Advanced Facebook Marketing Masterclass

A deep dive into advanced Facebook marketing

Advanced Facebook Marketing Masterclass

Manchester • London • Online

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Get the absolute latest on Facebook marketing best practice with this one day training event presented by Marie Page of The Digiterati, a leading Facebook expert and writer of Smart Insights “Smarter Guide to Facebook Marketing”.

With social media platforms, and Facebook in particular, moving at an astonishing rate, the need to keep abreast of changes both from an algorithmic and technical perspective are a constant requirement for agency staff and in-house Facebook Page admin managers. What was previously the perfect acquisition and engagement piece is now considered outdated or gauche and may even be penalised by the ever evolving Edgerank algorithm.

With Facebook evolving as a “pay to play” platform with organic reach at an all time low for many brands, explore how a little marketing budget can go a long way in extending reach and acquiring new fans and customers. We will show you how to unlock the secrets of the challenging Power Editor advertising platform.

Oxford Road, Manchester
A 10 min walk from Piccadilly train station
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Available Dates:
15 April 2015, 9.30am – 5pm GMT (FULL)

Future Dates:
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Pitfield St, Hoxton, N1 6NP
A short walk from Old Street or Hoxton stations
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Available Dates:
5 May 2015, 9.30am – 5pm GMT (FULL)

Future Dates:
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Available Dates:
Facebook Part 1 of 2 – Facebook Marketing 101
Date: 27 May 2015, 10am – 1pm GMT

Facebook Part 2 of 2 – Insights, Advertising and Power Editor
Date: 28th May 2015, 10am – 1pm GMT

Future Dates:
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What You’ll Learn


facebook marketing training

Content Marketing – why content is key to your success

  • An introduction to content marketing methods
  • Repurposing of content across platforms
  • Integrating content with email marketing

The State of Facebook – what you need to know to get ahead

  • The latest on Facebook most recent developments, best practice examples, do’s and don’ts
  • Organic reach is as little as 1% yet some experts are seeing extraordinarily high reach figures. Learn some of the secrets to combatting the Edgerank algorithm with a set of tips and tricks for optimum reach and engagement.
  • Discover how to create organic content on Facebook with the maximum chance of being seen. Without paying for advertising.

Getting the basics right – These seem simple but about 90% of people attending our sessions end up making changes as a result of this teaching

  • Cover and profile image best practice when a single image has to work on multiple devices and platforms
  • Your “home” page: About text, using the timeline, Life Events and Milestones, integrating links to your website about us, build audience tool, hashtag, tagging and url shortener best practice
  • Pages vs Profiles vs Groups
  • Threaded comments
  • Facebook Groups: your secret weapon

Finding and keeping fans

  • Advertising options for fan growth
  • The role of apps and competitions to drive fan numbers
  • Building your email list through Facebook

Content ideas – throughout the day we’ll look at hundreds of examples of great content  ideas, all of which can be re-purposed for other channels

  • What’s hot and what’s not – some fantastic ideas for great content together with out-dated practices that are better avoided
  • The art and science of posting – tips for improving engagement and extending reach
  • How to run a timeline competition without breaking Facebook’s terms of service
  • How to share links without getting penalised by Facebook
  • Why Facebook video outperforms YouTube and how to maximize its potential
  • Why the “more” button is your friend
  • Highlighting and “pinning” posts
  • Apps for data capture, viral reach and user engagement

Edgerank – SEO for Facebook

  • Why most of your fans don’t actually see a thing you post
  • What is the mysterious Edgerank algorithm and how to keep on top of it
  • How to avoid creating content that gets penalised by Edgerank
  • How to optimise posts to book news feed visibility
  • Knowing when to encourage reach with ad spend

Analytics – why you shouldn’t rely solely on the Insights dashboard

  • Digging below the surface of the dashboard including learning how to separate organic from viral reach and understand why the metric Facebook shows in the dashboard hides the real number of your current fans who see your content
  • Integration with Google Analytics
  • Applying Facebook Insights to improve your content and targeting strategies
  • When to post and what to post. Why the gurus get it wrong and what’s best for your fan base
  • A guided tour of the Facebook Insights data of a successful brand

Stop wasting money on Facebook ads

  • Analysis of the different ad options
    • Mobile, desktop and right column
    • Ad types demystified
    • Targeting ads by location, interests, connection, demographics, workplace and more
  • Smarter use of the advertising opportunities
  • Confused by all the targeting options? Enjoy a simple explanation and unlock the keys to targeting your potential market
  • How to target people with the same demographic profile as your existing mailing list or Facebook fan base
  • How to target Facebook ads at people not on your mailing list but who have visited your website (you can even target those visiting particular web pages)
  • How to integrate Google Analytics demographic data to better target your Facebook ads
  • The 20% text rule
  • Sponsored results
  • Under-utilised opportunities – offer claims, open graph and more
  • Recommended image size for different ads and devices
  • How many characters you can use and in which places on different ad types

Using Power Editor for better ads, targeting and lower ad spend

  • Why you should be using Power Editor and not the self-serve ad manager
  • Tracking ad effectiveness and conversion tracking
  • How and why to create a dark (unpublished) post
  • Size guides
  • Custom audiences
    • Remarketing to your website visitors on Facebook
    • Using email database to find those people on Facebook
    • Find new customers who are similar to your current fans or email list
  • Integrating a call to action
  • How to run ads at particular times of the day and maximize your ad budget

Who Should Attend?

This Masterclass is designed for people directly or indirectly involved with their business’ Facebook or social media marketing and who are looking to improve their results.

Previous attendees have included:

What is Included



Optional Resources

facebook marketing training manchester

Advanced Facebook Marketing Toolkit

  •  The Digiterati Social Media Checklist
    A step-by-step guide to help you develop a social strategy, setup and optimise your Facebook presence, and form a content plan to grow a following and drive results.
  •  The Definitive Facebook Image Sizes Cheat-Sheet
    Want to know the latest mobile news feed image size? Or how many characters you can use on a Page Like ad? Or how one ad surfaces in different placements? This extensive worksheet has them all in one place.
  •  Facebook Ad Targeting Reference Guide
    Two handy infographics on all the Facebook targeting options available + infographic on the options for ad bid types
  •  The Facebook Ads Guide
    15 pages detailing all the different ad types, character limits and image specifications
  •  Integrated Ad Campaign Case Study
  •  A how-to guide for using UTM tracking codes in Excel
  •  Tools, Apps and Services
    A handy reference list of all the tools, techniques and services covered during the webinars that can save you time

Online Masterclasses FAQ

Online masterclass times are listed in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Check this link to find the webinar start time in your local time zone:
Our online masterclasses are recorded and uploaded to the MMC Learning site within 2 days of the live presentation. With your registration for the live webinar, you will also receive personal access to the webinar recording. Once the webinar recording is available on the MMC Learning site, you will receive an email with instructions on how to access the recording. You can access the webinar up to three months after the live presentation.
Each online masterclass is between 2 and 3 hours long.
We use GoToMeeting for our online masterclasses. You can listen in either via a phone or internet connection and watch the slides on screen. A handy chat area enables delegates to submit questions and comments.

If you can’t make the masterclass live, or get called away during the session, it’s no problem as you’ll also be given full access to the video recording.

Absolutely! In fact we actively encourage questions. You will be able to type your questions into the chat area and our webinar administrator will ensure the trainer is aware of them. Occasionally you may be invited to ask a question or provide your own input using your microphone, if you wish to do so. If we happen to receive many questions we may need to come back to some of them towards the end of the session.
Yes. We will pause for 10 minutes after every 50 minutes for comfort / refreshment breaks. Webinars resume promptly after the break.
No problem! Our online masterclasses are recorded and uploaded to the MMC Learning site within 2 days after the live presentation. With your registration for the masterclass, you will also receive personal access to the masterclass recording. Once the masterclass recording is available on the MMC Learning site, you will receive an email with instructions on how to access the recording. You can access and download the masterclass up to three months after the live presentation.
All the slides are displayed on the webinar screen which you will have ongoing access to afterwards via the recordings. We do not send a separate PDF of the slides.
Yes. However, one full face-to-face day equates to two or three online masterclasses so do make sure you have all the online classes in your Cart.

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