor research 3. Presentation – demonstration and d