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Is it worth investing your money on a Chartered Management Institute Qualification?

Watch this 3min video below with Stephanie Leigh-Rose and Malcolm Johnston.

Your confidence and developing leadership skills – Malcolm

Getting some formal training in management and leadership is a good idea. You cannot grow into it naturally.

Many companies do not invest in helping their teams to become better leaders. Tools and techniques can help you become a better manager and leader.

The formal course will give you confidence in your leadership abilities and help you develop your leadership skills.

The tools are powerful for leadership training – Stephanie

You cannot underestimate the importance of having a toolkit and tools at your disposal.

Taking the time to review, learn, hear different perspectives, different ways of being a manager, and different ways of being managed. Its impact on the business as a whole, on the individual as a whole.

Being able to take that in, and then later on, as you progress through different management styles, teams, and levels, you can pick and choose what’s going to serve you and your team best.