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Key Information Points

Qualification – There are 3 different qualifications that can be achieved depending on the number of units completed.

  • Award in Management & Leadership; complete any ONE unit
  • Certificate in Management & Leadership; complete TWO units, unit 501 and any other unit
  • Diploma in Management & Leadership; complete all SIX units

Accreditation: Chartered Management Institute
Duration: Study over 12-15 months depending on the time allocated by the learner
Delivery: 100% online learning
Assessment: Work-based written assignments, 3500-4000 words.

Key Subjects Covered:
– Principles of Operational Leadership and Management in an Organisational Context
– Principles of Developing, Managing and Leading Individuals and Teams to Achieve Success
– Managing Projects to Achieve Results
– Creating and Delivering Operational Plans
– Managing Risk
– Principles of Marketing Products and Services

All units are assessed by written assignments (3500-4000 words) supported by our experienced team of tutors who will provide the guidance you need through live/recorded webinars and one-to-one support.

The assessment is work-based to provide maximum value to both your time spent and your role within your workplace.

The course is delivered 100% online through distance learning – e-learning, audio, videos and PDF downloads.

The Award, Certificate & Diploma in Management & Leadership can take between 12-15 months to complete. You should plan to spend around 4-6 hours per week + further time to prepare for your assessment.

See below for more details on what’s included in the course package.

The fees are £2,247 which includes a comprehensive package, everything you will need to complete the qualification:

  • Chartered Management Institute
    • Membership and assessment fees
    • 6 units that make up the Diploma in Management & Leadership
    • Access to Management Direct
  • MMC tuition fees
    • All 6 online unit Learning resources and downloads
    • Feedback on draft assignments
    • Expert Tutor support, one-to-one

Will you be personally funding the qualification? If you are paying for the qualification yourself without employer support, there are several options available to both spread the cost to make it more affordable. Funding options are also available depending on your personal situation.

What’s covered in the Modules?

Being equipped with the knowledge, skills and behaviours to manage and lead in a variety of organisational settings is essential if an individual and their organisation are to succeed. This unit has been designed for learners who want to develop or sharpen their professional edge and enhance personal effectiveness.

Learners will evaluate the impact of an organisation’s structure and governance on management and leadership.

They will explore theoretical models, management and leadership styles and approaches designed to promote a culture of mutual trust, respect and support.

The ability to lead individuals and teams to success is arguably the most important skill a manager can possess. This unit focuses on the essential management and leadership skills required to fulfil this challenging but rewarding role. The unit opens by focusing on the theoretical and practical approaches to developing, leading, and managing teams (remote or multidisciplinary).

The manager will look at techniques to assess current and future team capabilities, including the role of recruitment, selection and staff development which supports this.

On successful completion of the unit, the manager will not only know the principles of managing individuals and teams, but they will understand approaches for supporting, motivating and inspiring teams and individuals to exceed expectations.

The ability to manage projects is a vital skill for all managers. This unit focuses on the knowledge and skills required to manage projects successfully and overcome problems and challenges.

It requires the learner to evaluate the methods and tools for planning tasks and activities, as well as knowing how to implement and manage project activities, build stakeholder relationships, manage resources and risk, monitor progress and report on outcomes.

The ability to translate organisational objectives into operational plans is an essential management skill. The unit opens with the importance of understanding the strategic direction of the organisation and how to contribute to the strategic planning process.

It then focuses on the knowledge and skills required to create and deliver operational plans. This includes the need to set key performance indicators, monitor quality and outcomes against the plan, and know how to effectively report on findings.

Business outcomes are optimised when risks are identified and managed effectively. This unit has been designed to equip learners with an understanding of the scope and purpose of business risk management. This includes an evaluation of the types of business risks, the governance and approaches for managing these effectively, and how risk management can be implemented successfully within organisations.

Financial management skills are essential for all managers regardless of whether there is a dedicated finance team within an organisation. Financial acumen enhances decision making skills, which in turn supports management of projects, tasks and functional areas.

This unit has been designed to enable learners to understand how financial systems within organisations operate. Learners will evaluate the sources of finance for organisations, and understand the principles for setting and managing budgets in line with regulatory and organisational guidelines.

This unit has been designed to enhance the learner’s confidence and credibility in financial management, which will translate into improved management skills.

What’s included in the online learning package?

MMC have put together a comprehensive package to help you to succeed in both gaining a qualification and accessing knowledge/templates that will help you in your day-to-day role.

  • Access to all course materials (videos, audio, PDF downloads)

  • Course books and relevant supporting texts to download

  • Access to live webinars with tutors providing assessment guidance

  • One to one support from experienced tutors giving you feedback on draft assignments

  • Fast response support from our course team to cover your queries throughout the course

  • CMI membership – Membership to the Chartered Management Institute which includes the benefits of being part of an official leading professional body in Management & Leadership.

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Dr. Elouise Leonard-Cross, CIPD North East

The gaining of the Diploma has helped my fellow managers here to know that I have the ability to perform.

Mark Talbot ACMI, ADAS UK Ltd

Thank you for your support throughout the course. It’s been a pleasure working with you and hopefully our paths will cross again in the future. 

Jodie Maguire

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