8 Reasons Why Marketers Should Complete a CMI Management Qualification

It’s usual for many business professionals, marketers included, to ascend through structural levels of an organisation often without any formal management training. In many organisations, managers are often appointed through internal promotions or because of experience in their industry – but, without proper formal training.

A promotion to marketing manager or director can, without diligence and support, lead to inappropriate appointments, poor management and in extreme cases, a breakdown in effective and harmonious team performance.

The problems facing first time managers

People being appointed to management positions for the first time can often experience

  • A lack of confidence or “imposter syndrome”
  • Struggles in adapting to new responsibilities
  • Uncertainty around procedures, particularly in managing others
  • Difficulty making tough decisions, especially involving people who were previously peers
  • Lack of enjoyment in the role because it is a step away from what they were good at
  • Feeling excluded from others at work because they are the “boss”
  • Disobedience or disloyalty from team members who may have been unsuccessful in being promoted
  • Poor skills or confidence when communicating from a management perspective.

Management courses, like those offered by the Chartered Management Institute can help marketers who are already facing challenges achieving buy-in because of the vocational choice, to at least be able to manage effectively.

What is typically covered in a management course?

There are a range of techniques and skills that need to be learned and applied in successfully managing people and achieving stated organisational objectives. By consciously learning why and how to manage, inspire and if necessary discipline people, students of management courses become significantly better managers.

You’ll typically learn a host of techniques to help you get the best from people and help them to understand and appreciate how they can play a part in the organisation’s success.

CMI courses involve modules that look at all aspects of management – from defining what good management looks like, the entire HR arc from recruitment through performance review through dealing with conflict, to managing change, to managing finance and much more.

How would a CMI management qualification help you as a marketing manager achieve your objectives and develop your career further?

Consider these eight ways completing a CMI qualification will have far-reaching implications on your career as a senior marketer.