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Product Life Cycle


One of the most common concepts referred to in marketing is the product life cycle. Whether it is candles, Political, economic, social and technological changes affect product life cycles. The time frame can vary according to the industry but the pattern remains the same: slow sales growth, rapid sales growth, mature sales, and falling sales, [.....]

New Product Development


Most new products fail. The risk of failure can be reduced by establishing a sound NPD process or new product development process. Although there are variations, the basic process includes the following distinct stages: ideas are generated, screened, evaluated in more detail, developed, tested and finally launched. Ideas come from everywhere. Whether from sophisticated social, [.....]



Although, 'product', in marketing terms, can mean goods and services, we are going to concentrate on goods. In a pure marketing sense, products themselves have no value. But their benefits do. Customers buy benefits. Although products are made in factories, what customers buy are the benefits. Cars are bought not because they are cars but [.....]

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