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How much does it cost to get a CMI (Chartered Management Institute) qualification on your CV?

Why are some Management qualifications more expensive than others?

‘Why are some qualifications so expensive?!’ I hear you cry. It’s a fair question, why are some Learning providers more expensive? If other study centres can provide cheaper courses, why can’t they? There are actually many legitimate reasons why some learning providers might charge more for their courses than others.

What makes some CMI Management diplomas more expensive? The quality of the teaching is better with tutors who have extensive academic and industry experience.

It is possible that the courses offered by the more expensive providers are so expensive partly because they have recruited the most experienced instructors to build and teach on the modules.

Besides securing teaching from top academics in their field, top course providers might also have developed relationships with Management experts and secured teaching from them. A learner will be able to gain real-life insight into the field and learn what skills are most valued by their employers and other businesses.

As a student, choosing a course with an all-star tutor team will really pay off, since these individuals are uniquely qualified to give you valuable insights into applying what you’ve learned in the workplace.


  • How many years have these tutors been teaching?
  • Are they Management experts?
  • Do they have industry experience and teaching experience?

Why are some Management certificates and diplomas more expensive? A recognised official professional accreditation is provided on graduation.

Study centres with powerful accreditation partners may have higher course costs, which is something to keep in mind when choosing a study centre.

Accredited courses often require more fees to cover the assessments that are provided by the awarding body. The benefits students will receive from taking a course that is accredited can, however, make these higher fees more than worth it. 

As part of the fee, you will receive membership in the accrediting organisation, which will provide access to a wealth of additional resources, such as e-books, webinars, and powerful alumni networks. 

You will also earn instant brownie points with employers if you have a qualification from a well-respected accreditor such as Chartered Management Institute on your CV.


  • Is this course accredited?
  • Who is it accredited by?
  • How long has it been accredited for?

Why are some Management qualifications more expensive than others? They provide a better quality of learning materials.

Another factor you should take into account when looking for a course provider is how their qualifications are delivered. 

Since the provider likely conducted extensive market research and consulted with specialists, you’re likely to pay more for courses that offer the latest, most relevant content.

If students are going to learn from course content, it needs to be delivered in an engaging and innovative way. A quality course provider will deliver high-end materials, such as professionally shot videos with expert presenters, audio-content, and more.

The best way to ensure the course covers the topics you need is to sample a course brochure. Most reputable study centres have these available for download on their websites so that you can see what you’ll be learning.

Ask yourself:

  • Do the learning materials look professional? Interesting?
  • Will this style of learning be a good fit for me?
  • Is there flexibility?

Why are some CMI courses more expensive? The personal support offered is better (faster and more effective).

Rather than just selling you a course, a good learning provider gets to know you as a person and offers you the support you need to succeed.

In general, higher-quality learning providers will provide you with far more assistance. These course providers will recognise the need for continuous tailored support, meaning their assistance won’t end once you’ve enrolled. 

Many top courses offer personal onboarding meetings or calls to make sure that you’re fully immersed in the course, as well as a dedicated support person that you can contact with any questions and get a quick response from within 24 hours.

As you can imagine, installing the resources to facilitate this tailored support for each student costs money, especially when you consider the help may extend beyond the course itself, to your career prospects as well.

It’s important to remember the often invaluable nature of this added support may balance the cost.

Ask yourself:

  • How will this study centre support me?
  • What guidance will I receive during my course?
  • Will my questions be responded to quickly?

Why are some Management diplomas more expensive? The bonuses and extra resources provided are better.

Some courses will be more expensive because they are concerned about students’ learning and opportunities and offer a lot of extra resources, such as e-books or marketing templates you can use in your organisation, as well as industry updates and networking opportunities.

While checking the core learning package is important, you should also look at the extras that come with the qualification and what else you might find valuable for your money.

Ask yourself:

  • Does paying more get me more if I choose this course?
  • What extra benefits are being included?

Why are some Management qualification providers charging more? They have more experience providing learning courses having been in the business longer.