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This tutorial shows how eCRM draws on the basic principles of CRM, relationship marketing and database marketing. By the end of it you will also know how to: a) list the CRM stages and b) keep the relationship alive. Relationship Marketing is all about building relationships with all external parties involved in marketing. CRM focuses [.....]



Growth and Importance of Services Sales of services in both consumer and organisational markets are expanding. At home and overseas services are also being exported; in fact they are the fastest growing part of international trade. Why? Freedom. Freeing up personal time and freeing up business overheads. Consumers want services that free up their leisure [.....]

Consumer Behaviour


Why do customers buy? What goes on inside a customer's mind before, during and after a purchase? How do buyers choose? What are the hidden influences? How do buyers process information? Unlocking these secrets opens the door to success. Why buy a Coca-Cola? Is it because of thirst? Why buy Levi's jeans? Is it to [.....]

Motivating Channel Members


The Importance of Motivating Channel Members Imagine these three scenarios: You are a producer of 'Grand Pens' a brand of fountain pens. A customer seeks advice from a pen shop on which pen to buy and the retailer strongly recommends yours. A customer asks a retailer, who stocks your pen, for another brand called 'Bad [.....]

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