How Much does it Cost to get a CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) qualification on your CV?

Why are some marketing qualifications more expensive than others?

Feeling unable to study and reach your full potential due to cost can be very frustrating and lead to unnecessary stress at work. You might find yourself wondering why many qualifications seem to be so expensive! But believe it or not, going with the cheapest option isn’t always the simple solution it seems and there are many good reasons why some learning providers might charge more for their courses than others.

What makes some CIM Marketing Diplomas more expensive? The quality of the teaching is better with tutors who have extensive academic and industry experience.

Often the more expensive course providers might be so partly because they have recruited the most experienced tutors to help them create and teach the course.

As well as the top academic tutors in the field, top course providers may even have developed relationships with and secured teaching from industry experts working in marketing who will be able to give learners real life current insights into the field and what skills are most valued by them or other businesses and employers.

Choosing a course with an all-star cast of tutors will really benefit you as a student, as no one is better qualified than these individuals to provide you with unique insights into how you can apply what you’ve learned in the real world of work.


  • Approximately how many years have the tutors been teaching?
  • Are they experts in their field?
  • Do the tutors have both industry experience and tutoring experience?

Why are some Marketing Certificates and Diplomas more expensive? A recognised official professional accreditation is provided on graduation.

Another big factor which might drive price up on a course is whether or not it’s accredited and who it’s accredited by.

When searching for a study centre it’s important to remember some study centres will be backed by powerful accreditors. For example some of the top marketing courses will probably be accredited by the CIM, the leading international awarding body for professional marketing qualifications, and a global champion of best marketing practice.

Accredited courses will often cost more as some fees will need to go to the accreditor to pay for the assessments, which they provide. However these higher fees can be more than worth it for the benefits undertaking an accredited course will reap for students. The fees will often include membership to the accrediting organisation which can provide a wealth of extra benefits in the form of access to resources like e-books and webinars and powerful alumni networks. Gaining a qualification from a well-respected accreditor like CIM can also dramatically increase your employability and career prospects as being able to put it on your CV will win you instant brownie points with employers.

When you consider some study centers have been accredited for years or even decades this can be a powerful indicator of the quality of their courses, as in order to remain accredited they will probably have to undergo yearly reviews and rigorous tests to prove they are maintaining their standards encouraging them to constantly innovate and improve.


  • Is this course accredited?
  • Who by?
  • How long for?

Why are some Marketing qualifications more expensive than others? They provide a better quality of learning materials.

Another factor you should take into account when looking for a course provider is how their qualifications are delivered. 

Courses which offer the best, most up to date content which is going to teach you the relevant skills to make a difference in your field, are likely going to be more expensive as the provider has probably conducted extensive market research and consulted with specialists and employers in the industry in order to create content which is really going to benefit students and their future employers.

Likewise course content needs to be delivered in an engaging and innovative way if students are going to really make the most of it and learn from it. The best course providers will deliver high-end learning materials such as professionally shot videos with expert presenters, audio-content and more, which understandably comes at a higher cost.

You can make sure the course is going to cover the learning that you need by sampling a course brochure, most reputable study centres will make these available to download on their website so you can see what you’ll be learning.

You can also check the quality of the material beforehand as many courses will offer a free trial of their teaching resources which will give you an indication into the quality of the learning experience you can expect.

Ask yourself:

  • How do the learning materials look?
  • Is this a good fit for my learning style?
  • Am I going to be engaged by and enjoy this content?

Why are some CIM courses more expensive? The personal support offered is better (faster and more effective).

A good learning provider won’t just try to sell you a course, they will actually get to know you as a person and care about you succeeding, offering you the support you need to pass.

In general, higher-quality learning providers will provide you with far more assistance. They will take the time to talk to you to understand your needs, look at your CV, and demonstrate honesty and integrity by making sure you’re studying at the right level and in the right subject before they sign you up, as if you study at the wrong level or take the wrong subject, it will only waste your time and money.

Better course providers will also recognise the need for continuous tailored support, the help won’t stop once you have signed up to one of their courses. Top courses might offer personal onboarding meetings or calls to ensure you’re properly embedded in your course, as well as a dedicated support person who you can contact with any queries and get a quick response from perhaps within 24 hours. 

You might receive one on one sessions not only with dedicated support staff but also with your tutors too.

Of course putting in place the resources to facilitate this tailored support for each student does cost and will drive up fees, especially when you consider help may not be limited to issues surrounding the course, but extend to your career prospects beyond the course.

For example, you might be offered help with your CV or LinkedIn profile or even get help on interview techniques, or aspects of your job you’re struggling with. Its important to remember the often invaluable nature of this added support may balance the cost.

Ask yourself:

  • How will I be supported by this course provider while researching my options?
  • How will I be supported during my course?
  • Will the learning provider respond to my queries quickly?
  • Am I going to be able to pick up the phone and talk with a real person?

Why are some marketing diplomas more expensive? The bonuses and extra resources provided are better.

Often more expensive courses will be so partly because they care about their students learning and opportunities and offer extensive extra resources, for example, e-books or marketing templates you can use in your organisation or industry updates and networking opportunities with alumni. 

It’s important to check what’s included in the core learning package, but you should also take a look at what extras are included with the qualification and what else you get for your money that might be valuable to you.

Ask yourself: 

  • Do I get more, if I pay more for this course?
  • What extra resources and benefits are being included?

Why are some marketing qualification providers charging more? They have more experience providing learning courses having been in the business longer.

It stands to reason that older learning providers who have vastly more experience and many years practice delivering courses will often be better quality than those newer to the market who are still ironing out kinks. These well known and respected courses can be more expensive as they are more popular and can charge a little more for their prestigious services due to demand.

However their prices are often justified by a proven track record. These courses will usually be able to boast having seen thousands of students through their training to gain highly respected qualifications. These kinds of courses will also usually have very high pass rates and generate excellent student feedback.

You could think about this from the context of a business transaction. When you hire someone to do a job, you often pay more to hire a specialist because they will do the best job.

Choosing a course is similar, there are some learning providers that offer hundreds of courses in a variety of subject areas, and therefore probably won’t offer the best quality specialist training in any of them. Specialised providers will pick one or two topics or courses and focus on specialist, quality delivery.


  • How long has this learning provider been in business?
  • Does this learning provider has a track record of helping students attain top qualifications?
  • Does this learning centre adhere to professional standards formed over many years of experience and research?

Why are some marketing qualification providers more expensive? They have a proven track record of giving learners a good return on their education investment.

Undertaking a training course from a well-known and well-reputed institute which has connections in the industry and will help you get a job via their support systems and reputation will likely be more expensive, but it’s probably worth the cost in that you’ll likely get the boost you need to secure a job. It’s easy to see how you’d probably be getting a far better return on your investment by paying a little extra and going with them.

The best courses are likely to be able to provide demonstrable evidence of how studying with them has supported, progressed and improved the careers of past students. They will also have very high pass rates and excellent student feedback.


  • Will I be getting expert careers advice from a provider who knows what they are talking about?
  • Will this learning provider and course help me achieve my dream goals?
  • Is this course worth my investment?
  • What do past students say? What have they gone on to do?

Why are some marketing qualifications less expensive than others?

Why are some marketing Qualifications less expensive? The teachers may have less experience and be less knowledgeable.

Quality of tutors can be another big factor in decreasing the price of a qualification.

Some tutors on top courses might be examiners for other cohorts of students and other awarding bodies and organisations as well, giving them a much broader perspective on what learners need to take from the course and demonstrate to pass assignments.

Other less expensive courses will still try to source the best possible teaching they can for that price but they won’t be employing the best academic tutors and industry experts.

Why are some marketing diplomas cheaper? The course accreditation is from a lesser known organisation.

There can be disparities in the pricing of marketing courses when it comes to accessing professional qualifications from accredited UK study centres.

There’s inevitably a price difference between accredited and non-accredited study centres and courses.

Accreditation from an organisation like a university or an awarding body who awards the qualification and/or accredits it, (i.e. regulates the course content and supervises its creation to make sure it offers top standard learning) costs the study centre as it incurs assessment and membership fees. 

Therefore centres who are not accredited can offer courses significantly cheaper, but students will miss out on the numerous benefits of a powerful accreditation on their CV.

Why are some marketing courses less expensive? There is only a basic quality of learning materials provided.

Just like way back when you were choosing the right 6th form college or the right university and course for you, it’s important to understand that course syllabuses will differ and different learning providers deliver different content and in different ways.

Expense of a course can be driven by how the course provider delivers it, and the quality and presentation of their learning materials.

Many less expensive companies are so because they have chosen learning materials which are more cheaply produced such as recorded webinars or PowerPoint slides with voiceover. These can be very useful learning tools but may not be as engaging or informative as more innovative learning materials.

Whether or not centres want to invest in development of their learning materials can also be an indicator of quality. It is sensible to sample content from different learning providers before you make your decision.

Why are some online marketing courses cheaper? The personal Support is limited and responses can take a few weeks in some cases.

A big factor in course costs can be access to and support from the course provider.

Most course providers will offer a basic level of support to help you whilst on your course, (for example you might have a virtual learning environment with a chat function where you can submit your questions to the group and a number of scheduled group calls to discuss assignments) while others offer a more thorough support approach tailored to your needs.

Generally, cheaper learning providers are going to be more interested in getting you enrolled on the course and slightly less concerned with what support to give you during it, as, simply put, offering a more advanced, personalised support approach does cost more.

A cheaper option might have someone working on student support that would take 3+ days to respond to your questions or concerns, which might suit you fine, but there are some learning providers who will have a dedicated team to respond to student queries and ensure they address any issues promptly and it can be worth paying that little extra for that peace of mind.

Why are some marketing qualification providers cheaper? They don’t have years of experience in delivering focused marketing qualifications and instead have been focused on generic course provision.

Logically, newer learning providers are not going to have those years of experience and that track record in terms of driving training standards and investing in and improving their courses that comes from being a veteran. 

Newer providers are often cheaper as they want to draw in as many new learners as possible to start them off- and good luck to them! Sometimes they can even bring benefits in terms of teaching new and innovative content they’ve discovered due to entering the market in the here and now and not having been around too long to see the bigger picture. However it’s not always great to risk being a guinea pig for the new guys on the block.

Some newer providers might fall into the trap of trying to deliver hundreds of different courses and lack focus. Quality and service is likely to be higher with specialized providers who charge a bit more due to that excellent reputation. A course provider who has been a specialist in your particular field for a long time and knows the ropes is more likely to help you achieve your objectives and think bigger picture rather than simply providing you with the knowledge and a piece of paper.

Why are some qualification providers cheaper? Return on investment in the course may be lower in future years.

When you’re choosing a learning provider you are essentially making a business transaction. Whether you’re looking to grow your skillset or increase your employability to bag a promotion or find a new role, you’ll probably know exactly what you want from a course and what you need on your CV.

It’s not always necessary, as much of the work in finding and securing jobs and career opportunities comes down to you anyway, but cheaper courses are less likely to be able to provide you with the extra networking and career opportunities and advice you might need to secure a role once you leave. 

When you’re looking for a course, it’s natural to want to find a provider that seems to have a high employment rate and a track record getting people into jobs, and these tend to be more expensive. After all, this is the service you’re looking for, it’s all about value for money.

Going with a cheaper option won’t necessarily hinder your career success if you’re determined but it may not help it either and not feeling as though you’re progressing as a result of your study can mean you start to become demotivated in your career journey.

There may be fewer extra resources and other benefits provided and those provided may be of a lower quality.

The idea that if you pay more, you’ll get more, isn’t always entirely accurate. But in some cases it’s generally a safe assumption. In terms of the actual notable extra benefits you’ll get, courses tend to offer more the more you pay.

Cheaper courses may not have the funds to be able to create or give you access to additional resources such as videos or a library of content.

The cheaper the course the less will probably be included or the poorer the quality of the resources. That’s not to say they’re not worth having, most courses will offer access to some interesting extras, but it can sometimes pay to get access to the best.

What drives the price up for marketing qualifications and courses?

External Market factors can also play into either increasing or decreasing the cost of marketing qualifications.

Developments and changes in technology

Marketing is a constantly evolving field where practices can change at a moment’s notice based on the whims of consumers and whatever forms of technology or methods of sharing become most popular. Technology is constantly evolving and improving at an astonishing rate, the pandemic in particular drove rapid changes in the way we communicate and work and presented challenges in developing and sourcing the right skills for organisations and individuals.

The results of the marketing skills benchmark showed digital marketing skills have decreased since the last report, “despite technology continuing to evolve and levels of data increasing at a staggering rate”. Since we are living in a world which is becoming more and more virtual and more and more aspects of business are conducted online, online courses in marketing and digital marketing allowing people to stay up to date have become popular options, driving up prices.

Employer needs

An obvious external driver of price for qualifications is the needs of employers or market demand. I.e. job vacancies. According to the skills benchmark there is a huge demand for skilled marketers, and fewer individuals have the required skill sets and knowledge that businesses are looking for. Most marketing disciplines saw no significant improvement in skills i.e. the skills stayed static and in many skills had gone backwards.

The industry is therefore seeing a high demand for marketers with a more general marketing skill set and recruitment is reporting a notable increase in demand for marketing managers and marketing executives, perhaps due to employers searching for individuals with a better understanding of the core principles of marketing.

This demand can drive prices up as more marketers see an opportunity and seek to get qualified in the hope of improving their employment prospects.

According to E-careers (an EdTech institution that provides industry recognised courses and up-skilling solutions to individuals and organisations), there has rarely been a better time to enter the world of marketing with opportunities opening up across a range of sectors like never before. 

Stagnation in Skillsets 

According to the benchmark report, worryingly, all seniority levels within the marketing profession have seen a decrease in skills since 2020, In particular there seemed to be a stagnation of skills once people reached management level roles, meaning those people, higher-ups in orgainsations didn’t seem to be taking the time to improve their skills.

According to the marketing skills benchmark, this decrease of overall talent in the marketing industry at all levels, proves that ‘one-off’ training is no longer going to cut it. It’s not possible for today’s marketers to coast on their outdated skill sets and still progress. Skills need to be updated on an ongoing basis if people want to remain current and a valuable asset.

A growing recognition amongst individuals and employers that a culture of continuous learning is important might place increased demand on the marketing training sector and increase the cost of learning courses as more and more people seek to build on their skillset.

Increased competition

As marketing is a constantly growing job market that lots of people are interested to cash in on; compared to many other industries, marketing is easier to get into. If you’re creative and willing to learn, you’ll likely be able to get a starter job in marketing after completing a relevant degree. This might seem like a positive, but plentiful job opportunities in an industry can have its downsides. It has meant the competition has become more intense. It can now be difficult to find opportunities for career advancement or bag the most coveted entry roles in the first place without proving you’ve gone that extra mile.

In many cases if you want to start to climb the career ladder, as well as a relevant degree and experience, you’ll also need that additional qualification to solidify your skills and increase your odds with employers.

 35% of marketing leaders have a CIM qualification – the most common after a university degree (46%) according to the CIM alumni survey. Some marketing job specs are now actually requiring candidates to have or be working towards a Chartered institute of Marketing qualification to ensure they are suitable for the role.

According to the Brand Recruitment, Marketing Recruitment Review & Salary Survey 2019/2020, after a university degree, CIM qualifications are the most sought after by employers.

In the end it all depends on mindset. You can choose to think of a course as an expense or as a long-term investment. Arguably the knowledge and skills you will gain from undertaking a qualification will be invaluable.

How much does it cost to do a CIM diploma?

The cost of the CIM’s marketing and digital marketing diplomas starts from £2,497.

How much does it cost to do a CIM Certificate?

CIM certificates start from £2,347.

What is the cost for the CIM Marketing Leadership Programme?

For the CIM Marketing Leadership Programme:

  • MMC course fees start from £1,800 per module for three modules
  • CIM membership/assessment fees include your annual membership fee of £65, and the cost of assessments which can vary.

What is the break down of the course fees and what do you get for the fees for CIM certificates and diplomas?

The fees are split into two parts:

  • MMC Course Fees- Much of this payment goes towards your MMC Learning course fees. These are your tuition fees paid directly to us which provide you with a comprehensive package of study materials and support. 
  • CIM membership and assessment fees – As MMC Learning is a leading study centre for the Chartered Insitute of marketing, our certificate and diploma in Marketing are CIM accredited, meaning the rest of the fee is made up of Registration, membership and assessment fees paid to the CIM. 


  • For our Diplomas the course fees are made up of £621 per module for a minimum of 3 modules since you are required to pass at least 3 modules to gain a Diploma in Professional Marketing. 
  • Your CIM fees will be £65 membership plus £190 per module to cover assessments. (Modules are assessed by three written assignments based on an organisation of your choice, so you’ll be able to base your studies on either your own or an organisation you aspire to work for and take your findings forward for practical implementation).


  • For the Certificates the course tuition amounts to £1,787.00 for all three modules (£596 per module)
  • Your CIM fees will be £65 membership and £495.00 in assessment fees covering all three modules’ assessments.


What payment options are there for the CIM Certificates and Diplomas?

At MMC we want all marketers to succeed and have the opportunity to gain their desired Marketing qualification. Part of our world-class service is to offer varied options for funding & support so that cost is no longer a barrier to you achieving your potential particularly if you will be personally funding the qualification and do not have support from your company to finance this course. Our options include:

  • Payment plans- For marketers wishing to undertake our courses off their own back we offer individual payment plans, for example a deposit then payments of £97 per month in order to spread the course cost over manageable installments.
  • Learning vouchers- We recognise many people have been struggling in the current financial climate. For those particularly hard hit by recent financial concerns we do offer a limited number of learning vouchers giving discounts on our qualifications. You can register your interest in our courses via our website and speak to a member of our team to find out more and check your eligibility.
  • 14 days money back guarantee- We recognise that a self-directed, fully online course, might not be the right learning solution for everyone. That’s why MMC Learning offers a 14 day 100% money back guarantee meaning you’ll be entering your course with no financial risk. If you do find the course isn’t right for you within 14 days, we’ll give you a 100% refund, no questions asked.
  • 14 day free trial- You can register on our website to download the detailed course guide, see sample lessons and even take advantage of our Marketing tutors’ video lessons to sharpen your marketing skills straight off the bat as well as get expert advice on your CV and future career options so you can be sure you’re making the right choice for you.
  • Module Awards- For those looking to expand their skill set in a specific area, we also offer Awards in individual modules which are both a quicker, more focused learning option if you’re short of time, and cheaper starting from £597.

What benefits do the course fees include?

At MMC we’ve put together a comprehensive course package which will not only help you succeed in gaining a top-class qualification but provide you with career advice, coaching, mentoring and insights from experienced practitioners and industry leaders to give you the skills to influence and become a leading voice in your organisation and throughout your career.

What do you get with MMC on the CIM certificates and diplomas? – 100% online, flexible learning.

At MMC we’ve made the development of groundbreaking new technologies for distance learning the centre of our business. Working with the CIM, we developed the first online marketing qualification back in 2000 making us one of the most experienced e-learning centres around.

Our products and services are built with a passion and determination to deliver innovative, flexible learning solutions for working professionals and that extends beyond content itself. All our courses are delivered entirely online providing 100% distance learning through our painstakingly built advanced learning platform.

MMC is highly sensitive to the needs of busy marketing and management professionals who have chosen to undertake a qualification while they work.

You can achieve your diploma in as little as six months depending on how much studying you do each week, and you can achieve this life-changing qualification just by dedicating as little as 4-6 hours per week to studying our self-directed courses built around you

You’ll have the flexibility you need to study around work and personal priorities and you’ll still get the class experience with access to chat groups so you can converse with your fellow students.

What do you get with MMC? – A comprehensive set of learning resources and downloads.

MMC works with a number of professional marketing trainers and top marketing brands and teaching organisations to create the highest standard e-learning. We are champions of variety in order to suit all learning styles and pride ourselves on never being boring! As an MMC student you’ll have access to a host of webinars and a whole library of recorded content to give you the knowledge to influence and make a real impact in your sector.

We’re bringing you 10 times more learning content and insights from UK experts and industry leaders. You’ll have access to hundreds of high-quality video learning lessons including over 200 video seminars from keynote industry leaders giving you real-world insights providing you with the latest thinking to plan for the future, all of which is available on almost all devices, supporting your learning anywhere and everywhere.

From the beginning we’ve experimented with cutting edge learning styles and technologies and we’re the only study centre to have been producing videos and digital content since 1999. 

We break our videos up into shorter bite-sized clips allowing you to more easily digest learning in your free time. Whether you’re waiting for the bus or stuck in a queue, you can load up one of our bite-sized videos and hey-presto! 

We’ve also taken a Netflix binge style approach to sharing our content! You’ll have access to all the course materials including videos, audio, course books and PDF downloads straight away. They’re uploaded to our Moodle learning platform all at once, allowing you to work through the course content in your own time.

What do you get with MMC? Teaching by leading UK tutors and experienced marketing industry experts.

At MMC our courses are taught via a powerful partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University. By utilising their links with specialists in the marketing field and some of the top academic marketing tutors, we’ve ensured our students will get the world’s finest marketing training from a team of highly experienced tutors. 

Our teaching staff include the likes of Dave Chaffey, a digital strategist, highly respected consultant, keynote speaker and trainer in marketing and the UK’s leading author in Digital marketing.

Over the duration of your course you’ll attend a series of live virtual lessons with Tutors and join group discussions where you can submit your work for direct feedback.

Through a series of assignment briefing webinars which are designed to provide advice and answer live questions on assessments, you’ll get expert tutor support and the opportunity for one-to-one guidance on all aspects of your work.

What do you get with MMC? One-to-one support. 

Throughout our 25 year journey to providing the best marketing training for professionals, we’ve learned the most important thing is doing what is best for the individual learner. We have a dedicated and close knit student support team who have worked together for many years and know how to keep things running smoothly. From first enquiring about our courses, when you’ll receive a personalized discovery call from the lovely James or Harrison to talk through your career journey so far and your personal goals in order to determine the right course for you, to an onboarding call when you sign up to make sure you’re up to speed, we’re there for you every step of the way. When you start on your course you’ll be assigned a dedicated course manager. They offer a highly personal, rapid and most importantly easily accessible support service to help answer any queries you might have throughout your course. No problem is too big or too small! With quick responses supporting you on your learning journey they’ve got student support down to an art! They have also developed excellent relationships with the CIM to ensure any issues you might have or questions best posed to them directly can be efficiently answered.

What do you get with MMC? Accreditation by and membership of the Chartered Institute of Marketing

When you study with MMC Learning you get a powerful accreditation. Both our Marketing Certificate and Diploma are accredited by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), the world’s largest institute of Marketing Professionals with some 41,000 members worldwide including more than 3,000 Chartered Marketers. CIM has defined the professional marketing standards that operate in the UK since its foundation in 1911. They currently have over 12,500 studying members in 118 countries. Over 75% of CIM graduates would strongly recommend a CIM qualification to another Marketer.

MMC is a leading distance learning centre for the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) having been accredited by them for over 20 years. This means, when you pass your course, you earn an official, recognised certificate from the CIM – giving you both career and employer credibility.  Simply Marketing Jobs explained that experts in the field have said that CIM’s qualifications are what most HR departments and seasoned Marketing Directors are looking for. 

The fees for both the Certificate and Diploma include one year of CIM membership which will give you access to countless membership benefits, including exclusive monthly webinars and live Q&A sessions covering trending topics from subject matter experts, Marketing templates and practical guides, online journals, magazines and company reports, an online library of over one hundred marketing books and access to the CIM quarterly magazine, providing thought-provoking insight and knowledge from across the profession and the world.

Being able to flash that CIM Qualification on your CV has numerous benefits. Over a third of CIM graduates get promoted or receive a pay rise within 12 months of graduating and CIM members earn on average 10% more than non member counterparts. A whopping 60% of CIM graduates are more respected at work or given more responsibility CIM Alumni Survey.

How can MMC help you get a return on investing in a CIM certificate or diploma qualification?

Successful completion of a marketing qualification at the right level for you can help equip you with the knowledge, skills and understanding to succeed in your career goals.

Part time study of a marketing qualification will help you impress your employer or employees by helping you stay relevant and indispensable with your role. In a fast-moving industry like marketing it’s vital to keep your skills up to date so you’ll always be at the cutting edge of marketing trends and remain employable. Maintaining your learning and getting the latest knowledge can be key to your future success and becoming a stronger Marketer in the future.

The CIM Level 4 Certificate in Marketing is designed to provide Marketers with current marketing insight to help them succeed in today’s landscape. Successful completion of the certificate will give you the knowledge, skills and understanding you need to perform to the best of your ability at an operational level and start to carry out an essential and successful marketing role within your workplace. When you achieve this qualification you’ll understand the wider role of marketing and how your practical skills can be applied to help you progress your career journey within the marketing profession.

A CIM Level 6 Diploma in Professional Marketing will provide you with relevant marketing know-how to prepare you for the current marketing climate and help you embrace the modern marketing industry. Upon successful completion of the CIM Level 6 Diploma in Marketing, you’ll have the knowledge, skills and insight to be able to operate at a management level in your workplace or bag that dream job!

The Marketing Leadership Programme is a qualification designed to provide the platform senior marketers need to drive meaningful change and business growth. It focuses on areas identified by the business world as ‘must haves’ for Senior Marketers aspiring to become the leaders of the future. It also empowers individuals to tailor their learning around their own career development needs or the needs of their business.

At MMC Learning, we have been educating Marketers for over 20 years through our world-class online learning courses. To date, thousands of marketing professionals, managers, and directors have used the expert knowledge and training they’ve gained from our qualifications to take on new responsibilities or secure new roles, and increase their companies’ client base and revenue. 

Graduates from our courses have reported success in getting promoted within their current company, or finding a new career direction by achieving higher-level positions in other organisations. Some have even gone on to become marketing advisors or set up their own successful marketing businesses. 

Many reported making significant savings for their organisation through learning more cost-effective ways of implementing Digital and online marketing campaigns for their business.

MMC Learning graduates are extremely employable having undertaken the practical learning to underpin their university degree underpins your university degree with the relevant practitioner experience, giving them a head start on the competition.

A CIM accredited course from a top study centre will enhance your CV, helping you to stand out in a competitive recruitment market.

Want to know more about the CIM courses available at MMC Learning?

Check out our further reading detailing course content, teaching, benefits and much more!

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