How much does it cost to get a CMI (Chartered Management Institute) qualification on your CV?

Why are some Management qualifications more expensive than others?

‘Why are some qualifications so expensive?!’ I hear you cry. It’s a fair question, why are some Learning providers more expensive? If other study centres can provide cheaper courses, why can’t they? There are actually many legitimate reasons why some learning providers might charge more for their courses than others.

What makes some CMI Management diplomas more expensive? The quality of the teaching is better with tutors who have extensive academic and industry experience.

It is possible that the courses offered by the more expensive providers are so expensive partly because they have recruited the most experienced instructors to build and teach on the modules.

Besides securing teaching from top academics in their field, top course providers might also have developed relationships with Management experts and secured teaching from them. A learner will be able to gain real-life insight into the field and learn what skills are most valued by their employers and other businesses.

As a student, choosing a course with an all-star tutor team will really pay off, since these individuals are uniquely qualified to give you valuable insights into applying what you’ve learned in the workplace.


  • How many years have these tutors been teaching?
  • Are they Management experts?
  • Do they have industry experience and teaching experience?

Why are some Management certificates and diplomas more expensive? A recognised official professional accreditation is provided on graduation.

Study centres with powerful accreditation partners may have higher course costs, which is something to keep in mind when choosing a study centre.

Accredited courses often require more fees to cover the assessments that are provided by the awarding body. The benefits students will receive from taking a course that is accredited can, however, make these higher fees more than worth it. 

As part of the fee, you will receive membership in the accrediting organisation, which will provide access to a wealth of additional resources, such as e-books, webinars, and powerful alumni networks. 

You will also earn instant brownie points with employers if you have a qualification from a well-respected accreditor such as Chartered Management Institute on your CV.


  • Is this course accredited?
  • Who is it accredited by?
  • How long has it been accredited for?

Why are some Management qualifications more expensive than others? They provide a better quality of learning materials.

Another factor you should take into account when looking for a course provider is how their qualifications are delivered. 

Since the provider likely conducted extensive market research and consulted with specialists, you’re likely to pay more for courses that offer the latest, most relevant content.

If students are going to learn from course content, it needs to be delivered in an engaging and innovative way. A quality course provider will deliver high-end materials, such as professionally shot videos with expert presenters, audio-content, and more.

The best way to ensure the course covers the topics you need is to sample a course brochure. Most reputable study centres have these available for download on their websites so that you can see what you’ll be learning.

Ask yourself:

  • Do the learning materials look professional? Interesting?
  • Will this style of learning be a good fit for me?
  • Is there flexibility?

Why are some CMI courses more expensive? The personal support offered is better (faster and more effective).

Rather than just selling you a course, a good learning provider gets to know you as a person and offers you the support you need to succeed.

In general, higher-quality learning providers will provide you with far more assistance. These course providers will recognise the need for continuous tailored support, meaning their assistance won’t end once you’ve enrolled. 

Many top courses offer personal onboarding meetings or calls to make sure that you’re fully immersed in the course, as well as a dedicated support person that you can contact with any questions and get a quick response from within 24 hours.

As you can imagine, installing the resources to facilitate this tailored support for each student costs money, especially when you consider the help may extend beyond the course itself, to your career prospects as well.

It’s important to remember the often invaluable nature of this added support may balance the cost.

Ask yourself:

  • How will this study centre support me?
  • What guidance will I receive during my course?
  • Will my questions be responded to quickly?

Why are some Management diplomas more expensive? The bonuses and extra resources provided are better.

Some courses will be more expensive because they are concerned about students’ learning and opportunities and offer a lot of extra resources, such as e-books or marketing templates you can use in your organisation, as well as industry updates and networking opportunities.

While checking the core learning package is important, you should also look at the extras that come with the qualification and what else you might find valuable for your money.

Ask yourself:

  • Does paying more get me more if I choose this course?
  • What extra benefits are being included?

Why are some Management qualification providers charging more? They have more experience providing learning courses having been in the business longer.

There is no doubt that older more experienced learning providers will often provide higher quality courses than those newer to the market, who are still ironing out kinks. As these courses are more popular, they can charge a little more for their prestigious services due to the demand for them, which makes them more expensive.

Their prices, however, are often justified by their proven track records, as these courses have graduated thousands of students to highly respected positions.

Think of it from the perspective of a business transaction: when you hire someone for a job, you often pay more to hire a specialist because they are better at their job.


  • How long has this course provider been around?
  • Does this study centre have a record of helping students?
  • Does this learning centre adhere to professional standards formed over many years of experience and research?

Why are some Management qualification providers more expensive? They have a proven track record of giving learners a good return on their education investment.

Some of the more experienced providers and awarding bodies will have a evidence showing that graduates are more likely to earn more and get promoted.

It is likely that the best courses will have very high pass rates and excellent student feedback, as well as providing demonstrable evidence of how studying with them has supported, progressed and improved the careers of past students.


  • Will this course help me achieve my goals?
  • Is this course worth my investment?
  • What do past students say about the course? What have they gone on to do?

Why are some Management qualifications less expensive than others?

Why are some Management qualifications less expensive? The teachers may have less experience and be less knowledgeable.

Less expensive courses will hopefully still strive to provide the best teaching possible, but they probably won’t recruit the best academic tutors and industry experts who cost much more to hire. Some providers who charge less may only hire tutors with subject matter knowledge but may lack the commercial / industry experience.

Some providers will also have trainees, less experienced tutors on their courses. It will still be possible to get the knowledge to pass the qualification at the top level but may lack detail, depth and application to really take command of the subject matter.

Why are some Management diplomas cheaper? The course accreditation is from a lesser known organisation.

There will always be a price difference between accredited and non-accredited study centers when it comes to marketing courses in UK study centers.

Accreditation from an organization like a university or an awarding body who awards the qualification and/or accredits it (i.e. regulates the course content and supervises its creation to ensure top standard learning) incurs assessment and membership fees for the study center payable to the accrediting organisation.

Therefore, centers without accreditation can offer courses at a significantly lower price, but students will miss out on the numerous advantages of an official accreditation on their CV.

Why are some Management courses less expensive? There is only a basic quality of learning materials provided.

Depending on how the course provider delivers it, and the quality and presentation of the learning materials, the cost of a course can vary.

The reason why many companies are less expensive is because they are using learning materials that are less costly to produce, such as recorded webinars or PowerPoint slides with voiceover; such materials can be very useful learning tools but may not be as engaging or informative.

It’s important to sample content from different learning providers before choosing a centre.

Why are some online Management courses cheaper? The personal support is limited and responses can take a few weeks in some cases.

In general, course providers will usually offer a basic level of support while you are on the course (for example, you might have a virtual learning environment with a chat function where you can submit your questions to the group and scheduled group calls to discuss assignments) but some will offer a more comprehensive support approach tailored to your needs.

In general, cheaper learning providers are more interested in enrolling you on the course and are less concerned about providing you with support as, simply put, providing more advanced, personalised support is more expensive.

There are some learning providers who will have a dedicated team to respond to students and ensure they answer questions quickly and it can be worth paying more for peace of mind.

Why are some Management Qualification providers cheaper? They don’t have years of experience in delivering focused Management qualifications and instead have been focused on generic course provision.

A newer provider of learning won’t have the years of experience and track record for driving training standards, investing in and improving courses that comes with being a veteran provider.

Some providers are just catch all providers, so they deliver anything and everything so lack the focus and dedication to provide a high end experience in one specialist area.

Some providers tend to be cheaper because they want to attract as many new students as possible to get them started- and good luck to them! As they’re entering the market in the here and now, they may find new and innovative content and ways of teaching, since they have not been in the game too long to see the bigger picture. Nevertheless, it’s not always a good idea to be guinea pigs for newcomers.

Rather than simply providing you with knowledge and a piece of paper, a course provider who is an expert in your field will help you achieve your goals and think big picture.

Why are some qualification providers cheaper? Return on investment in the course may be lower in future years.

Choosing a learning provider is essentially a business transaction. You probably have an idea of what you want from a course and what you need on your resume if you want to grow your skillset or increase your employability.

Finding and securing a job or career opportunity is ultimately up to you, but cheaper courses may not provide you with the networking opportunities and advice you need to secure a job after you gain your qualification.

When you’re looking for a course, you’re probably looking for a provider with an impressive employment rate and a track record of getting people into jobs; these tend to be more expensive.

When you’re determined, choosing a cheaper option won’t necessarily hinder your career success, but it may not help it either, and not feeling like you’re progressing as a result of your studies can lead to demotivation.

What drives the price up for Management qualifications and courses?

External Market factors can increase or decrease the cost of management qualifications.

Increased recognition for the need for training to increase skillsets 

 According to a 2022 Benchmark report by management consulting firm Laridae, in recent years, rather than hiring new staff on limited budgets, organizations have more incentive than ever to instead invest in their current employees.

Companies are starting to realise that by offering professional development via courses to their existing management employees, they can minimize risk and only invest in employees they are already know and are confident are capable.

It’s also been proven by extensive workplace and management research, that strengthening an existing management team’s skillset and developing better managers can create a trickle-down effect and reap benefits throughout an organization.

According to Gallup, a global analytics and advice firm that helps leaders and organizations “managers are your front line against high employee turnover — and employee turnover costs.”

By investing in training for their existing managers, companies are realising that they’re actually investing in all their staff; better managers means happier workers under them. Pay for the education of your managers and you’re not only showing them you value them and getting the best out of them, but the rest of your staff too. By paying for their managers qualifications, companies can save in the long-run by avoiding the costs of high staff turnover, which then requires recruitment and onboarding, and leads to a loss of momentum.

It’s no surprise then that demand for robust management training courses amongst companies has increased as companies realise the right management training is an efficient, low-risk, high-reward solution. This high-demand then leads to increased prices of the best courses.

Employer needs

An obvious external driver of price for qualifications is the needs of employers or market demand. I.e., job vacancies. 

According to the Laridae 2022 Benchmark report We’re entering a period of extremely high demand for qualified managers.

Despite this, the report also found companies are finding it extremely challenging to source and hire the right staff who are qualified to do the job

The available management talent pool is limited. It is seemingly difficult to find managers who have the training and experience needed to effectively run a team.

When asked, 0% of Leaders agreed or strongly agreed that their management team had received the training they needed to be successful in their role and only 27% percent of managers agreed or strongly agreed that they themselves had received the training they need to be successful in their role.

The report suggested that this could be down to a lack of effective management training solutions

Existing Managers and Leaders felt there was an acute need for effective management training.

This could drive the prices of courses up as managers look to increase their employment prospects by getting qualified and showing they are one of the select few who has what it takes.

Stagnation in skillsets 

The Laridae 2022 Benchmark Report on the Impact of Effective Management Training revealed that the Management field is experiencing a stagnation of skillsets amongst managers and leaders.

For example, there was a distinct lack of confidence among leaders in their managers’ communication skills, only 14% of leaders rated their confidence in their management team’s skill at effective internal communications at 4 out of 5 or higher.

 When asked to rank the skills they wanted their managers to develop their top choice was “Improved communication skills.” This was closely followed by “Motivating others” and “Improved delegation and expectation-setting skills”, both of which involve high levels of communication skills.

Only 33% of leaders rated their confidence in their management team’s understanding of their role in effective communications as 4 out of 5 or higher.

Most worryingly, only 31% of managers rated their confidence in developing their staff as 4 out of 5 or higher, only 41% of managers rated their confidence in understanding how to build an effective team as 4 out of 5 or higher and only 38% of managers rated their confidence in building an effective team as 4 out of 5 or higher.

Whatever the reason for this decline in arguably the most basic of management and leadership skills, it shows a need for continuous learning and effective management training which could mean an increase of uptake of management qualifications, therefore driving up price.

Increased competition

According to findings by Forbes, as the economy is in decline, in today’s climate, competition for jobs is understandably heating up. The Jobs market is shrinking across the board, including in management.

As with any industry at a time when there are less opportunities, Getting a step ahead of the competition and setting yourself apart becomes critical if you want to land that dream role.

Those looking to get ahead in or break in to the world of Management may find it difficult to find opportunities without taking the time to get a qualification on their CV and showing employers they have the necessary skills and work ethic to succeed.

As usual, increased demand can then drive prices on courses up as more and more people look to become qualified managers.

How much does it cost to do the CMI Level 5 Diploma?

The fees for the Level 5 Certificate amount to £1,497 and the Diploma £2,247.

How much does it cost to do the CMI Level 7 Diploma?

At Level 7, Certificate can be studied for £1,547 and the Diploma for £2,497.

What do you get for the fees for the CMI Level 5 or Level 7 Diploma?

These prices cover a comprehensive learning package, including everything you will need to complete the qualification:

  • Chartered Management Institute
    • Membership and assessment fees
    • Access to Management Direct
  • MMC tuition fees
    • Expert teaching from top academic tutors and industry experts
    • The best online learning platform and resources

What payment options are there for the CMI Certificates and Diplomas?

MMC Learning are committed to helping managers everywhere realise their full potential and we’d hate for costs to be a barrier to anyone achieving the qualification they want.

If you’ll be paying for the qualification yourself (you don’t have employer support) you can register and get in contact with a member of our team who’ll be happy to discuss how we can support you in funding your studies. We offer several options to support you in spreading the cost and making your studies affordable.

  • Payment plans- we offer payment plans for individuals to help spread the cost and make it more manageable such as a deposit then payments of just £110 per month.
  • Learning Vouchers and Scholarships- There are also opportunities for funding through learning vouchers giving significant discounts on the course scholarship options available depending on your personal situation.
  • Bitesize courses and Module Awards- If you’re still concerned that cost might be an issue and you’re more interested in learning about a specific subject area than undertaking a longer, extensive qualification, we also offer bitesize qualifications and many of the Level 5 and 7 modules can be studied in isolation to earn you an award qualification. The fees for the Level 5 module Awards start from £647, and at Level 7 you can study a module and gain an Award from £987.
  • 100% 30 day money back guarantee- We understand that everyone learns differently and students might be looking for different things in a course, so, if within a month of starting a course you decide its not for you, then we’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked. This means you’ll be entering the course at no financial risk to you.

What benefits do the course fees include?

At MMC Learning, we’ve put together a comprehensive package to help you to succeed in both gaining a qualification and developing knowledge that will help you in your day-to-day job.  You’ll get insights from experienced tutors and management experts to help give you the skills to influence and become a leading voice in your organisation and throughout your career.

What do you get with MMC on the CMI Level 5 and Level 5 Diplomas? 100% online, flexible learning.

Development of new, cutting-edge technologies for online learning is at the core of MMC.  Online learning has been our business since 2001, making MMC one of the most experienced centres in the industry.

The content of our courses is designed with a passion and determination to provide innovative, flexible learning solutions for working professionals. Through our professionally designed advanced learning platform, all our courses are delivered entirely online.

As busy management professionals, we understand the challenges you face while pursuing further study, balancing a qualification with work commitments.

You can achieve a Certificate in as little as 4 Months or a Diploma in just under a year.

For as little time as 4-6 hours per week, you could become a qualified manager, developing an impressive skill set sure to open up doors in your career.

All our courses are designed so you’ll have the flexibility to study around your job and personal commitments.

What do you get with MMC? A comprehensive set of learning resources and downloads.

MMC works with a number of professional management trainers and teaching organisations to create the highest standard e-learning. We are champions of variety to suit all learning styles and pride ourselves on never being boring! As an MMC student you’ll have access to a host of webinars and a whole library of recorded content to give you the knowledge to influence and make a real impact in your sector.

When you sign up for one of our management courses, you’ll get access to all the course materials straight away, including professionally shot videos with industry experts, audio content, PDF downloads, and all the e-books and relevant supporting texts you could want!

Since 2001, we’ve been producing video and digital content and experimenting with cutting-edge learning styles and technologies.

We break our videos up into shorter bite-sized clips allowing you to more easily digest learning in your free time. Whether you’re waiting for the bus or stuck in a queue, you can load up one of our bite-sized videos and hey-presto! 

We’ve also taken a Netflix binge style approach to sharing our videos! They’re uploaded to our Moodle learning platform all at once, allowing you to work through them in your own time.

What do you get with MMC? Teaching by leading UK tutors and experienced marketing industry experts.

Our courses at MMC are taught through a powerful partnership with the Chartered Management Institute. With their links with experts in the management field and some of the best academic tutors in leadership and management, we’re able to provide the highest quality management training to our students through a team of highly experienced tutors.

A series of live virtual lessons with Tutors will be held throughout your course, including group discussions where you can submit your work for direct feedback.

MMC run both assignment briefing webinars designed to provide advice on how to approach your assessments and live Q&A/clinic sessions with tutors to answer questions on assignments as you work through them, meaning you’ll receive expert tutor support and one-to-one guidance on all aspects of your work.

What do you get with MMC? One-to-one support. 

Our 20+ year journey to provide the best online courses has taught us that what’s most important is doing what’s right for the individual learner. Our student support team has worked together for many years and knows how to keep things running smoothly.

We are there for you at every step of the way, from when you first inquire about our courses, when you’ll receive a personalized discovery call with one of our lovely instructors to discuss your career journey and your personal goals, to an onboarding call when you sign up to make sure you’re ready to dive in!

Upon starting your course, you’ll be assigned a course manager. Throughout your course, they provide a highly personal, rapid, and most importantly, easily accessible support service to answer any queries you might have. No problem is too big or too small! With lightning quick responses they’ve got student support down to an art! Moreover, they have developed excellent relationships with the CMI to ensure any issues you might have, or any questions you would like to ask directly, can be addressed efficiently.

What do you get with MMC? Accreditation by and membership of the Chartered Management Institute

When you study with MMC Learning you get a powerful accreditation. Chartered Management Institute (CMI) certification means you will be able to put the letters CMI after your name on your CV, gaining both career credibility and credibility with potential employers when you study a management qualification with us.

Since its founding in 1911, CMI has been at the forefront of management training and thinking to raise quality and standards in the workplace.

A Royal Charter was granted to the CMI in 2002, making it the only organization capable of awarding Chartered status.

The fees for both the Certificates and Diplomas include one year of CMI membership which will give you access to countless membership benefits including:

o   The latest trends, insights and expert tips                                    

o   On-demand CPD webinars

o   Unlimited access to thousands of exclusive practical resources from Management Direct

o   Expert advice and tools in the Career Development Centre      

o   Access to the mental health wellbeing platform, Kooth

o   Interactive interview simulator and digital CV checker

o   Online Mentoring Platform

o   Eligibility to join our Managers Voice Panel

o   Member-only events

o   CMI Magazine

What do you get with MMC? Access to Management Direct.

Management Direct is an online resource and learning portal designed by CMI to support managers at all levels. The portal provides access to a vast range of resources aiming to cover many of the challenges you will face as a manager, from motivating your team to handling financial reports.

Management Direct can provide you with all the helpful tools you need to be truly effective in solving daily challenges, regardless of whether you’re already an experienced manager looking to develop and hone your skills or if you’re just starting out in your management career.

Management Direct allows managers at any level to learn, research and think. The portal is full of the latest digital content, designed to meet different learning styles with lots of tools optimised for bite-size learning.

Management Direct is packed with content, including:

o   Articles- A comprehensive database of articles containing over 10,000 Journal articles and company, industry and market reports.

o   E-Books- A collection of over 9,000 e-books on management and business.

o   Best practice resources and checklists- Over 200 practical guides dealing with key management issues step-by-step and hundreds of practical checklist activities to ensure a best practice approach.

o   CMI Templates- Templates for creating the most useful management documents, designed for all levels of managers and leaders

o   Ideas For Leaders- Idea summaries designed to keep managers engaged with the latest leadership thinking emerging from the top 50 business schools in the world.

o   Models- One page summaries of key management models and their practical applications. 80 practical management Models

o   Leader Videos- Over 400 ‘Leader videos’ where World class leaders and management  experts share their learning experiences through short videos and give insights on overcoming real-life management challenges.

o   Unrivalled Content From Management Experts- CMI Research reports as they are released and summaries of the life and work of major thinkers in the field of management.

o    Continuous Professional Development, with Learning Journeys- A learning journey is a collection of resources like a playlist designed to meet a specific need. Management Direct allows you to create these learning journeys to support you and help you plan and record you continual professional development, (CPD) aka, further/ future learning.

How can MMC help you get a return on investing in a CMI Level 5 or CMI Level 7 qualification?

Gaining accreditation from the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and being able to flash those CMI letters on your CV has numerous benefits.

CMI is the foremost professional awarding body for marketing in the UK, dedicated to promoting the highest standards in management and leadership excellence. They have a membership community of more than 160,000 managers and lead the way in Management and Leadership qualifications. 

With a CMI qualification, you can be sure that you’ll gain the necessary skills and insights to make it in management and be one step ahead of the competition. CMI Qualifications are highly respected by employers and will open up countless doors giving you new career opportunities.

When you study for a CMI qualification with us, you’ll have the opportunity to enter a fast track pathway to Chartered Manager status, the hallmark of any professional manager.

Awarded only by CMI, Chartered Manager status is the highest accolade in the management profession. Chartered managers are recognised throughout the public, private and third sectors across all managerial disciplines, meaning you’d be setting yourself up for success and opportunities wherever your varied areer might take you.

Pathway to Chartered Management status

You will be eligible for a fast track route to becoming Chartered upon completion of the Level 5 CMI Diploma qualification or above, provided you have at least 3 years experience in a management role. This route builds on the completion of your qualification and provides a fast-track assessment process taking into account your prior learning with CMI to propel you to that coveted chartered manager status.

With Chartered Manager status you join an elite group who prove they have the skills and knowledge to deliver results. Research shows that Chartered Managers boost their businesses revenue by an average of £310,000 over a 5 year period, so it’s no wonder becoming chartered will stand you in such good stead with current and potential employers!

With over 10,000 and counting qualified Chartered Managers worldwide, there’s no time like the present to give yourself the professional boost you need and make strides in your career with a CMI qualification.

Want to know more about the CMI courses available at MMC Learning?

Check out our further reading detailing course content, teaching, benefits and much more!