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Marketing Planning Framework


A MARKETING PLAN AS AN OPERATIONAL FRAMEWORK A marketing plan provides a framework for the organization's activities. In addition to the mission and the statement of strategic intent, the marketing plan sets out plans for every aspect of the strategies to be pursued towards the organization's goals. At various levels of the organization, the [.....]

Marketing Audit


A marketing audit is a structured survey of an organisation's Marketing efforts. It looks at the way Marketing is planned and managed. It asks what has been done and what else should be done. In other words: what has worked? and what has failed? An audit provides a "snap shot" of the current situation.A marketing [.....]

International Marketing


The benefits of using the Internet to exploit international markets are straightforward: Additional revenue can be generated from new international markets. Higher margins, or profits because of lower costs, since: less need for local agents and distributors less need for local fulfilment infrastructure such as shops or distribution centres less need for the expense of [.....]

Integrated Marketing Strategy


Integrated Marketing Strategy For your Integrated Marketing Strategy to be effective, start with the audit. In conducting the marketing organisation audit the McKinsey 7-S model is extremely useful - it provides a framework for analysing seven important aspects of any organisation: structure, systems, strategy, shared values, staffing, skills and style. The three following elements [.....]

Integrated Marketing Plan


How To Create an Integrated Marketing Plan Integrated Marketing Plan Campaign objectives Marketing communications objectives form part of an organisational hierarchy of objectives - marketing objectives cascade down from the organisational objectives, and communication objectives cascade down from marketing objectives. All objectives should be ‘SMART’ - Specific, Measurable, Achievable/Actionable, Relevant and Time-bound. Typical [.....]

What is a Marketing Plan?


What Is A Marketing Plan? A marketing plan is a detailed set of strategies for communicating, promoting, and delivering a product or service to a defined audience. A marketing plan may cover media advertising, social media, public relations, sponsorship, direct mail, and more. There is a lot of jargon in the world of marketing, [.....]

Marketing Plan Template


How to Create a Marketing Plan (Template and Breakdown) Here is a template that can help you create a marketing plan for your company or business. The process of creating a marketing plan is not as difficult as it may seem, and this template will walk you through the steps. Introduction A marketing plan [.....]

Marketing Planning Process


The Marketing Planning Process: How to plan your marketing strategy The marketing planning process is a systematic and methodological approach for planning, forecasting and coordinating all marketing needs and objectives. It is a structured and systematic approach for developing, implementing, executing and evaluating marketing strategies. The marketing planning process The marketing planning process starts [.....]

Marketing Planning


Marketing Planning. It's a pain in the neck! It takes too much time and time is what I don't have. I need to be out there with my customers. Or so some managers say. Good marketers stick close to their customers - they don't hide behind desks in ivory towered offices planning! But wait a [.....]



Tomorrow morning you are going to wake up, breakfast, and leave the house. On the way to the bus-stop or the station you will buy a newspaper. Which one? The prices are different. How much will you pay? Prices vary according to situations. Different prices reflect what different customers are prepared, and able, to pay. [.....]

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